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30 April 2009

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Reason of not updating my blog: SICK! SICK! SICK! No worries, not H1N1. Any way, this back dated to last Thursday:

We had very short lesson today but still doing much better than my expectation.

We were supposed to go out with my friend SY at around 12:15pm.

We were ready at 11:45am, that gave us sometime to study. We did not do any Phonic, my sour throat plus the noise from the unit downstairs have pretty much make it an impossible.

We read 3 Mother Goose rhymes, 2 pages of Eric Carle's "Animals Animals" and finished one of our favorite " Things that people do". We were kind of sad because we finished the book. But quite looking forward to the new book next week. I think it is the "Stories from around the world". Will tell you more about it when we read it next week.

Right after we finished, my friend arrived with her very cute 1 year old boy.

We went to the curve because the noise in my place make it impossible for any quality conversation. Any way, we have a good time chatting. Will tell you more when I have the time.

After my friend left, Den and I went to the Borders. Den "read" at the children corner while I looking for books near by. I overheard her making a conversation with a jie jie. The jie jie is around 8-9 years old.

She said "Hi" to the jie jie and draw the jie jie into conversation. What was even more amazing, she get the jie jie into reading for her!! hahah! Who said homeschooling kids have problem in socializing?

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