Friday, May 22, 2009

21 May 2009 ice skating

We went ice skating in Sunway Pyramid today. First time for Den.

We skated for close to 3 hours. I'm so proud of Den. She fallen down so many times but she never gave up. This is a huge improvement compared to when she was younger.

When she was younger, she dislike to taking risk, refused to try new things. She would only do things she was sure she won't fail.

She almost never baby talk. When she started to speak, I can understand at least 90% of what she was talking about.

For a long while, she refused to speak in Chinese because she can't pronounce the word properly (She spoke like a foreigner! All in the first intonation!).

We kept encouraging her and told her she can't learn unless she is willing to take risk and fail. We all learned from our failures.

She is getting better and better and today she make me proud.

At first, she cant even stand in her skating shoes. Yet she was willing to let me hold on to her and we skated for quite some time before we were told there was something wrong with her shoes.

We changed shoes and this time she can stand (not stable). But only 2 hours later, she can kind of walk without keep falling down. Too bad that ST forget to take any photo/video. :(

She was tired and starving by 330pm. So we decided to call it a day. We are definitely going back there again. I was thinking may be we can make it a monthly event. Even my mom is interested.

I was exhausted! I did not even realize that until we came home. I fallen asleep taking bath! I think I was too tense making sure she won't hurt her self plus trying to balance my self.

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