Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19 May 2009

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Den woke up early today. 9am. Plus no ballet today so we have lots of time to study and do craft.

We started off with the verse. I just need to supply the first word "Honor" (it is not phonetically correct!) and she know the rest.

The we read another interesting story from Stories From Africa. Today story is a true story about a little girl called Titi who lived in Nigeria. She was a believer (going to school run by missionary) but her parents were not. Her dad asked her to steal a chicken from their neighbour one day. She refused because she didn't think Jesus will like that. Her dad beat her and confined her in a goat house. Everyday she only had a little bit of food to eat and yet she knew she was not alone. She sang about the love of Jesus everyday. Finally, her dad given up and let her come back to the house. Later on, her mom and sister accepted Christ as well.
Wonderful story to go with our verse of the week. We discuss about how Titi disobey her father and yet at the same time honoring him.

After that we read Mother Goose, Animals Animal and Children Book of Virtue. There is no Art this week. So I decided to let her looks at clothes in First Word Bank. We also make a scrapbook of different patterns. I draw the clothes and Den color them.

We also work on Math today. Nothing new, I let her work on 13 addition questions. But this time questions are like these:

At first she used the counters but after awhile she got smarter and realize she just had to add 1 to the answers. :) That's the objective of today lesson, I'm glad she get it.

Since she worked so hard on the math, I rewarded her with Dr. Seuss' ABC while I cooked lunch. We had fried spaghetti again because I want to finished off the sauce.

After lunch we did sand art. It is a present for my mom. Her 60th birthday this Thursday.

Before today, I always have to help her taking out the sticker (using toothpick, part by part, very tedious.) But today, surprised! she did it all by her self. So I left her be while I happily preparing dinner. My mom & aunt coming for dinner, I need to prepare more. I was so thankful that I have such an independent daughter. We worked separately for like an hour.

I should have known better.

While I was not looking, she decided to mixed all the colored sand together. So now instead of having 8 different colors in 8 different containers, we have 8 same color in 8 different containers! I was so angry when I saw that! I tried to calm my self down and telling my self she had to suffer the consequences any way (now she only have one color to use).

Despite trying, I still scolded her. :(

Wish I could act cool.

Her final product did not look too bad but just the thought of how we had been saving up all the colors from previous sand art projects make me mad.

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