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11 May 2009

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I have been sleeping very well at night...thus no blog update! Hahaha! :)

Ok this is what happen for 11 May 2009:

We had a replacement ballet class again (teacher going to Beijing next week...thanks to Airasia, everyone can fly!).

I did not finished last week target so we carry forward the things that need to be done last week to 11 May (Monday).

Last week we finished 5 day of sonlight, 2 phonic, 1 Chinese, 1 math, 2 piano and 1 craft. Not bad for a busy week. Den have 3 play days. :)

Anyway, last week we learned the "Happy are those whose hearts are pure for they shall see God" and I found a song/dance in one of the Praise Dance DVD (赞美操) my mom gave me that is about the similar theme - pure heart. Psalm 51:10-12.
I wanted to let Den learn this but could not find time. So finally we did it on Monday. It was a bit too slow and the steps a bit complicated. She followed and dance twice but not too interested.

We also did phonic and practice piano. We learned a new sound, "V".

After that we had lunch (Fried Rice) and went to ballet in MA's car. EE & Den were sooooooo noisy in the car.

Den is quite good in listen and following music. She can remember the steps quite well.

After we came home, we had some bread and cold milk. I had a very very bad headache. Had to have a cup of coffee. I am trying to cut down my caffeine in take and was not planed to take any on Mon. :(

Then she did 2 math worksheets while I cooked. She mixed up "+" and "-" again!!! hmm...other than that she did well.

After dinner, she played UNO with ST. Won again!

Since she looks quite alert and not sleepy, I decided to let her studied a bit more.

We read "What's Under the Sea". We studied about Fish. Interesting to find out that:

1. Fish can stay afloat because they have a balloon (called Swim Bladder) in them;

2. Most fish have a line along each side called "lateral line". Its their 6th sense to sense movement.

3. Gill take in the oxygen from the water and let the water out.

Hm...I must not have paying any attention in Bio....since all these seems new to me!! I love homeschooling.

But then we had questions:

1. Since Sharks and Rays have no swim bladders and must keep swimming or they will sink, then how do sleep?

2. How do fishes swim down to the deeper part of the sea since they have swim bladder?

I cant answer this questions, so I sent an email to my friend SPY. She studied Bio in Uni, hopefully she will have answer for me!

I drew a fish outline in her scrap book and she added in the eye, gill, scale, fins and label them accordingly. I spelled out the words and she wrote down in mixture of capitals & small letters! I was thinking to my self: should I correct her? Decided to let her be. Build up her confident first then will correct her.
She was having so much fun studying that I decided to read another book for her. We read a new book this week - Stories from Africa. It is under social study but it is written by missionaries. Six stories of God 's faithfulness to His people in Africa.
We read the first story about a little boy who like to grumble. Like us, he grumbled about all kind of things especially about "if Adam didnt sins we now dont have to pay for the consequences". His dad, a preacher decided to challenge him on it. His dad showed him a red box and told him, he didn't have to help out or work for anything as long as he didn't open the box. Of cause, he opened up the box at the end. He learned his lesson and asked God for forgiveness.
Den has always been sensitive to mood since she is little. She refused to listen to any stories that involved anyone got hurt or got scold, etc. I had to tone down stories, told them in ways that are more casual and not so intense. We could never finished any feature film with her around.
Recently she was getting better. She can handle most of the stories and cartoon. Even though she cried after watching SHRIEK. She was sad because princess Fiona choose shriek and now the bad prince is going to be sad.!!! At least she finished the movie! So I have not been toning down story so much. Pretty much read them out and dramatised them any way I see fit. Until I read stories from Africa.
She ran away when I get to the part where the dad shown his son the red box and told him not to open it. Den realized the boy will open it and will get into big trouble! So she ran away. It took me quite some time to get her back to listen to the story and I had to promised not to make it scary! After the story, she wanted to color the pictures from the book. So I made copy of the picture and let her color.

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