Thursday, April 30, 2009

29 April 2009

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I thought I wont be blogging tonight. It was a lousy day. I'm half sick - sore throat, headache, fatigue; the weather is unbearable, despite the rain in the afternoon (thank God for the rain, though); the unit right beneath us is undergo some major renovation, the noise make normal conversation almost impossible (I almost cant hear my own thought); it was also a cleaning day.

I was stressed too. When I looked at my schedule last night, I realized I wont be able to achieve what I wanted to achieve this week both in homeschooling and in Sunday School planning.

I really want to sleep early tonight since I know I will be awaken by the noise at 9am tomorrow. 9am is really early for someone sleep at 3-5am. But I cant sleep. So I get up, did my devotion and started the blog.

When I started to examine my days more closely, I realized, despite all the bads, there were some goods too.

Good thing no #1:Den practiced her piano, did 3 sheets of works (1 on telling time, 1 on addition, 1 on subtraction) all by her self while I vacuuming the house! Then she play "Dr. Seuss's ABC" CDRom while I cooked noddle for lunch. She finished "J" today.

After that we have a very quick lunch because I misread the clock and thought we were going to be late for her 3:30 ballet replacement class. Only found out after she finished eating, we still have one hour to spare (may be I'm the one who need to do more time telling worksheet). So that is definitely Good thing no #2. I thought I wont have any time to homeschooling Den today and I ended with one whole hour!!

We started of with Bible verse. Then since we already finished all the Bible stories for this week, we read a story from "The Children's Book of Virtues". Today story is about George Washington cut down his daddy favorite Cherry tree. George told the truth when he was confronted by his dad.

Den asked me, "if I do something wrong, then when you ask me and I tell you the true then you wouldn't be angry any more?"

All the warning bulks lights up in my brain, I knew I need to answer this carefully.

So I said, "Mommy will still be angry but I will be even more angry if you lie about it." Hope that was a good answer :) We ended the session with prayer.

Then we read finished off "The Year At Maple Hill Farm". Its kind of grew on us and we actually didn't want it to end...but I still think it is very pricey for such a thin book though. :)

Then we looked at one of our favorite "A child's book of ART". Today we looked at the classic painting of farm animals (what a good link with "The Year At Maple Hill Farm", thanks Sonlight!) and we also looked at the farm animals pictures and words from "A First Word Bank".

That's all we did today before we have to leave for Ballet. Only when we were about to leave the house, we realized it RAIN!!! All the clothes I hanged at my balcony were soaked wet but what a small price to pay for RAIN!! Hahaha! That should really count as Good thing no#3.

What was even more amazing, it stopped raining right before I have to step out of my car and buy the parking ticket. I didn't even need an umbrella. Good thing no #4.

After ballet, we went back to my parents house to run some errants with them. Ate dinner and then my hubby, ST came and get us home. By that time, I was half death. I thought I would never make it home (I know I'm dramatic, that's why I love Adam Lambert!). Blessedly ST took care of Den, play UNO with her, bath her, changed her, prepared her for sleep...definitely Good thing no#5.

Den fallen asleep real fast today. She was awaken by the noise this morning too therefore not enough sleep. ST & I actually get to spend some quality time talking, yes, Good thing no#6.

Just now, right before my devotion, I saw a picture of Den when she was 4 months old. I was suddenly struck by wonder. Did God actually entrusted us - ST & I, such imperfect creatures to take care of one of His precious creation? It is amazing. Good thing no #7...also plus the fact that she is so much prettier now compared to when she was 4 month old...hahah!

I'm feeling quite good now after counting my blessing. The day was not bad at all with so many good things happened. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More about books

For those of you who asked:

I'm sorry to tell you that most of the book I used are part of the Sonlight preK program that I order from USA. Most of them cannot be found in Malaysia. You can check out if they carry the book tru these online link:

a. Kinokuniya carry a lot of pictures books. It is a bit pricey though.

b. it has a lot of listing here but most of it are not in stock.

c. it give you list of all the discount book of the months and more. The search function is a joke.

d. this is USA site. They don't have Malaysia site. I supposed if you find the book then you can ask them to order for you.

e. for those of you who are interested in browsing through sonlight curriculum

I really need to learn how to add Amazon function to my blog over here instead of keep asking people to link to the Squidoo site. Anyone out there know how?

28 April 2009

Den woke up at NOON!! hahah!! 13+i straight hours of sleep!!! :)

That did not leave us a lot of time to study since it was Tuesday. A busy day for us.

We practiced the Bible verse of the week (She can almost memorize the whole verse now) and read 2 Bible stories --

1. The Ark going back to Jerusalem
2. David fights with his son Absalom

Very interesting to find out this Bible that we use, Taylor Family-Time Bible in picture (for review & info:, choose to omit the story of how David sin against God and thus bare the consequences of his sin.

Hmm...I was debating with my self, should I or shouldn't I tell the story of David's sin. I supposed the reason of not putting that particular story in is because David is like a hero that young kids can look up to, right? Like a role model.

On the other hand, shouldn't we educate them that even the saints are not perfect? Only Jesus is perfect. Or it is too much for a four years old to grasp?

What do you think?

After Bible reading and prayer, we continue our book on "The Year At Maple Hill Farm" (for review & info: ) and we covered May-Aug, the hottest months. That's sounds like here right now!!! Oh, Lord, please rain!

I started teaching her Subtraction today. At least formally. Using the counter and everything. Before this, sometime we taught her verbally, saying things like "if you had 4 candies and you ate 1, how many do you have now?"

She did very well with subtraction. Finished 15 question in less than 20 min. I'm impressed. I intend to let her do more questions for the next few days, if she can handle it, then I'm going to teacher her double digit addition next week.

After that, I let her play with her favorite "Dr. Seuss ABC" CD Rom (for review & info: while I cooked lunch. She was supposed to read until "G" this week but since she always starts from "A", it takes her a long long time before she reach "G". She did not even make it to "G" today. Stuck at "C", she just love to make the baby "C"ry at "C". Tomorrow she can continue while I clean house.

We have porridge today. She finished it in record time (as in 30 min). So we were actually early for the ballet class at 3:30. So I trimmed her hair. She refused to cut her hair because she want to have hair as long as Rapunzel (!), so that she can let down her hair and let the prince climb up. hmmm, so am I the wicked witch that keeping her in the ivory tower?

This is the first time I trim her hair, just a tinny bit in front, so that it wont touch her eyes and a little bit at the back. Not bad, if I may say so. :)

Today her ballet teacher, Ms Ng was not in a very good mood, blessedly Den was very well behave. Didn't chit chat, didn't push, didn't run! Well done (hahah! my standard is quite low!)

On our way home, Den told me she didn't want to learn ballet any more (I was shocked! She was the one begging for ballet since 1.5 years old and we only started the class since Feb). Off cause, I didn't show any reactions (if i react, she might insist she want to quit).

I casually asked her what make her wanting to quit. She told me some of the exercises was getting too hard for her. So we get into a discussion of doing the hard thing and why it is worth it.

Come to think of it, Ms Ng corrected one of her posing today, I wonder does it got to do with that. I'm going to ask her about it tomorrow. We have a replacement class tomorrow at the same hour.

After that is the mad rush-- bathing her, perparing dinner, getting her to finish dinner and out of the house again for her piano lesson at Yamaha.

We didn't intentionally putting 2 activities at the same days, it just happened.

We signed up for Yamaha first, then found this perfect Ballet class really near our house, great location with lots of car park, weekday, non rush hour, cheaper than others centers, experience teacher...except it is on Tuesday too!! We tried it out for a couple of weeks and think she can handle it so we decided to sign her up for both on the SAME DAY!

Every Tuesday, I have to get by with at least one coffee, sometime even two.

After piano, she came home and play more UNO. Ended up crying again when we ended the game. She has problem with transition. Haven't come up with any idea to solve that yet. Any idea?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Wow! Den can play UNO!

She learned that game in her best friend's house a week or two ago. She had been nagging us to buy her a Princess UNO card since. Since we already has a set of UNO card at home, we refused. But we told her she can buy it with her allowance. She has RM3 per week for this kind of thing.

Last Sat, when we go to the cheap shop in Atria, she brought the Princess UNO at RM4.90. It is full color and really worth it for that price. Since she is obsessed with all the Disney princesses, I thought she only wanted the card because of the pictures, I didn't really believe that she can handle all the rules and play the card game, especially it stated on the box cover, it is for age 7 and above.

Surprise! Surprise! We have some time tonight, after dinner, before sleep time. I let her worked on a few Sudoku and she finished 5 puzzle in less than 15 minutes. Then she suggested we play UNO. We played for one hour and she can really play!

She dont have much strategies but she know all the rules and she can play accordingly. In fact, she won a few rounds, when she get really good card and mine was sucks!

May be I underestimate her and should start playing more games with her. Wonder when is her daddy going to teach her to play chess.

Monday, April 27, 2009

27 April 2009

Den woke up at 1130. Still not enough sleep since she slept at 3am!

We start off today with a new verse:

"A father punish a son he delights in, to make him better. Proverbs 3:12"

It is very appropriate since I have to hit her butt last night. I know there is an on going argument about physical punishment. I am pro-physical punishment but agree that you should only punish when you are in control of your anger and not in rage. I also strongly believe that if you cant control your anger then you are better off staying away from physical punishment.

I always hit with my hand. I know some says hand is only for loving, so you should never hit with hand. I say, let her learn that hand can love and punish. Since I punish out of love.

Having said all that, I don't usually punish her physically. I save it for the really BIG thing. :) Or for things that I repeatedly told her not to do and yet she purposely disobey.

Today verse come in handy and we talked about why do we need to discipline the one that we delights in - to make him/her better. She agreed that sometime kids need to be punished physically.

After that we read 2 bible stories (she never satisfied with just one) - Saul consulted the witch and the death of Saul.

Followed by Phonic practice. She learned "H" sound last lesson but she was having a hard time to use it today in combination with other sound to form words like Him, Hug, Hit, etc. She keep saying "Hat" for everything. We practiced and practiced and I think she get it at the end. Part of the lesson, she has to read a short paragraph each time. She is getting really good at it.

Then our lesson was interrupted, a friend came by to deliver something for me. Noco ACT. Den has been taking it since she was 1 years old. She used to get flu and phlegm build up all the time. For awhile Doc was worry she might get bronchitis. So she start taking Noco ACT. She is getting much better nowadays, not sure is because of the supplements or age. :) I cut down the no of time she take them but recently the weather has been really bad, so I'm back to the normal dosage again. The Noco ACT are getting really costly. Hope she wont need it soon.

Den practised her piano while I talked to my friend.

After my friend left, we ate lunch. Today we have fried eggs with bread, carrot sticks and cold milk. No long conversation.

After that we read a new book called "The Year At Maple Hill Farm". It is a book about farm animals and what happens during one year on a farm. It is a very lovely book and very short. We will finished it this week. Today we read the month of Jan-April and now we really really wish we stay in a place that SNOW!!! Since we cant, we want to go ice skating in Pyramid when Dad is not working.

To see a picture of the book and Amazon link please click here:

After that we practice Chine flesh cards. I did not give her new words today since she still have problems with the previous one.

We read two Chinese books - "公主王子成长绘本"系列 "我不要睡觉" (I don't want to sleep alone). Talk about how a little boy get over his fear of sleeping alone. Den claimed she is not ready to get over her fear yet!!

2nd book is "每一刻都美丽" (Every moment is beautiful), it talks about how in God's timing He make all things beautiful. The bads, the goods are all part of His plan.

After that we did 2 pages of Phonic First Book 2 together. Then I gave her 3 homework today -
1. one worksheet on reading time (we learned how to read time on clock a few weeks ago);
2. Chinese worksheet (fill in the blank);
3. 10 multiple choice (I came out of the questions my self, using words that she learned for the past few weeks.)

She finished her homework in about 40min and is now watching Chinese cartoon.

Sweden is still sleeping at 11am

Hmm...Den hate to sleep.

It has always been a struggle for me to get her to nap. We cut down to only 1 afternoon nap before she was 1 years old. I pretty much stop forcing her to nap before she was 2. It was not worth the trouble and the fights. Plus, I'm worry if I continue to force her to nap I might psychologically damage her to hate sleeping forever (that's what happen to me! )

Nowadays, she never nap. Even on Tuesday when she has ballet class in the afternoon and Yamaha at night. She will sleep around 10-12 hour every night though and I think that is good enough.

The only exception is on Sunday. We leave the house before 730am. She usually sleep around 10pm or later on Saturday. Which means she only have 8 or so hour sleep. So we always want her to take nap on Sunday afternoon.

She did that yesterday, slept for 3 hour (3-6pm) and cant sleep at night!! I get her to bed at 1230am and she rolled and turned and cant sleep at all. Finally, I gave up and we went to study room together. She read books and I planned her lesson for this week. We went back to sleep at 3am!!!!

So she is still sleeping now even though someone (no idea where) is renovating his/her apartment and kind of noisy!


For those who are interested in the books that I used:

1. Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons

2. Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer Easy Sudoku Puzzles #1

3. The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature

Please follow the link
and go to another site that I created because I have no idea how to link up to Amazon in blogspot. So until I figure it out, I will put all my book recommendation on the Squidoo site. Heard that it is a bit slow, but it has the picture of the books and Amazon link!

26 April 2009

When I reviewed the homeschooling progress for the past one week, I'm pleasantly surprised. We finished the whole week of Sonlight program, 2 time phonic, 2 time Chinese, 2 time math and 2 piano practice. Not bad for a busy week. :)

Brought a sudoku board for Sweden on Sat. Very happy. It come with 100 4 boxes puzzles. Den finished 13 puzzles (the higher you go, the harder it gets) in one afternoon. What is more amazing is it only cost RM$13.90. :)

We got it from one of those "Make in China" cheap shop. We used to go to the one in Amcop Mall (Lower Ground) and now we go to their branch in Atria.

Friday, April 24, 2009

24 Arpil 2009

We went out this morning. Helped my mom to mail some boxes of books to my brother in Australia. One thing lead to another and we only came home at 1230pm.

Today we didn't read any Bible stories. Finished all the stories for the week (we have been reading 2 or more stories per day. :0), so we read William bennett's "The Children's Book of Virtues". It is a highly recommended book but I find it a bit boring. Even the beautiful pictures in it are boring. Den is Ok with it though. She don't love it but Ok. The only good thing about it is some of the prayers and rhymes are in King James language. Den get to hear word like "Thou", "dost", etc. That is part of the good thing about using Sonlight. We get to read variety of books, including books that I wont normally buy or choose or Den to read.

After that we read another 2 stories from the "Little Golden Books". Another book I would not have buy it on my own. It was a bit of the struggle at first but Den and I grew to enjoyed this one very much. It is a collections of stories from the 1920-40 era. We learned a lot of words that we don't usually use nowadays.

Then we do phonic. Today we learn a new sound "K".

We finished our first half of lesson with one of our favorite - The Berenstain Bear's Big Book of Science and Nature. It is a great book cover all the things preschooler (and their mommy) need to know about science -- season, weather, month, year, animal, plant, earth it self, machines, matter, energy, etc. It is the last lesson today. We are kind of sad. I think we will read this again, may be at the 2nd half of the year.

Any way, in today lesson, papa bear did a fun experiment and we did the same too. We make a paper airplane, then blow a balloon and stick it to the airplane (just use hand to hold the air not tighten it). Then let go of the balloon, the air will fly the paper plane. Our balloon was a bit too small so it did not work well but now at least I know how to make a good paper airplane!!! It can fly real well!!! :)

Then we have lunch (store brought). This time our conversation is about why princess are dump. The conclusion: Little Mermaid is the dumbest of all princess, since she choose to leave her family for a prince. She doesn't even know the prince (only know he has pretty face!!!); the second dumbest is Snow White - accept food from stranger; last but not least, Sleeping Beauty who disobey her parents and touch the spinning wheel. :)

After lunch we did phonic worksheet from Phonics First Book 2 (from popular, RM8.50 ). I think it is a good book to practice on isolating the sound. It is using picture instead of words (for example, does this two pictures -"Bat" & "Bed" begin with the same sound?) so it is good for pre-schooler who haven master reading. Den is quite good in identify the beginning sound but have some problem with the ending sound. We did 3 pages today.

After that she did 1 Chinese worksheet and 10 math questions (using counter) while I write this. Instead of 2+2=? Today we do 2+?=4. She has no problem with that. So I think I will start teaching her subtraction next week.

She just finished her homework and it is 5pm now. She is going for her Chinese lesson now-- Chinese cartoon in Goodtv!!! hahah! Ok, going to cook now.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

23 April 2009

It has been such a busy week.

We did not study on Monday because ST and I went and renewed our passport. Blessedly the machine didn't break down this time and we get our new passport at the same day. The last time when we apply for Sweden's passport, it took us more than a week with numerous trips.

We only have time to read Bible and practice phonic on Tuesday. The verse for this week is :Proverbs 15:8:

The Lord delights in the prayer of His people. "Delights" is a new word for Den. We covered David and king Saul's stories this week -- how David not willing to harm King Saul even though he has been trying to kill him.

For phonic we use "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons". It is a wonderful book and I will write a review later.

I worked on Sunday School things on Wednesday. Den went to Mary house and learned the following:
1. Practice piano
2. Bible story - King Josiah Reads God's words
3. Science - Machines & gadgets at home - washing machine, vacuum, food processor, can opener.

Plus lots of play time with Eleanor. :)

Today, we spend almost 3 hours studying and doing project.

We started off with Bible verse, Bible reading and prayer. Den can memorized the whole verse.
Except for the book.

Then we read about family from "A child's book of Art" and "A first word Bank". The first book are all the classic painting (mainly) and the 2nd one is more cartoonish.

Then we make a family tree.

It took me almost the whole night (I slept at 530am) to edited and printout the photo. Plus planning on the layout. I think it turn up well. We talked about our family members and Den paste the photo on the tree.
When we were doing the project, I realize Den actually don't know which children go to which parents. Interesting. Any way, she is more impressed with the coloring (we do it together) than all the pictures. :)

While I prepared lunch, she write Chines word "几" and work on 10 math questions (addition, using counter). She also help me to make coslaw for dinner (she stired and poured them into container).

During lunch, we talked about 4 seasons, important of saving, scholaship. Dont ask me how did we ended talking about all these. It is a very long lunch. The topics just pop ups.
After that, We read stories from:

1. The Lion storyteller Bedtime book

2.Eric Carles's Animals Animals

3.Things people do (I love this book!)

All of them are part of the Sonlight program that I use.

Then, we practice Chines flesh card. I'm now using "High Frequency Chinese Words" (最常用的华文字). I like it because it come with flesh card and work sheet that are quite interesting. It cover the most frequently use 128 words.

We also read 2 Chinese book. Just brought this series of picture book from popular. I like it because it is colorful and the stories are interesting - 童悦坊 "公主王子成长绘本"系列. Plus the stories are about the little princess and little prince (in the eyes of their parents), so Den like it too. It is kind of expensive though. RM9.90 for each book (minus 10% discount.)

Then we do something new today. Since I joint a US based homeschooling group a few weeks ago, I have found a lot of good and free website tru it. Today we try on one of the reading website at Den enjoy playing it.

Tomorrow we are going to do a science project.

Monday, April 20, 2009

18 April 2009

It has been a very busy week. It is going to be worst next week. So I decided to homeschool Den today. Eventhough it is a sat. We usually off on sat. Family day since ST is not working on Sat.

I designed a new sudoku for Den today.Before this she was using "Nick Jr. Dora the explorer Easy Sudoku Puzzles #1". It is a very good book to start kids on sudoku. It use colorful Dora pictures instead of numbers. That take the pressure off writing numbers and kid can concentrate on the game it self. Besides that the sudoku in the book is a simplified version. With 4 boxes in each sudoku instead of 9 boxes. There are always extra stickers left and that can be reward for finishing each puzzle.Den love the book but it takes a lot of concentration for her to do the puzzle. At least at the beginning (we started this when she is 3 years old). It is also a great book to carried when we travel.

She finished the whole book 2 weeks ago. I was looking for a step 2 sudoku but could not find it in any book store. I think the next step should be doing sudoku with numbers instead of stickers. But 8 boxes is too hard for her, so I'm looking for one that has 4 boxes or 6 boxes. I cant find any.

Finally, I gave up and designed my own. Using the dora book as guide and just change the puzzles to numbers.Den love it. She finished 3 puzzles while we were waiting for our dinner. It take too much time drawing up boxes. So I'm use words and design a few of them. I'm going to let her do may be a few more then will easy her into the 6 boxes.