Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Wow! Den can play UNO!

She learned that game in her best friend's house a week or two ago. She had been nagging us to buy her a Princess UNO card since. Since we already has a set of UNO card at home, we refused. But we told her she can buy it with her allowance. She has RM3 per week for this kind of thing.

Last Sat, when we go to the cheap shop in Atria, she brought the Princess UNO at RM4.90. It is full color and really worth it for that price. Since she is obsessed with all the Disney princesses, I thought she only wanted the card because of the pictures, I didn't really believe that she can handle all the rules and play the card game, especially it stated on the box cover, it is for age 7 and above.

Surprise! Surprise! We have some time tonight, after dinner, before sleep time. I let her worked on a few Sudoku and she finished 5 puzzle in less than 15 minutes. Then she suggested we play UNO. We played for one hour and she can really play!

She dont have much strategies but she know all the rules and she can play accordingly. In fact, she won a few rounds, when she get really good card and mine was sucks!

May be I underestimate her and should start playing more games with her. Wonder when is her daddy going to teach her to play chess.

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