Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lesson with a 3.5 years old part 5

Please check out the blog archives for previous lessons.

Lesson 8: 11 Nov 2010

1130am-12:00pm Bible: God wants me to be kind

1. Introduce Bible verse and tell Bible story
  • Introduce Bible Verse– “Be Kind to one another ~ Eph 4:32”
  • Luke 10:25-37 The Good Samaritan Read from Pray and Play Bible 2 (pg 126)
  • Sing Good Samaritan song (lyric and act out the story
  • Discuss: Who is your friend? (Explain that Jesus wants us to be kind and gentle to everyone.)
  • Talk about physically or emotionally hurt and how we can help.
  • Pray together and listen
2. P&W
  • Draw a happy face on Left index finger and a sad face on Right index finger. Sing:
(tune: where is Thumbkin?)
Here is my friend, here is my friend (move sad finger)
She is sad, she is sad
I can be kind and gentle, I can be kind and gentle (move happy finger)
We are friends, we are friends (Put fingers together)

(Tune: if you happy and you know it)
If you’re kind (gentle) and you know it say Amen x2
If you’re kind (gentle) and you know it then your life will surely show it.
If you’re kind (gentle) and you know it say Amen!
1200-1210pm Chinese:
1. Review and learn some new feeling words in Chinese  – 高兴/快乐,伤心,生气,害怕,害羞, 紧张

2. Making sentences using the feeling words in Chinese

3. Read Aloud: 露露有些伤心

12:10-12:15 Story: Princess and the Pea (Usborn Young Reader version):
1. Tell the story or listen to CD * Den loves the CD but it was too long and too challenging for the 3.5 years old XE, so we only listened to the first 2 chapters.

2. Center Message: A real princess is Kind & Gentle, Polite and has sensitive skin.

12:15-12:45pm Worksheets:
12:45-2pm Lunch and break

2:00-2:20pm Craft: Make caterpillar story book for the Good Samaritan story

2:20-2:30pm Phonic: Letter P
2:30-2:45 Individual Worksheets:

 12 Nov 2010

1130am-1200pm Bible Review
1. watch Video of the Good Samaritan

2. Looking for Bible Verse:  Use 6 bandages. On each bandage write one word of the Bible verse. Hide the bandage and let kids look for them. Once they find them all, line them up in order and say the verse again.

3.Game: Draw a sad face on a tissue for each kid. Place the tissues on the floor. At the sound of  “go”, kids pick up the tissues and throw them in the air. Ask them to keep their tissues in the air. If tissues hit the floor they keep picking them up and tossing them in the air. As they throw the tissues up in the air have them shout out, “I can be kind and gentle” (need be gentle in action in order to keep the tissue in the air and yet not break it)12:00-12:10pm Chinese:
  • Review: 害怕,害羞,紧张
  • Read:方格子老虎

12:10-12:45pm Princess & the pea Review:

1. Retelling a different version from My Own Stories

2. Dressing up and acting out the story

3. Let XE and Den retelling the story using the picture from the book.

4. Introduce different print material used in the Usborn Young Reader – Recipe, map, sign. Introduce other print material- Picture books, letter, magazine, newspaper, advertisement: Talk about the purpose of each items and how it convey the information. Talk about how advertisement try to make its products looks wonderful so that you will want to buy them.

5. Den: Make a chart of all the different type of printing material she see or (can find) in a day:


12:45-1pm worksheets
1pm-2pm Lunch and Free Play

2pm-2:20pm Newspaper

1. Learn about newspaper industry from Things that people do

2.Sing Newspaper song
(tune: Farmer in the Dell)
The reporter gets the news x2
Hi ho the reporter
The reporter gets the news

The photographer takes the picturex2

3. New words to learn:
• headline, article, editor, reporter, newspaper, photographer, recycle

• Chinese words –报纸,广告,记者,摄影师

2:20-2:30. Phonic Review

P word dance with kids

• Use playdoh to make P

Sunday, October 24, 2010

23 & 24 Oct 2010

We did it! We managed to make 22 cupcakes yesterday!! This was the first time we make cupcakes and frosting, so we were a bit worry how they would turn out! They turn out quite cute, like Den, pink! ^^ Den ate 2 of them and we sold the rest to family members and church friends and we manage to collect RM281. That is like RM14 (USD4.10) per cupcake!! DH and I promised to match every dollar Den collected, so all together today we have RM562 (USD165.30) for Mission India!

We almost did not ended up in church today to sell the cupcake. My SIL had premature labour contraction last night, she was admitted to the hospital and I spent the night accompanied her since her hubby, my dear brother is currently working oversea. Thank God that every thing is all right and she was discharged this afternoon.

This morning when Den woke up and realized no one was going to church (I was in the hospital, my mom was exhausted, etc), she started to cry. She really really wanted to bring her cakes there to sell. So my mom ended up brought her to church and she sold all of them in like 15 mins. ^^ She was very very happy she manage to collect so much money for the kids in India.

Yesterday when I praised her for putting some of her weekly allowance (on top of tithing) into the collection suitcase for Mission India, she replied, "This is more important than keeping money to buy toys." ^^

Yesterday we managed finished Sonlight week13 Science. We learned about butterfly and flowers and how the insect carry the pollen from one flower to another. We also did copywork, Yamaha homework and practiced piano. We spent better part of the days making cupcakes.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

22 Oct 2010

I am still sick. I was getting a lot better (almost totally well) before I came back to MLY. Then after I came back, I got worst. Today I was running with slight fever but still we managed to school.

We are in Sonlight Week 13 and 14 for the last couple of weeks. Week 14 Bible verse is really hard - 
No one can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Matthew 6:24)
 So I decided to teach Den the same verse in Chinese using the song "一个人不能事奉两个主”instead. She managed to pick it up after I sang it to her a few time .

A sister from my SG homeschooling group has recently attached a copywork file in her blog which coincide with Sonlight K Bible verse. I was so happy when I received it, because I have been thinking of how to teach Den to spell. In her blog, she wrote about how her kids learn to spell simply by doing copywork.

Den did two of her copyworks this week - the first one is Matthew 6:24 but not the whole verse. I just let her copy "No one can serve two masters". Then today she read a short story(included in her copywork)  and copy "It is unwise to treat friends badly".

This is how the sister arranged her copywork (For Den, we don't do copywork everyday):
•Monday – verse(s) from the Bible

•Tuesday – short story
•Wednesday - famous quotes
•Thursday – part of a poem
•Friday – journal page
I really like her idea of when you do copywork, you don't just rip a sentence from somewhere. Instead let your kid read the short story or poem, then copy the sentence. You can read more and download her copywork in her blog Teaching Our Own.
We have been studying about Native American, the pioneers, the move from East to West (America) both in History and I heard Good News Today (under Bible & Christian Stories). Today after we finished all the history about this era, we make a tepees, following the instruction given in Living Long Ago (under History).
We also listen to some of cowboys' songs here.
We did not do any new topic in science today, instead we did some of the Internet links on creepy crawlies:
1. Let's Talk about Insect: This one give you a very very lengthy and in depth information about insect. It is suitable for kids but we find too lengthy.
2. Brain Pop On Spiders: A very short animation on spiders.
I also let Den repeat the short vowels sounds lesson in Starfall (if you have never heard of starfall, you should really check it out. It is a free site to promote reading in phonics) because we had started using CLP's language art 101 recently and the first topic is short vowels sound.  
After many many months of thinking and rethinking, I decided to buy some workbooks from CLP (Christian Light Publications). It is much cheaper for me to buy workbooks from the local publications, however I cant find one local publication that have a systematic workbooks that cover from K to Grade 6. So I have been buying from various publications and I find this really inconsistent. So after much thought, I finally decided to go with CLP. CLP workbook come with Teacher Guild which is a great help for me.
I bought the LA 101 -110 for Den but I did not buy the Learning To Read series that are supposed to go hand in hand with the LA because I find the Learning To Read series too easy for Den. So far she enjoy doing the workbook and very excited about the quiz! Hahah! She heard so much from her friends about quiz in school that she still does not want to go to school but very looking forward in doing quiz.
She did lesson 3 in 101 today and she is going to do lesson 4 tomorrow. After lesson 4, there is a short quiz (like a review). She cant wait for the quiz, begging me to let her do lesson 4 today. I refused since we were running out of time.
We also did review on some of the Chinese words she learned and read some Chinese books.
For the past few weeks we also have been using a program called My Passport To India. It is a 5 weeks program (every week 2 lessons) by Mission India and Sonlight.  After we signed up (free), we received a "passport" (workbook) and a "suitcase" (donation box).

In every lesson, we watch a short video, then we see photo and read facts and stories and testimonies about India and about how God has been working in India. It has been an eye opening experience for Den. She knew some people are poor but she had no idea how poor is poor until she saw how the kids live in slum and 7 people live and sleep in a small one room hut. The testimony from one of the girl who is forced to steal to support her family filled her eyes with tears.
Den really want to help. She has been putting her weekly allowances into the donation box and asked her grand parents to contribute. She also tried to ask her best friend EE to donate but her explanation was too lengthy and EE ran away before Den could finish explaining! ^^
We are going to make some cupcakes tomorrow (1st time making cup cake, so have my fingers crossed!) and will bring them to church on Sunday to sell. We are not going to make much, may be 10 or so. So we don't expect to get much from the sale, however I think it will be a very good experience for Den. I have promised to match every dollar she collected in  the donation box. Besides that, Sonlight also going to match every dollar that kids send, up to the USD $167,00 if we send our donation before 17 Nov 2010.

Friday, October 15, 2010

15 Oct 2010

I'm still sick today. It did not seem to get better...

My throat is better though (even though headache and flu are getting worst),  so after piano practice (45 min), I read 3 Chinese books for Den, including 我把哪个部分弄丢了?(What Is My Missing Part?).

This is part of the bilingual books I bought a few months back. I read the Chinese printed text for her, after that she pasted the English text stickers into the corresponding pages. You can check out my previous write up for the other two books from the same series -纸飞机飞到哪里去了? (Where Is The Paper Airplane?) and 凯文在大海中旅行 (Kevin travels in the sea).

Today's book is about Shapes -圆形(circle), 三角形(triangle),椭圆形(oval),六角形(hexagon),正方形(square),长方形(rectangle) and 菱形(Diamond).

She knew all the name of the shapes in English, except for hexagon but she only know 圆形(circle), 三角形(triangle),正方形(square)and 长方形(rectangle) in Chinese. Still need lots of revision after this. I'm still think on how to keep track of all the things that I need to drill her with.

After that she read a lesson from Disney Princess' Reading Comprehension (see the write up here) and answered the questions. She still made mistakes. Looking for answer in the story by her self is still a new thing for her.

After that she did a lesson on Capital Letters (when to put capital letter) in Enchanted English Key Stage 1(read more about that here) and a 3x2 Sudoku. She was much faster in the sudoku today but I still have to sit with her. She spent about 2 hours working on school works today.

I did not ask her to read her reader today because she had been reading a book I bought from garage sales called Magical Stories For 6 Year Old. She read 63 pages already. I think that's enough for a day's reading! ^^ She is obsessed with reading recently, basically will read everything and anything (too bad only in English! When she sees a Chinese book, she will just turn and walk away!!!)

Last night, my DH showed her my blog (she did not know I have been keeping a blog about her schooling), her first reaction was "DELETE ALL OF THEM NOW!!!" After my DH told her it cant be deleted and we did not put her real name in the blog, she was OK with that. Then she started to read my blog! DH said, from now on I got to be even more careful of what I write!^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lessons with a 3.5 years old Part 4

Lesson 6: 23 Sept 2010
1115-1135: Bible Lesson: I’m Precious in God's eyes

• Bible Verse Psalm 119:73 (Learn how to find the book of Psalm in the Bible)
• Im precious little book (Den read)

 • Rhymes & Songs:

(Rhyme 1)
God made me special.
He made you special, too!
He gave me ears so I can hear.
He gave me eyes so I can see.
He gave me feet to tap, tap, tap.
He gave me hand to clap, clap, clap.
He gave me legs to walk, walk, walk.
He gave me a mouth so I can talk.
God made me special!
God made you special, too!

(Rhyme 2)
God made people special.
We start as tiny babies.
Then we grow bigger.
Soon we can walk and talk.
And we grow,
and grow,
and grow until we are all grown up!
God made people special!

Song 1: (Tune:London Bridge)
I’m so glad that God made me
God made me, God made me.
I’m so glad that God made me.
God made me special.

I’m so glad that God made hands (hair, feet, etc),
God made hands, God made hands,
I’m so glad that God made hands.
God made me special.

Song 2:

1135-1145: Chinese Lesson: 凯文在大海中旅行:Learn body parts in Chinese

• Read 凯文在大海中旅行
• Sing 头发,肩旁,膝盖,脚趾 (Tune: Head and shoulders)
• Play -Chant: 手对手(脚对脚,肚子对肚子,etc) Boom Ti ada boom, boom (x2)

11:45-12:30 Science: Nature - Read from the Berenstain's Bear Big Book of Science and Nature (under science)

• God made vs Man made
• Craft: Went out door to look for things are made by God and cut things that are made by man from magazines

12:30-12:45 English Read Aloud: Poem, books

12:45-2:15 Lunch Break

2:15-2:45 Individual Time:

• Den: Work on copying Bible Verse and Math worksheet

• XE:

o Sudoku -I used Den sudoku game board 2x2 to teach her the game.
o Worksheet - I started her on Sonlight Developing the Early Learner Level One (under workbook)

Lesson 7: 24 Sept 2010

11:15-Noon Review Bible & Chinese Lesson

Noon-12:45 Using Shape to paint  (introduce Shape name in Chinese)-  正方形,长方形,三角形,圆形:

Den's artwork

XE's artwork

12:15-01:00 Clean up

1:00 Lunch and Library

14 Oct 2010

I am sick. We were supposed to have school with the 3.5 years old XE today but I got throat infection and cant really talked. So we had to cancel school last minute.

Instead, Den and I had a quite day at home.

She practiced her piano (45 min) and did 3 homeworks (about 1.5 hours)  -

1. Reading Comprehension - Using Disney Princess Reading Comprehension. I bought this last year but it was too difficult for her then. Now is just nice. She read the story her self and answer the written questions her self.

She has no problem in understanding stories but this is a very good practice in learning to answer question in a proper manner.

2. Grammar -Continued using Enchanted English Key Stage 1 (you can read more about this here). Today is a review on what we had learned for the past few lessons - alphabet order, plurals, present tense, ck ending, magic e (or silence E) and past tense.

3. Sudoku- I recently found a good sudoku for kids in Book Xcess (Amcop Mall, PJ). I cant remember the name of the book now. It cost RM12.90, a bit expensive for a sudoku book...since the one I'm using only cost me RM1!

But I like it that it came in 3 levels - starting with 2x2 boxes, then 3x2 boxes finally normal 3x3 boxes. In each level, the difficulties increased with each puzzles.

Den just started doing the 3x2 boxes. She is not very good at it yet. She understands what need to be done and how to do it but she keep making mistakes, so most of the time I need to work with her.

After that we make a craft (1 hour) - using colorful crystals and make a wind chime. I bought it from a homeschooling garage sales in SG.  It only cost SGD1!! This is the 2nd time we worked with these colorful crystal beads, I think we did a good job.

We only had time for the activities above. I planed to let her work on Chinese and Reading but we never make it there....tomorrow is another day! Any way, we had fun staying home. When I asked her can we have another quite day at home tomorrow, just like today. She agreed eagerly. ^^

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lesson with a 3.5 years old Part 3

Lesson 3: 31 Aug 2010
1. Bible Lesson: The Lost sheep: Luke 15:3-7 
a. Read Bible & explain 
b. Life Skill Question: 
  • Have you had the experience of being lost?
  • How do you think you will feel?
  • What can you do to make sure you wont be lost?
  • What can you do if you are lost?
  • Do you know your parents' name and phone number? 
  • v. Roll play
c. Game – looking for lost sheep: I precut paper sheeps and hide them. 
d. Read Ps 23 
e. Prayer and Listening 
f. P & W –
  • One little two little Sheep (for lyric, see Lesson 1),
  • Jesus You are my super hero,
  • 轻轻听 

2. Read Aloud Story: Sebastian’s Roller Skating (most of the lessons plan are taken from Lesson Pathways LA K) 
a. Introduction – explain:  
  • Sebastian is very shy
  • Roller Skate- Show roller skate shoes

 b. Listen to Sebastian story  
c. Question to asked after the story:  
  • If you found the roller skates, what would you do? Would you put them back?

d. Sing songs about feeling –  
  •  if you happy and you know it do like this (angry, shy, scare, tired, ask kids to suggest )
  • watch sesame video about Feeling

3. Review 
a. 大,中,小,羊,桥, 角 
b. Den read “ill” book for En En 
c. “G” sound  

4. Introduce “S” sound – Sebastian, Skate, Scare, Sad 
a.Watch video about "S" in Sesame
b. Sing:"A Silly Slippery Snake"
(tune of "If you're happy and you know it") 

Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake.  
Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake. 
Oh I'd slither across the floor, 
And I'd slip under the door 
Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake. 
c.Make a large letter S on the floor using masking tape. Have your child remove his or her shoes and slide on the letter S in his/her socks while making the "S" sound. 

5. Lunch Break 

6. Activity: Skate

Lesson 4: 02 Sep 2010

1. Bible Lesson: The Lost sheep: Luke 15:3-7

a. Read Bible

b. Watch Animation
c. Game:Sheep Pen
Materials: large sheets or blankets and furniture pieces arranged, as described below

Prior to the game, set up an area where the children can hide, as sheep in a pen. Arrange chairs and/or furniture pieces to accommodate a small group of children. You may need to have a couple of different sheep pens, depending on the number of children in your ministry setting.

i Tell the children that sheep pens are places where sheep are protected from things that could hurt them, like wolves and dogs. In Bible times, sheep would stay in a place surrounded by rocks or wood. There would be one opening, like a door. Shepherds used to sleep in these openings and would guard the sheep with their own bodies. Many times in the Bible, Jesus calls himself the “door for the sheep.” That means he protects us and provides for us.

ii Say: “Today, you get to pretend to be in a sheep pen of your own, safe and protected by your pen and the shepherd, who loves you and would die for you.”

iii. Have the children hide together somewhere, pretending to be sheep. Put a large sheet, blanket, or parachute over the furniture. Have one child pretend to be “the shepherd” and lay at the opening of the pen.

iv. The teacher can say this rhyme: (After a few times, the children will follow along.)

Here is the sheep pen, so big and so wide.

Let’s open the gate to see what’s inside.


Pull the covering off the sheep pen and have children say, “Baaa!”

d. Prayer and Listening

 3. Sing 5 little Sheep went out one day
4. Review feeling and learn Chinese word – 高兴,伤心,生气,害怕
5. Review S sound – make G and S with bread
6. Read 我不要睡觉
7. Learn to listen to instruction and the important of following instruction
8. Go to Library

Sept 28 2010

Today is the busy Tuesday.

Den spent last night in my parents house and I only picked her up before her ballet class in the afternoon. In between ballet and Yamaha, she only had the time for her eye exercises and practiced piano.

After Yamaha, before bedtime, we had one hour of school. We are at Week 13 Sonlight Science and today we studied about Creepy-crawlies. She spent most of her time drawing in her science notebook different types of creepy-crawlies.

After that we read a chapter from Dolphin Treasure. I've skip some of the ReadAloud books from Sonligth K because I find some of the books like Family Under The Bridge has too many unfamiliar words and too much descriptive words. Plus after the not so enthusiastic read with the Hundred Dresses and The Light At the Turn Rock, I decided to skip the book for now and keep it for later. Instead we jump to Twenty & Ten (about WWII), Dolphin Adventure and now Dolphin Treasure. After Dolphin Treasure, I will jump back to Mary on Horseback (all books mentioned here is under Sonlight ReadAloud 1 & 2).

Den have picked up in her reading. She has been reading so many books per day that I wont bother to blog about them here, I just cant keep up! I also borrowed Sonlight Reader2 intermediate from a friend. It is a big jump for Den from Read 1 to Reader 2 intermediate but so far so good. She finished the first book, Clara and the Bookwagon without any problem. 2nd book, The Long Way To A New Land has more unfamiliar words like Emigrants but so far she has not much problem in reading it too.

Math Magic for Your Kids: Hundreds of Games and Exercises from the Human Calculator to Make Math Fun and EasyWe also has been working on a book we borrow from SG library called Math Magic For Your Kids (under Math) - it teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. So far we only finished addition and with some of the technique taught in the book, Den can add much faster now. For example 9+7, she will add 10+7-1. 11+8, she will add 10+8+1. She actually think this is super fun and wanted me to drill her often. ^^ 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lessons with a 3.5 years old Part 2

I like to repeat my lessons espcially for the younger kids, So Lesson 2 is closely related with Lesson 1. For Lesson I please click here.

Lesson 2: 27 Aug 2010 
1. Review Bible Lesson
 – The Lord is My Shepherd: Psalm 23 Part II *check coloring homework

a. Review memory verse

b. Dramatized

c. P&W- Den lead including“One Little Two Little Three Little Sheep”

d. Prayer & Listening

e. Craft: using Bread & round biscuit to make sheep shape

f. Drawing a sheep game (rolling dice)- roll one draw the head, roll two draw ears, etc etc and see who can finish drawing the whole sheep first! Fun to play, see game instruction here:

2. Review Three Billy Goat

a. Den using Puppet retelling the story

b. Retelling the story in Mandarin 

c. Learn Chinese word –大,中,小,羊,桥, 角 - I used 字形画 (Chinese words come from pictures, so I tried to draw out the picture and show Den and XE how the word came about. I find this help them to remember the Chinese words better).

3. Review – the sound of "G" (for XE) & "OA"(for Den)

4. Companion Rhyme: Jack and Jill -a nursery rhyme in which the characters, like the goats, are attempting to make it up the hillside and have difficulties;

a. Read the familiar rhyme

b. Introduce word family "ill" - Read a small book on "ill" - you can download this for free here.

5. Lunch break

6. Craft: make Sheep - pasted Cotton on sheep's picture and make a very pretty sheep!

7. Review –

a. Bible Verse The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

b. Bible Concept – God is our good shepherd, He take care of us.

c. 大,中,小,羊,桥, 角

d. Sound of G &  ill

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lesson with a 3.5 years old Part I

I started homeschooling a friend's 3.5 years old dd, XE about a month ago. My friend send XE over whenever we are in SG.

Since a few of you have kids around 3-4 years old, I think you will be interested in what I did with XE and Den. Thus, I decided to share what we did here with you.

2 years is quite a big age gap (Den is 5.5 years old). Sonlight K will be way too difficult for XE, so I decided to reuse some of the Sonlight Pre K materials. I also need to make it more hands on which is really fun for Den. Since we started Sonlight K, other than Science experiments and lapbooking, we did not do as much hands on stuff as we used to.

This is our rough schedule -XE usually arrive around 11am. She will play with Den for 15-30 min. After that, we have lessons together until 1pm. 1-2pm are lunch time, follow by 15-30 min of play time. We have individual study time for around 30 min before XE goes home around 3pm.

We had 5 lessons so far. This is what we had done.

Lesson 1- 24 Aug 2010

1. Bible Lesson: The Lord is my Shepherd Part I – The Good Shepherd

a. Psalm  23– what does a shepherd do?

b. Great dramatization from

While reading Ps 23 aloud, I acted as Shepherd and Den and XE as sheeps. First, I walked my sheeps (Den and XE) through the “green pastures,” and let them lied down to rest for awhile. After that I led them to the "quite water" and let them "drank" water.

For the Valley of Death, I lined up a few chairs and put a blanket to cover it. I led them crawl under the chair. We said prayer together using Ps 23.

c. I found a mini book online and printed it out  - Den read for XE...dont seems to be able to find the link again...sorry.

d. P&W- Den lead a few songs including the song below:

 “One Little Two Little Three Little Sheep”(to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”)

One little, two little, three little sheep

Four little, five little, six little sheep

Seven little, eight little, nine little sheep

Ten sheep loved by the Shepherd

One little, two little, three little children

Four little, five little, six little children

Seven little, eight little, nine little children

Ten children loved by the Jesus

e. Praying

f. Listening

2. Story Time: Three Billy Goat: (most of the idea taken from

a. Talk about Goat -show kids real pictures of goats and share some facts about goats before hearing the story (such as where goats usually live, what goats like to eat, body parts such as horns and hooves, what sound they make, etc.).

• Different btw Goat and Sheep :

• Look at their tails
o A goat's tail goes up (unless it is sick, frightened, or in distress).
o Sheep tails hang down and are often docked (shortened) for health and sanitary reasons.

• Foraging behavior
o Goats are natural browsers, preferring to eat leaves, twigs, vines, and shrubs. They are very agile and will stand on their hind legs to reach vegetation.
o Sheep are grazers, preferring to eat short, tender grasses and clover. Their dietary preference is forbs (broadleaf weeds) and they like to graze close to the soil surface. Goats like to eat the tops of plants.

• Behavior
o Goats are naturally curious and independent, while sheep tend to be more distant and aloof. Goats will seek shelter more readilty than sheep.
o Sheep have a stronger flocking instinct and become very agitated if they are separated from the rest of the flock.

• Horns
o Most goats naturally have horns. Some goats have beards. Goat horns are more narrow, upright, and less curved than sheep horns.
o Many breeds of sheep are naturally hornless (polled). Some sheep have manes. Sheep tend to curl their horns in loops on the sides of their heads.

b. Introduced the the story , explained that in this story, although goats can be real, there is another character in the story who is not real- a troll (Dont make the troll too scary, young kids might get frighten).

c. Read the story

3. Introduce letter "G"
a. Introduce the sound “G” – Goat, Gruff

b. Printed mini book "G". Den read G book for XE (Im just showing one of the pages here)

c. Watch letter G in Sesame street

4. Individual Worksheet

a. Den work on

b. En- color G

5. Lunch break

7. Craft

  • Use playdough to make a G, review G sound

8. Chinese story Read Aloud– 露露的拯救玩具大作战

9. Poem Read Aloud – Outside the line - one of my favorite book of poems, this is one of the example:

10. Science Read Aloud –The Berestain Bears'Of Science And Nature (under Science) - Big Book Berenstain Bears Nature Guide

11. Review –

a. Bible Verse The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

b. Bible Concept – God is our good shepherd, He take care of us.

c. Goat vs Sheep

d. Sound of G

e. Homework – coloring & G Mini book

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tally marks, pictogram and charts Part I

When I did research on the things that Den need to learn before Grade 1, I realized nowadays kids actually learn Tally Marks, Pictogram and Bar Graphs in least according to US and SG syllabus they do, not sure about MLY.

I think that is so fun to do. So right away, I taught Den about Tally Marks (...I only learned this in Secondary Drama club...when we counted votes...). After that I let her counted the color of cars on the road on our way to SG immigration. This is the result:

After that I ask her to count it to the nearest tens (the number in ( )). Then I help her drew up a bar graph:

I should have taught her pictogram before bar graph but I totally forgotten. I intend to continue to let her work on a few assignment on these few areas. While researching online, I found this supper cool site for making Bar Graphs, Check it out: -


6 & 7 Aug 2010

This two days we finished Sonlight Week 11 Science.

We learned about Birds and checked out some of the interesting website for bird if you are interested:

1. Different type of feathers - I have to admit that I did not realize there are different types of bird feathers - Down, Body and Flight feather until I study with Den.

2. Short movies on bird migration.

3. Game about bird migration.

4. Coloring page about birds.

We also read from The Usborne Book of Science Activities and watched the DVD (both under science) about moving through air. Coincidentally, last week in SG, we went to a Science show and in the show it also demonstrate about moving through air, so Den was very interested in this week experiments.

We did three experiments -

1. I took out two same size A4 paper and I screw one up into a ball. Then I asked Den when I drop this ball and this paper at the same height, which one will reach the floor first? Den remember last week in the Science show she learned that all object heavy or light will drop at the same time, so right away, she answered: " at the same time!"....but she forgot about we are not in space! So need to take the air into consideration. More air push against the bigger object (flat paper) than the smaller object (ball), so the ball will fall faster than the paper.

2. I used an A4 paper make a pyramid, drop the pyramid in different way and see which side will land first. The pointed end will always land first because the pointed end can move faster through air.

3. We make a parachute using plastic bag (cut into circle), thread, tape, a light/heavy toys. Den had fun playing with that.

For Bible, we continue to read about King David. Den asked me later on, did David sin? I told her about his adultery and his repentance.

She continue to do her daily devotion. She make this picture as one the activities suggested from her Bible. The man and woman are Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden (don't ask me why they are wearing clothes), the serpent is on the tree on the left. The tree of knowledge is the one full of cereals.   

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4 Aug 2010

We were awoke by the noise from the apartment upstairs again at 830am. When is the reno work going to finish?

I asked Den if she wanted to go to park but she choose to go eat breakfast with grandpa instead.

After breakfast, we went back to my mom place and we actually had an hours or so before we need to leave for her therapy appointment. So we had school in my mom place.

It took us a long long time reciting the Sonlight Week 11 verse - Isaiah 45:22. She was not concentrating at first, playing with this and that. After I put down my foot, she progress much faster. We also sang the Psalm 119:11 and learned John 14:15 (read why we need to learn so many verses here.)

After that, we work on two pages of grammar using Enchanted English Age 5-6. I bought it awhile back from MPH, quite costly RM19.90 for less than 30 pages of workbook. But it is full color and looks interesting. Just now while I was looking for a cover photo of this book, I realized there is actually an online free version at No idea who put it there, but if you are interested, you might want to check it out before it is gone.

Any way, we worked on the first two pages. At first I thought Den might think it was too kiddish - sorting alphabets, putting A to Z in order - guess what? it was actually challenging because she had to keep singing the ABC song from A! hahaha! That was quite funny!

After that we went out for lunch and her therapy. She has a new eye exercise that we need to do at home every day.

We went back to my parents' house after the therapy and we continued our school there. We read two chapters of week 11 Science - Mammals and Baby Mammals. Did the worksheets and game. After that we also checked out the internet links. If you want to see some short video on Mammal, check out the following website:

1. - lots of short videos
 2. - live cam on Panda, Polar Bear, Ape and Elephant...however the location is San Diego Zoo, so please take the time different into consideration, or else all that you can see just darkness.

Den also had lots of fun playing the online jigsaw puzzle here. That's all we did today...well the day is not done yet. ^^

New Bible for Den

We forget to bring Den's devotional Bible back from SG. Since I had been planning to get her a new Bible (the one that she has been using was a bit too young for her, read more about the Bibles we used here.), this was a good time to do so.

Today was busy Tuesday, she had ballet and Yamaha and usually I wont put any other activities on Tuesday. However, there was a very noisy renovation work at the apartment above mine (we have been praying for them to work very smoothly, so that they can finish as fast as possible!), so it seemed like a good reason to get out of the house.

After a quick lunch at home, I suggested we go to a Christian bookstore near by to get her a new Bible ( I tried to call ahead and see if they carry the Bible that I want....but they cant even hear me properly because of all the noice from above!!!). The was not much time to spare, so I was a bit worry we might be late for ballet.

Den said, "It is more important for me to get a new Bible so that I can have my devotion right? So it is ok if we are a bit late for ballet." ^^

So we went.

I was looking for The Beginner's Bible but then I found another one that look equally interesting. I let Den look at both and choose the one she want. 30 mins later (no idea how many stories she read), she decided on My Read and Rhyme Bible Storybook.

I kind of knew she was going to choose that one. She loves story that rhyme. All the story in this book is written like poem and all of them rhyme! Another good thing is there are activities that she can do at the end of each story. The not so good thing - it has only 37 to 95 stories in The Beginner's Bible!

I bought The Beginner's Bible for her friend Wes (his mom asked me to help look for a Bible). Hopefully when they both finish reading theirs, they can exchange.