Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept 28 2010

Today is the busy Tuesday.

Den spent last night in my parents house and I only picked her up before her ballet class in the afternoon. In between ballet and Yamaha, she only had the time for her eye exercises and practiced piano.

After Yamaha, before bedtime, we had one hour of school. We are at Week 13 Sonlight Science and today we studied about Creepy-crawlies. She spent most of her time drawing in her science notebook different types of creepy-crawlies.

After that we read a chapter from Dolphin Treasure. I've skip some of the ReadAloud books from Sonligth K because I find some of the books like Family Under The Bridge has too many unfamiliar words and too much descriptive words. Plus after the not so enthusiastic read with the Hundred Dresses and The Light At the Turn Rock, I decided to skip the book for now and keep it for later. Instead we jump to Twenty & Ten (about WWII), Dolphin Adventure and now Dolphin Treasure. After Dolphin Treasure, I will jump back to Mary on Horseback (all books mentioned here is under Sonlight ReadAloud 1 & 2).

Den have picked up in her reading. She has been reading so many books per day that I wont bother to blog about them here, I just cant keep up! I also borrowed Sonlight Reader2 intermediate from a friend. It is a big jump for Den from Read 1 to Reader 2 intermediate but so far so good. She finished the first book, Clara and the Bookwagon without any problem. 2nd book, The Long Way To A New Land has more unfamiliar words like Emigrants but so far she has not much problem in reading it too.

Math Magic for Your Kids: Hundreds of Games and Exercises from the Human Calculator to Make Math Fun and EasyWe also has been working on a book we borrow from SG library called Math Magic For Your Kids (under Math) - it teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. So far we only finished addition and with some of the technique taught in the book, Den can add much faster now. For example 9+7, she will add 10+7-1. 11+8, she will add 10+8+1. She actually think this is super fun and wanted me to drill her often. ^^ 

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