Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lesson with a 3.5 years old Part 3

Lesson 3: 31 Aug 2010
1. Bible Lesson: The Lost sheep: Luke 15:3-7 
a. Read Bible & explain 
b. Life Skill Question: 
  • Have you had the experience of being lost?
  • How do you think you will feel?
  • What can you do to make sure you wont be lost?
  • What can you do if you are lost?
  • Do you know your parents' name and phone number? 
  • v. Roll play
c. Game – looking for lost sheep: I precut paper sheeps and hide them. 
d. Read Ps 23 
e. Prayer and Listening 
f. P & W –
  • One little two little Sheep (for lyric, see Lesson 1),
  • Jesus You are my super hero,
  • 轻轻听 

2. Read Aloud Story: Sebastian’s Roller Skating (most of the lessons plan are taken from Lesson Pathways LA K) 
a. Introduction – explain:  
  • Sebastian is very shy
  • Roller Skate- Show roller skate shoes

 b. Listen to Sebastian story  
c. Question to asked after the story:  
  • If you found the roller skates, what would you do? Would you put them back?

d. Sing songs about feeling –  
  •  if you happy and you know it do like this (angry, shy, scare, tired, ask kids to suggest )
  • watch sesame video about Feeling

3. Review 
a. 大,中,小,羊,桥, 角 
b. Den read “ill” book for En En 
c. “G” sound  

4. Introduce “S” sound – Sebastian, Skate, Scare, Sad 
a.Watch video about "S" in Sesame
b. Sing:"A Silly Slippery Snake"
(tune of "If you're happy and you know it") 

Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake.  
Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake. 
Oh I'd slither across the floor, 
And I'd slip under the door 
Oh, I wish I was a silly, slippery snake. 
c.Make a large letter S on the floor using masking tape. Have your child remove his or her shoes and slide on the letter S in his/her socks while making the "S" sound. 

5. Lunch Break 

6. Activity: Skate

Lesson 4: 02 Sep 2010

1. Bible Lesson: The Lost sheep: Luke 15:3-7

a. Read Bible

b. Watch Animation
c. Game:Sheep Pen
Materials: large sheets or blankets and furniture pieces arranged, as described below

Prior to the game, set up an area where the children can hide, as sheep in a pen. Arrange chairs and/or furniture pieces to accommodate a small group of children. You may need to have a couple of different sheep pens, depending on the number of children in your ministry setting.

i Tell the children that sheep pens are places where sheep are protected from things that could hurt them, like wolves and dogs. In Bible times, sheep would stay in a place surrounded by rocks or wood. There would be one opening, like a door. Shepherds used to sleep in these openings and would guard the sheep with their own bodies. Many times in the Bible, Jesus calls himself the “door for the sheep.” That means he protects us and provides for us.

ii Say: “Today, you get to pretend to be in a sheep pen of your own, safe and protected by your pen and the shepherd, who loves you and would die for you.”

iii. Have the children hide together somewhere, pretending to be sheep. Put a large sheet, blanket, or parachute over the furniture. Have one child pretend to be “the shepherd” and lay at the opening of the pen.

iv. The teacher can say this rhyme: (After a few times, the children will follow along.)

Here is the sheep pen, so big and so wide.

Let’s open the gate to see what’s inside.


Pull the covering off the sheep pen and have children say, “Baaa!”

d. Prayer and Listening

 3. Sing 5 little Sheep went out one day
4. Review feeling and learn Chinese word – 高兴,伤心,生气,害怕
5. Review S sound – make G and S with bread
6. Read 我不要睡觉
7. Learn to listen to instruction and the important of following instruction
8. Go to Library

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