Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ive not been blogging for awhile. Den's schooling is progressing slowly but surely (I hope!), I just stop blogging about it. My excuses? Well...

1. She has been spending a lot of time reading. Sometime she finish reading 1 or 2 chapters books (or 5-8 picture books) a day. I kind of gave up writing down the titles of the books that she read. She was so into reading, for a while, our schooling actually stop so that she can have more time to read. Thank God for SG library!

2. I've been obsessed with something else...and that took all the time that I had for blogging.

Hopefully now both -her frantic reading and my obsession- have kind of ran their courses and we will be back to more regular schedule...^^ I feel a bit bad for not updating the blog and thus shut my dear hubby out on what we had been doing at home...Chinese New Year resolution, will try to keep up with my blog again!