Saturday, March 27, 2010


For the past few days, we have been reading from this Chinese Christian book -圣灵水果屋1 (translate - House of the Fruit of the Spirit 1) after our worship. All the shorts stories in the book are categorized into 9 sections - 9 characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit- love, joy, peace, patient, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

We have been reading the stories from the Love section. We talked about how true love is self scarified and not self gratified. Den was really touched by some of the stories. What is more amazing, I started to see her behavior changed this few days.

Being the only child in the family means she almost always get the best duel. Everyone give her the best. I was worry she is going to grow up to be selfish and self centered. In fact, I started to see her grew to be more self centered.

I kept telling her you are very blessed so you need to bless others even more. But I can see that she was going to the opposite direction. The more she has, the more she insist she have to have. She would insist on her right and refused to give it to those who might not deserved but need it more.

One of the last straw for me was the incident happened two weeks ago. We were sitting in a bus going home, and one stop before ours, an old lady holding a baby came up. There were still some seat at the back of the bus, but I can see that she wont be able to make it to the back since the bus started to move. So I get Den up immediately and offer our seats to her. Den was angry and thought it was totally unfair and unnecessary. I was so mad that I scolded her at the bus stop right after we alighted the bus.

Since we started reading the book, I can see that she is making effort to do the right thing. For example, she was willing to let her dad dad sleep on her new pillow. I bought her to choose the pillow and she loved the pillow. But that night, her dad dad was complaining he did not sleep well on his current pillow and would really like to sleep on hers. Usually when it is something new, she will refuse to share it with anyone. But that night, she surprised us by offering him her new pillow (even though I can tell she really wished she wont had to). Her dad dad took up her offer. I praised her for doing the right thing.

There are a few more incidents like this for the past few days and the latest happened last night. We promised to bring her back to the super fun public swimming complex every Sat. Today is Sat but her dad dad has been coughing very badly for the past few days. So last night, I told her tomorrow, mommy will swim with you and dad dad will just stay and wait for us.

Her response surprised me. She said, but then dad dad is so poor thing, have to wait for us and cant swim. She actually suggested we stay home and don't go. I was so pleased with her and right away I let her know.

I am praying the changes is not temporary. It will become part of her character. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

25 March 2010

Ok, I was a bit reluctant to blog about what we did this few days...because it did not feel like very homeschoolingish. :)

I know I should not feel only the academic, head knowledge stuffs are considered homeschool but it is a habit that hard to break! So I force my self to blog tonite.

We were exploring our new neighbourhood in SG for the past few days.

We went to the public library on Monday and again on Tuesday. We are going back there again tomorrow! We wish we can sleep there. We applied for the library card. We learned to use the system - self check out, etc. Den greatest struggle now is which book/s to return tomorrow. She wants to borrow new books but very reluctant to return the books she already borrowed. :)

We get to know some of our neighbours - a couple with 2 cute dogs, always sit near the small roundabout from morning until Noon (the dogs nap at noon!). If we get our timing right, we can spend some time playing with the dogs.

Playing at the playground downstairs, we get to know a few kids. We met a friendly uncle from Malaysia who was looking after his 2 grand sons at the playground. According to him, only Malaysian and China kids play at the playground. Singaporean kids never come down to play. So far, I have to say he is right, either that or there are not many Singaporean in our neighbourhood.

Den was a bit shy with the kids at first. Part of it is because of the language barrier. All kids converse in Mandarin here. Sometime they cant understand her. But after awhile, she started to play with others.

I got asked a lot "why your girl is not in school?" or "which school your girl goes to?". When I told them I'm homeschooling her, most of the responses are "is it legal?", "are you qualified?".

From what I can see most of the kids here go to school from 3 years old onward or even younger. Cant blame them, mostly are from two incomes families. I think I must be one of the youngest housewife around here.

So Den and I get stared at a lot when we go to the market. Oh, yes, we ventured into the wet market. I have never ever buy anything from the wet market in MLY before but since the wet market here is not wet and looks clean enough, we decided to give it a try yesterday. The meat are definitely fresher than the one from the super market and most of the stall keepers are very chatty and friendly.

We also went to the Chinese Garden yesterday. Chinese and Japanese Gardens are both within walking distance from our place but we have never try walking there before. Yesterday evening, Den and I decided we need an adventure.

It took us about 15-20min one way to walk to Adventure Sports Zone in Chinese Garden. It is like a playground for big kids, equipped with flying fox, rock climbing, etc. The best thing is, it is covered with sand. It was totally deserted when we went there at 430pm on a weekday. Den loved the flying fox. We also saw some trees near by that we thought is good for climbing. Shall do it the next time. I have never ever climb a tree when I was kids, I hope Den will get to climb some!

Walking back was a bit of a struggle for Den. She was really tired from all the play. She did not complain though. Later, when I praised her for not complaining, she admitted she did not complain because she worried if she complain, I would not bring her back there to play any more.

Other than all these adventures, we worship together everyday. We also read some interesting books that we borrowed from the library:

1. For English Reading - You Read To Me, I'll Read To You: Very Short Stories To Read Together (under language book). When I saw this book in the library, I decided to let Den take a break from I Can Read! Book 1 (Sonlight Reader 1). I saw this book sometime ago in MPH 1U but the price was too ridiculous. So I am really happy to burrow it for FREE now.

It has very short and cute stories (2 pages for a story). It is written to be read by 2 persons. It is almost like a play with 2 characters. Den and I had fun reading them. We read two stories a day. I am very interested in looking for another one under the same series after we finish this book. Especially the one about fairy tales.

2. For Chinese ReadAloud - 1001 说不完的故事 (1001 stories)(under Non Sonlight ReadAloud). One of the best Chinese translated picture books! It is a mix and match fairy tales - little red ridding hood, 3 little pigs, Hensel & Gretel, princess & the frog, etc etc all in one book.

What is so good about it is, the reader will have to choose an action at the end of each page. Different action will lead you to a different page. So the story will never goes or ends the same way each time and according to the author there are 1001 ways combination.

3. Math: I found some interesting math books in the library and cant wait to try them with Den:

(a)Pizza Parts: Fractions! (under math). We went tru some basic fraction last year - 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6. I think it is a good time to review the concept. The book is meant for age 9 and up, so the math is language is a bit hard for Den but the concept is not. So I paraphrased some of the words the book and skip one of the chapters and it worked.

The setting of the story is about a girl having a birthday party in a pizza plaze (run by her family). A good setting, right away Den is interested.

Kids want to share a pizza but each want different topping. So they have to split the pizza into 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 or in one case 1/8 for different topping.

From there, it also bring out the concept of 2/4 is equal to 1/2, 2/8 is equal to 1/4 .

(b) The Price Of A Pioneer Journey: Adding & Subtracting Two Digit Dollar Amounts (under math): A much easier book for Den. I read for her and she did all her plus and minus on paper.

The setting is about pioneers on the Oregon Trail. They have to spend money on wagon, food, supplies etc. We have to count how much money they spent or how much they are left with that kind of thing.

(4) Just for Fun! books -

(a)The Squeaky Door (under non Sonlight ReadAloud). When I saw this book in the library, right away I knew Den would LOVE the book. I was absolutely right. She loves it so much that, she can now read the whole book. She read it to me, she read it to Dad Dad and she read it to herself and no way she will let me return it tomorrow.

How do I know she is going to love it? I get asked this a lot too, especially by parents with young kids. I observed and I make a guess base on some of her past favorite.

For example, I know she like funny story and this is a funny story -A boy spent a nite in his grandma house. He cried every time grandma went out the door. Grandma offer to put animals in bed with him - started with cat, then dog , then pig, then Horse! Finally the bed broke and yet it still did not work. The next day, grandma found the solution - oil the squeaky door and the boy slept like a baby.

Besides funny, it is one of her favorite topics- kids who refuse to sleep or too afraid to sleep and animals! Plus the story and language are repeating (something she likes too) until it build to a climax. All this mean she is going to hang on to the book for a long long time.

(b) Toads and Diamonds - An interesting choice from Den. We spent like 30mins going back and forth before we can decide which 8 books we were going to borrow but this was one of the first one she decided she wanted to take home.

She heard this story from last year in one of the book in Sonlight pre K (I cant remember if it is from Stories Around The World or Children Book of Virtues). Some how she love it above all other stories. In fact she remember the story real well and after she took the book back from library, she has never request me to read it. She was just happy to look tru the book her self.

She really like the concept of every time the heroin speaks flowers and diamonds flow from her mouth and when her evil stepsister speaks toad and snakes fell from her mouth. Off cause I took the opportunity to remind her when good words come out of our months then it is like flowers and diamonds.

Finally today, we decided we are not going any where. We stayed home and study. Den has been in drawing mood since yesterday. So she spent the whole morning drawing.

After that we worship together, I read a story 圣灵水果屋1. We continue to focus on the concept of Agape love. Then we did her eye exercises and she did math and writing worksheets while I prepared lunch.

After lunch, we practiced her Yamaha song and we played "pick up sticks" before we study. We read from some of the books I mentioned above and then we also played bingo and go with Dolch word list 2- at, him, with, up, all, look, is, her, there, some, out, as, be, have, go, we, am, then, little, down.

This was our second day with the list. She almost got all except for "There" and "Then".

We snacked and rest for awhile before we watch Between The Lion (under CD/DVD)-The Ram In the Pepper Patch. We just loved it!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

22 March 2010

When the time is really short and we only have a little bit of time to study, I decided we should just focus only on languages and math.

Last week we were really busy in SG. We had to travel out to town center almost everyday. It took us around 1.5 hour one way. So almost everyday we spent 2-3 hours taking public transportations. I cant read in train/bus/car, or anything that moves. Entertaining Den in those hours was a great challenge. Finally I had to take my DH's advice and let her listened to music in his mp3 player. He downloaded her Yamaha music in it as well as some other pop songs. I was not too keen in letting her use earphones but that seems to be the only way I can get some peace on long ride.

On top of that my mom was having flu and not well. So between running errants and cooking, etc, we only had very little time each day to study. Everyday I just let her read 2-3 pages of
I Can Read It! Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1) and 2-3 pages of math worksheets. That's all.

I also try to let her play at the playground as much as I can but it had been raining almost every evening! So we only managed to go down twice last week.

We did two really fun things though. Firstly, we watched "How To Train Your Dragon 3D". We planned to watch "Alice In The Wonderland 3D" but by the time we get around to it, it was only showing at night. So we watched "How To Train Your Dragon" instead. It is about Viking, so it kind of connected with our ancient history study!! :)

We enjoyed it tremendously. Den still cried at certain part (she has a very soft heart) and half way tru, I have to hold her in my lap for the rest of the movie. I was very happy that she can see the 3D effect.

Secondly, we went to a public swimming complex last Sat with DH. With only SGD2 per adult and SGD1 per child, we get to play with 3 super tall slides (none of us dare to even attempt that), wave pool, kiddie water playground, lazy river, etc etc. It was drizzling the whole morning and so it was really cold but we had a wonderful time. We plan to go back every Sat.

We have a very free week this week, so today, Den and I ventured into another adventure. We went to the public library. Malaysia's public library sucks, at least the one at KL, PJ and Seremban...since I have never been to any other. Library Playcenter at Jalan Gasing is the only exception. But it only opens on very limit day and time and not much space for reading.

I almost cried when I see SG library. It was sooooooooooo wonderful! It has a whole floor for kids books. There are low tables and chairs catered for kids and read aloud corner for parents and kids. What is even more amazing is -this is only a neighbourhood library and not the regional library. I cant wait to go to the regional library!

We spent more than 3 hours in the library. Den read books that interest her and then we spent sometime study. I let her read aloud a few pages of a reader (a bit hard for her but cant seems to locate an easier reader ) and then we spent some time go tru 2 math books. One is on word problems and it all involved animals and Den love that. She didn't even mind working out the equation on long as it is about animals.

The other book was a read aloud story that introduce the concept of value placement - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. It was about King Arthur's birthday party and the knights trying to figure out exactly how many guests were there. Very interesting and connected with our Medieval study. Forgot to write down the title.

After we came home from library, it was late in the afternoon. While I prepared dinner, Den played dressing up. After that, we worship together. We took turn to choose songs to praise God and then we prayed together. I also read a Chinese story about the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (圣灵水果屋1).

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

16 March 2010

Since DH starts working in SG (Singapore) last Dec, Den and I have been on the road a lot, travelling back and forth btw SG and MLY.

Last week, I left her with my parents and came down to SG first to get our newly rented apartment ready. She was with my parents for 5 days before she came down to join me in SG. While she was with my parents, I gave her "homework" - Read one small Chinese book a day (红蜻蜓)(she read them before but it was quite sometime ago, so it is time for revision) and a page of math worksheet per day.

According to my mom, she did all her works.

5 days without Den, I think that was the longest we had been away from each other. I was really enjoyed the break. Life without Den was such a bliss! I got the time to read (bought 3 novels with me) and drank tea and slept. I also can concentrate to be a wife instead of a mom. DH complained about that.

Den had a great time with my parents too. Even though she was a bit emotional a day or two before my trip.

In order to comfort her, I prepared a present for her for each day we were apart.

At first, I only intend to prepare one present for her. So I bought a box of beads from IKEA for her. Then the night before my trip, I need to look for a torch light for her eye exercise. I knew I had it somewhere but just no idea where. So after she slept, I started to pull out everything from the cabinet. Guess what I found? Lots of old toys she has not been playing. Some of them were actually her favorite.

We have a rule in our house, before her friends come and visit, she can choose to hide some of the toys she is not ready to share. The rest, she has to share. So sometime she hide the toys and later on actually forget that she has hidden them and thus think she lost them.

So I took out some of those old favorite and I wrap them.

I also found some of the small toys I bought for her but never get around giving to her. Since she was around 1 years old, I get into the habit of buying interesting and cheap toys whenever I see them. Then I will hide it somewhere. This is like an emergency pile, use it when I really really need some quite time or we need to go do something she hates or I need some undisturbed time to talks to someone in need, etc. Pretty much work like a bride! =D

The pile has not been use much recently. Nowadays, I can just tell her I need some quite time and she will goes and read or draw. So I pretty much forgotten about the hidden toys too. Like mother like daughter!!

So anyway, after I wrap some of those toys, I actually have enough for each day! I included a small note on each of them. She loved all of them, the old and the new.

My mom and Den took a bus ride down to SG yesterday. By the time they reached here, it was late afternoon. We had an early dinner then played Frisbee at the small playground below our apartment.

Today we need to go to town to get our dependant pass done. Our appointment was at late afternoon, so we had sometime in the morning to study.

We recited week 8 bible verse and then we read one of the Christian book I bought along with me. I decided not to bring along the Word and Song Bible (under Bible) because it is too bulky. Besides, this would be a good time to read some of the non sonlight books that we have neglected.

Den chose Mommy, Why Can't I Watch That TV Show? (under Bible) for me to read. It is a simple story that explain why we need to guard our heart from ungodly things. It also help in our case to explain why I have to lock cartoon network and some other cartoon channels in my parent's astro (satelite tv). After that we prayed together.

After prayer, I let Den read 2 pages of I can Read it Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1) by her self and later read them for me.

Then we read our last lesson on Medieval history - transportation in Living Long Ago (under History). Before I came to SG, I scanned most of week 8 history and science lessons, so that I wont have to carry all the books. Today is the first day we used one of the scanned lesson. Den thought it was really cool to look at the book in PC.

That's all the time we had for study. After that she draw a few interesting pictures (I will scan them when we go back to MLY) while I was busy settling some stuffs.

During lunch, I asked her to pretend practicing her piano on the table. She said she cant do it. Piano practice is something I need to look into if we are going to spend quite sometime away from home. She has no access to piano while we are in SG. I am thinking of drawing the piano key on a piece of cardboard and let her use it for practice. Wonder if it will work.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Den's drawing progress

Recently Den suddenly starting to draw quite least to my eyes! haha! I met a lot of parents with younger kids seem to think Den is a genius with drawing. I don't think so! Is just that when she is getting better and better with her eye hand coordination and so her painting improved too. I want to put her art work in a chronological order so that I can track her progress.

I was trying to look for some of her earliest art work. I think the first one was when she was 1 years and 3 months old but I don't know where I kept them! what Den like to say, when I clean the house one of these day, I will surely find them! So for now, here we goes:

This is the earliest I can find - Oct 2007, she was 2y8m-she made this card for my birthday. Acc to her she drew lots of balloons in the sky!

This one is from April 2008, she was 3y4m. I did not write down any description.

This is also from April 2008. She said she drew Den wearing earring.

Sept 09. Den was 4y9m. Parrot.

Sept 09. Den and EE on stage.

Oct 09. Den was 4y10m. She drew this for me - S(weden) love M(om).

Oct 2009. Me. on my wedding day. Den wished she can be like Katie from Katie's Picture Show and just have to touch my wedding photo and being transported to my wedding day. Then she will run to me and give me a big suprise!

When I mentioned I wont have known her, she goes like Uh?????? Ok, back to the future concept is too hard for a almost 5 years old.

Oct 2009. She drew this one night and decided she is going to keep it as my birthday card.

Oct 2009. I was sick the past few days, she was bored, so decided to make more painting.

This was mom, dad and Den at the castle...when I questioned why dad has long hair, she decided to change it to mom, Whitney (her friend) and Den at the castle!

Oct 2009, same day as the previous one. Another painting done out of boredom. A boat (? that's what she said!), a tree, a bird and a girl.

When I asked why was her room in such a mess, she informed me that painting was a very hard work! Her room was in a mess because she labored over all this paintings! She said, "You think it is so easy to paint?"

Nov 2009: Another one about my wedding. Hmm...

10-14 Dec 2009 Den was in drawing mood. While we were in SG she drew every free minutes she had. Even after we were back in PJ, she continued to draw, this is one of them.

Title: Princess and the castle.

10-14 Dec 2009 - same period as the previous one. Title: Boxcar from Boxcar Children. She also started experimenting with different letter fonts.

10-14 Dec 2009 - same period as the previous. Den started to spell her self instead of asking me for the spelling. I love the way she spell name as "nam" and did not correct her! She continue to copy and experimenting with fonts.

10-14 Dec 2009- same period as previous. Title: Church. She continue to spell and this time she got it right.

It was a busy day today (08 March 2010) and a busy nite. I am tired and still have a lot to do. I am a bit down, so I decided to look at some of Den's painting because they always cheer me up. And they did! So much so that I decided to scan in some of her latest art work...even though I still have tons of things to do...

This one is titled "University". No idea why she decided she wanted to draw a university. She draw it on 25 Feb 2010 on a very long MRT ride in SG.

This is her work yesterday in Sunday school (07 March 2010). Title: prayer.

This is her explanation on what she drew - she prays for rain every night (the left- green rain, girl with umbrella); a new baby (middle - pregnant me); her self (right).

It is easier for me to start a new page than continue to update this page, so for the update on her drawing progress, please continue to Part 2.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

07 March 2010 Update on Den's eye

Thank you for those of you who pray for us.

I only miss a turning on our way back but managed to get back to the right track again. Praise the Lord!

After some tests, Den's Orthoptist Ms Choo said Den is still not using both eyes all the time (sometime she does and sometime she doesnt) and her eye mussel are showing sign of weakening.

She taught me two eye excises and ask me to work with her every day at home. Since we travel quite frequently, she told me to go to her clinic for therapy session whenever we can. Please continue to pray for Den. If her eye mussel continue to weaken then she will need another operation.

It was rather stressful, the whole process - the unknown result and driving. Plus I cant sleep the night before (only managed to sleep at 4am and woke up at 7am to get ready to go to clinic). So by the time we reached home around Noon, I was exhausted. Den and I actually took nap together...something we seldom do. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

05 March 2010

I'm going to bring Den for eye check tomorrow. Honestly I have been worry. If she is still not using both eyes, then we need to start her on therapy...which mean travel down to KL a few times a week...I also worry about driving to KL. Driving has never been one of my strong point, esp to unfamiliar places.

Please uphold us in your prayer. Pray especially for us to be able to give thanks even if the result is unfavourable. I'm trying to give thanks for my worries too...well give thanks in ALL circumstances, right?

We did not study today.

Den spent the night with my parents and she throw up in the middle of night again. This morning over breakfast, my dad insisted I make an appointment with the doc (not just any doc, he actually managed to find the telephone number of one of the best doc dealing with lung!!!). To me, throwing up is just her body trying to get ride of all the phlegm in her lung (caused by flu). I'm going to wait and see if she improved.

After breakfast, I bought her to register for Primary 1. In Malaysia, if you want to get a spot in a Chinese School, you need to register your child 2 years before she enter. Even with that, there is no guarantee you will be able to get in. Since we have not decide if we are going to continue to homeschool during the primary years, we decided to go ahead and register her first.

Choosing this particular school because:

a. One of the nearest to our house;

b. it has excellent extra curriculum - gymnastic, spots, etc. One of the main consideration for us to send her to school.

We visited the canteen on our way out and Den was very excited to see they sell ice cream there. She also like the idea of buying her own food. My mom and I teased her, this is a Chinese school and if she cant order in Mandarin then the auntie in the canteen wont be able to understand her. Right away she speak in Mandarin, "我要吃米粉!" (I want to eat Bee Hun, a type of noodle) I was so surprised! I did not even know she know the word Bee Hun! May be our next Chinese lesson will be on this!

After that, we went to the bookstore in Amcop Mall. Recently I realize I have not been read for fun. I spend most of the time reading kids books or parenting books, so I bought 2 novels for my self (...and 2 parenting books...).

After lunch, I came back and vacuum the house while Den played in my parents house. I took her home after dinner (she has Oat with milk again, since we are trying to get her less oily food) and get her to bed really early at 9pm since she has not slept well last night. Pray that she is not going to throw up again.

Before bed, we read a few chapters of Kids Gardening (under Any Other Topics). We have some idea of how to start planting...only problem is we have not decide what to plant.

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04 March 2010

Den slept much better last night, praise the Lord! She cough this morning (after more than 10 hours of sleep) and woke her self up at around 1030am. We hug hug for awhile, then she had breakfast, changed and we went down to send our clothes for laundry. We also took the opportunity to check out the small piece of land we secured yesterday.

Our apartment recently prepared some spaces for parents and kids to plant something together. We went and registered for a piece on Tuesday. We have been discussion what we are going plant since then. I prefer some easy to plant vegetables or herbs, she wants beautiful flowers!

Honestly, I am not good at this and has zero interest in it but Den loves the here we go, we are going to plant something...hopefully it will grow....but first I think we need to clear the land first. There are lots of small stones on our space. So I think we need to get some gardening gloves and hats and start clearing the stones first, I think...HELP!!!!

While I type this I suddenly remember we have a book about kids and gardening! (May be we do have books for every topic under the sun in our study!) Ok, we are going to start by reading this book. That's a good start! At least it is away from the sun!

May be tomorrow we will go to the nursery and get some gloves and tools...

We started our study at around Noon. We recited Week 8 Bible verse (as I have predicted, Den has no problem with that, can recite the whole verse without any help already) and then we listen to 2 Bible stories in the Word & Song Bible (under Bible) - one about God gave 10 commandment to Moses, 2nd about the book of Leviticus (5 types of offerings and celebrating passover).

After prayer, Den read 4 pages of I Can Read It! Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1) while I checked my emails. As always, I will let her read by her self first. When she is done, I will ask her to tell me the story in her own words (sometime she can do it and sometime she will tell me she don't understand the story) before I ask her to read for me.

After that, we looked some of the internet link for week 7 science. This are some of the interesting link:

1. About wave - honestly I think week 7 science was boring and I don't really get the wave thing. The Children Encyclopedia (under Science) says

"wave are a kind of energy, moving through the water. Although the wave move through the water, the water actually stays in the same place."

I was like ???? Until I checked out the internet link last night, then I finally understand. The water actually move in circular path and goes back to its original position after the wave. If you goes ??? like me, check out the following link, with its animation, it really make a lot of least to me.

(a) animation that explain how the water move ;

(b) you can make some wave here;

(c) this explain how Tsunami different from wave.

(2)Tide lines - - this is a good site to check out some of the interesting things that are left behind from the sea at the tide lines. I saw a lot of these stuff at the beach but never realize what they are until today.

(3)Antarctic - our favorite:

(a) interesting site with lots of short video and pictures about antarctic;

(b) step into the shoes of a Leopard Seal and see the antarctic from its view. Cool!

(c) Den's favorite - play a silly penguins game. Guide the daddy penguin so that the egg is balance on his feet. Den played for 20 min until I have to stop her and asked her to eat lunch. We have vegetable porridge today, still trying to keep it less oily for Den sake.

After lunch, Den work on a math worksheet. She was going very slow at the beginning, low concentration level...may be we should not do math right after meal..but later on when she concentrated, she did it really fast.

She also did 2 pages of Handwriting Without Tears (under workbook)

After that we took out the Dorlch Sight Word list that we have not been using for a long long time. I'm not sure if I wrote about this before but Dorlch Sight Word is 220 high frequency words identified by Edward William Dolch. I downlaoded the list, flash cards and game from this site a few months ago.

Den and I only went tru List one a few months ago. Today when I took it out again, she has not problem with all the 20 words in list 1. I think we can go for List 2.

We played go fish with list 1. After that we reviewed what we learned from last night Between The Lions (under CD/DVD).

That's all we did before we went out for dinner with my parents again...:)

At night I read a chapter of The Hundred Dresses (under Sonlight ReadAloud) for her. A bitter sweet story about teasing in school and peer pressure. The Between The Lions story last night dueling with good sad story came in real handy (read about it in my previous blog here).

The book is beautifully written but with lots of descriptive words that a bit hard to explain to a 5 years old.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 March 2010

Wow! I have not been blogging for the past 2 weeks! Let see what happen for the past two weeks...

Den and I was not feeling well since CNY. We were getting better for awhile then get worst then get better, it was kind of like up and down. So we were taking it easy and did not study much since mid Feb. After that we went to SG and only back on 1st March.

For the past 2 weeks, we only did three things regularly - daily (almost daily) reading of 2 pages of I Can Read It! Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1), one math worksheet per day and piano practices.

The result - Den show improvement in reading (and interest), faster in addition and subtraction and more advance in her piano playing than anyone else in her class.

Other than that, I also have an important "discovery" - I was under the impression that if I homeschool Den pass std 1 then it is impossible for me to send her back to the national school later on. However, last night I met a couple who homeschooled their kids for a few years and then later sent them back to national school without any problem. Hmmm...interesting! Definitely something to look into. However, it might be hard to get into Chinese national school though. May be I need to teach Den BM (Malay Language) after all.

Den was still sick today. Throw up 2 time yesterday. Once was early this morning. We slept really late (sending friends off to airport) and so she only woke up at noon. 10 hours of sleep. I decided to let her have something not so oily today. So she had Milk with oat for branch. We also ate a steam fish late in the afternoon. Dad bought it from KK but I kind of over cooked it. :(

We decided to start study today. Since I did not want to stress Den up, I just played by ear, did one thing first and see how she was doing before I decide if we were going to continue or not.

We started with Sonlight Week 8 verse. We still have not finish week 7 yet but Den can memorize wk 7 verse very well already. The verse for week 8 is quite easy...compared to some of the previous weeks:

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD, your God is giving you. ~ Exodus 20:12

Since it is so easy, I did not let her listen to the Verse CD.

After that we did a math worksheet, it has more challenging addition and subtraction question like 19- ? =5. I also taught her some short cut like for example in a series of question like :

15-9= 6

15-8= 7 (instead of counting from the beginning, just plus one from the answer above)

She understood the concept and was able to do it. I will come up with a few more questions like this and let her work on it tomorrow.

After that she decided she wanted to read Chinese to me. So she ended up reading almost the whole book Basic Chinese 500 Book 3 (基础汉字500). I'm not sure if I wrote about this series in my blog before but it is a good series to buy. It come with 5 books (RM9.90 each at Popular). It works like the Peter & Jane series - build up the words steps by steps. For example, this is Peter, this is Jane, this is Peter and Jane that kind of thing. It has Han Yu Ping Ying as well as English subtitle. Today Den decided to read the Chinese and the English subtitle for me. That's when I realize her speed in reading in English has improved.

After that we read about Icy world (Arctic and Antarctic) in Children Encyclopedia (under Science) and we finished the science worksheet for week 7. We still have not looked at the internet link yet (because I have not had the time to check them out until just now), we will do that tomorrow.

We also read about freezing and melting in Usborne Science Activities Vol 2 (under Science) and watched the DVD. We also did a simple experiment to see if ice always melts at the same speed.

We wrapped a cup with thick clothes, and the other without. We put an ice cube in each cup and covered both with plastic wrap. We checked on them 10 min later. The ice cube in the cup without thick clothes wrapping melt faster than the one with thick clothes wrapping. When I asked Den why, she told me because the heat cant tru to the one with wrapping. Wow!

After that we watched an episode of Between The Lions (under CD/DVD). The episode we watched today is called A King & His Hawk.

I wished we watched this last year. This is the same story we read last year in Children's book of virtues (under Bible and Christian stories).It is about how Genghis Khan (or "king" in Between The Lions) killed his bird in anger. His favorite pet hawk kept knocking down his silver cup whenever Khan raised it to drink the water he gather from the dropping of a brook. Finally, he was so angry that he killed the hawk. Only later he found out there was a huge poisonous snake laying dead at the pool (where the water came from), then he realized that his hawk was trying to save him. But it was too late.

I could not finished the story the last time we tried to read this (read about the incident at my previous blog here). This episode of Between The Lions actually due with sad books. In the movie, after the little Leona heard the story, she wanted to hide the book so that no other kids will read this book and be sad. But later on, she realize this sad but powerful story had teach her an important lesson -- not to do something in anger that she might regret later. So she put the book back to its original place so that others can learn from it too.

It also pointed out 10 high frequency sight words - A, The, Is, That, You, Of, In, And, It, To - Den knew all of them by sight already.

Featured phonic sounds in this episode are "ing".

New vocab - comic, fact, tragic, mystery

Besides that it mentioned quite a few interesting phase I written down (yup, I actually take note while watching) and explained to Den after the show:

In a jam; spilling the beans; you can say it again.

I truly enjoy watching the show with Den.

That's all we did before we went out for dinner with my parents.

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