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16 March 2010

Since DH starts working in SG (Singapore) last Dec, Den and I have been on the road a lot, travelling back and forth btw SG and MLY.

Last week, I left her with my parents and came down to SG first to get our newly rented apartment ready. She was with my parents for 5 days before she came down to join me in SG. While she was with my parents, I gave her "homework" - Read one small Chinese book a day (红蜻蜓)(she read them before but it was quite sometime ago, so it is time for revision) and a page of math worksheet per day.

According to my mom, she did all her works.

5 days without Den, I think that was the longest we had been away from each other. I was really enjoyed the break. Life without Den was such a bliss! I got the time to read (bought 3 novels with me) and drank tea and slept. I also can concentrate to be a wife instead of a mom. DH complained about that.

Den had a great time with my parents too. Even though she was a bit emotional a day or two before my trip.

In order to comfort her, I prepared a present for her for each day we were apart.

At first, I only intend to prepare one present for her. So I bought a box of beads from IKEA for her. Then the night before my trip, I need to look for a torch light for her eye exercise. I knew I had it somewhere but just no idea where. So after she slept, I started to pull out everything from the cabinet. Guess what I found? Lots of old toys she has not been playing. Some of them were actually her favorite.

We have a rule in our house, before her friends come and visit, she can choose to hide some of the toys she is not ready to share. The rest, she has to share. So sometime she hide the toys and later on actually forget that she has hidden them and thus think she lost them.

So I took out some of those old favorite and I wrap them.

I also found some of the small toys I bought for her but never get around giving to her. Since she was around 1 years old, I get into the habit of buying interesting and cheap toys whenever I see them. Then I will hide it somewhere. This is like an emergency pile, use it when I really really need some quite time or we need to go do something she hates or I need some undisturbed time to talks to someone in need, etc. Pretty much work like a bride! =D

The pile has not been use much recently. Nowadays, I can just tell her I need some quite time and she will goes and read or draw. So I pretty much forgotten about the hidden toys too. Like mother like daughter!!

So anyway, after I wrap some of those toys, I actually have enough for each day! I included a small note on each of them. She loved all of them, the old and the new.

My mom and Den took a bus ride down to SG yesterday. By the time they reached here, it was late afternoon. We had an early dinner then played Frisbee at the small playground below our apartment.

Today we need to go to town to get our dependant pass done. Our appointment was at late afternoon, so we had sometime in the morning to study.

We recited week 8 bible verse and then we read one of the Christian book I bought along with me. I decided not to bring along the Word and Song Bible (under Bible) because it is too bulky. Besides, this would be a good time to read some of the non sonlight books that we have neglected.

Den chose Mommy, Why Can't I Watch That TV Show? (under Bible) for me to read. It is a simple story that explain why we need to guard our heart from ungodly things. It also help in our case to explain why I have to lock cartoon network and some other cartoon channels in my parent's astro (satelite tv). After that we prayed together.

After prayer, I let Den read 2 pages of I can Read it Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1) by her self and later read them for me.

Then we read our last lesson on Medieval history - transportation in Living Long Ago (under History). Before I came to SG, I scanned most of week 8 history and science lessons, so that I wont have to carry all the books. Today is the first day we used one of the scanned lesson. Den thought it was really cool to look at the book in PC.

That's all the time we had for study. After that she draw a few interesting pictures (I will scan them when we go back to MLY) while I was busy settling some stuffs.

During lunch, I asked her to pretend practicing her piano on the table. She said she cant do it. Piano practice is something I need to look into if we are going to spend quite sometime away from home. She has no access to piano while we are in SG. I am thinking of drawing the piano key on a piece of cardboard and let her use it for practice. Wonder if it will work.

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