Tuesday, March 23, 2010

22 March 2010

When the time is really short and we only have a little bit of time to study, I decided we should just focus only on languages and math.

Last week we were really busy in SG. We had to travel out to town center almost everyday. It took us around 1.5 hour one way. So almost everyday we spent 2-3 hours taking public transportations. I cant read in train/bus/car, or anything that moves. Entertaining Den in those hours was a great challenge. Finally I had to take my DH's advice and let her listened to music in his mp3 player. He downloaded her Yamaha music in it as well as some other pop songs. I was not too keen in letting her use earphones but that seems to be the only way I can get some peace on long ride.

On top of that my mom was having flu and not well. So between running errants and cooking, etc, we only had very little time each day to study. Everyday I just let her read 2-3 pages of
I Can Read It! Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1) and 2-3 pages of math worksheets. That's all.

I also try to let her play at the playground as much as I can but it had been raining almost every evening! So we only managed to go down twice last week.

We did two really fun things though. Firstly, we watched "How To Train Your Dragon 3D". We planned to watch "Alice In The Wonderland 3D" but by the time we get around to it, it was only showing at night. So we watched "How To Train Your Dragon" instead. It is about Viking, so it kind of connected with our ancient history study!! :)

We enjoyed it tremendously. Den still cried at certain part (she has a very soft heart) and half way tru, I have to hold her in my lap for the rest of the movie. I was very happy that she can see the 3D effect.

Secondly, we went to a public swimming complex last Sat with DH. With only SGD2 per adult and SGD1 per child, we get to play with 3 super tall slides (none of us dare to even attempt that), wave pool, kiddie water playground, lazy river, etc etc. It was drizzling the whole morning and so it was really cold but we had a wonderful time. We plan to go back every Sat.

We have a very free week this week, so today, Den and I ventured into another adventure. We went to the public library. Malaysia's public library sucks, at least the one at KL, PJ and Seremban...since I have never been to any other. Library Playcenter at Jalan Gasing is the only exception. But it only opens on very limit day and time and not much space for reading.

I almost cried when I see SG library. It was sooooooooooo wonderful! It has a whole floor for kids books. There are low tables and chairs catered for kids and read aloud corner for parents and kids. What is even more amazing is -this is only a neighbourhood library and not the regional library. I cant wait to go to the regional library!

We spent more than 3 hours in the library. Den read books that interest her and then we spent sometime study. I let her read aloud a few pages of a reader (a bit hard for her but cant seems to locate an easier reader ) and then we spent some time go tru 2 math books. One is on word problems and it all involved animals and Den love that. She didn't even mind working out the equation on paper...as long as it is about animals.

The other book was a read aloud story that introduce the concept of value placement - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. It was about King Arthur's birthday party and the knights trying to figure out exactly how many guests were there. Very interesting and connected with our Medieval study. Forgot to write down the title.

After we came home from library, it was late in the afternoon. While I prepared dinner, Den played dressing up. After that, we worship together. We took turn to choose songs to praise God and then we prayed together. I also read a Chinese story about the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (圣灵水果屋1).

For review & info --For K books - http://www.squidoo.com/booksforK
Pre K books- http://www.squidoo.com/ahomeschoolingmomjornel

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