Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Den's drawing progress

Recently Den suddenly starting to draw quite well...at least to my eyes! haha! I met a lot of parents with younger kids seem to think Den is a genius with drawing. I don't think so! Is just that when she is getting better and better with her eye hand coordination and so her painting improved too. I want to put her art work in a chronological order so that I can track her progress.

I was trying to look for some of her earliest art work. I think the first one was when she was 1 years and 3 months old but I don't know where I kept them! hmm..like what Den like to say, when I clean the house one of these day, I will surely find them! So for now, here we goes:

This is the earliest I can find - Oct 2007, she was 2y8m-she made this card for my birthday. Acc to her she drew lots of balloons in the sky!

This one is from April 2008, she was 3y4m. I did not write down any description.

This is also from April 2008. She said she drew Den wearing earring.

Sept 09. Den was 4y9m. Parrot.

Sept 09. Den and EE on stage.

Oct 09. Den was 4y10m. She drew this for me - S(weden) love M(om).

Oct 2009. Me. on my wedding day. Den wished she can be like Katie from Katie's Picture Show and just have to touch my wedding photo and being transported to my wedding day. Then she will run to me and give me a big suprise!

When I mentioned I wont have known her, she goes like Uh?????? Ok, back to the future concept is too hard for a almost 5 years old.

Oct 2009. She drew this one night and decided she is going to keep it as my birthday card.

Oct 2009. I was sick the past few days, she was bored, so decided to make more painting.

This was mom, dad and Den at the castle...when I questioned why dad has long hair, she decided to change it to mom, Whitney (her friend) and Den at the castle!

Oct 2009, same day as the previous one. Another painting done out of boredom. A boat (? that's what she said!), a tree, a bird and a girl.

When I asked why was her room in such a mess, she informed me that painting was a very hard work! Her room was in a mess because she labored over all this paintings! She said, "You think it is so easy to paint?"

Nov 2009: Another one about my wedding. Hmm...

10-14 Dec 2009 Den was in drawing mood. While we were in SG she drew every free minutes she had. Even after we were back in PJ, she continued to draw, this is one of them.

Title: Princess and the castle.

10-14 Dec 2009 - same period as the previous one. Title: Boxcar from Boxcar Children. She also started experimenting with different letter fonts.

10-14 Dec 2009 - same period as the previous. Den started to spell her self instead of asking me for the spelling. I love the way she spell name as "nam" and did not correct her! She continue to copy and experimenting with fonts.

10-14 Dec 2009- same period as previous. Title: Church. She continue to spell and this time she got it right.

It was a busy day today (08 March 2010) and a busy nite. I am tired and still have a lot to do. I am a bit down, so I decided to look at some of Den's painting because they always cheer me up. And they did! So much so that I decided to scan in some of her latest art work...even though I still have tons of things to do...

This one is titled "University". No idea why she decided she wanted to draw a university. She draw it on 25 Feb 2010 on a very long MRT ride in SG.

This is her work yesterday in Sunday school (07 March 2010). Title: prayer.

This is her explanation on what she drew - she prays for rain every night (the left- green rain, girl with umbrella); a new baby (middle - pregnant me); her self (right).

It is easier for me to start a new page than continue to update this page, so for the update on her drawing progress, please continue to Part 2.

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