Saturday, April 24, 2010

Den Drawing Progress Part 2

It is easier to start a new page then going back to change the old one. So to see some of her earlier artworks please see Part One.

15 April 2010 when we were in SG, Den was in drawing mood and almost spent the whole day drawing. These are some of her artworks from that day.

This is one of my favorite!! Title: Mommy in fancy dress and high heels!

This is called Dad Dad loves mommy! Loves coming out of his eyes!!...too much Tom & Jerry!!

This is Den Den! This is the first time she drew her self in glasses. I hope it mean she starting to accept her self wearing glasses. She was having a hard time with it. She would look in the mirror and told me she did not look pretty with glasses.

Of cause all those well intended people who always goes - "poor thing! so young have to wear glasses! " did not help.

She would make sure she takes away her glasses every time her photo is taken. :(

All these are mommy - sometime she is happy, sometime she is sad, tired, angry, sleepy, etc etc.

Another picture of my wedding! This time she drew dad dad (the one with tall hat) waiting at the other end of the red carpet, I am the one in the middle and she is the flower girl.

She really wishes she was in my wedding!!! Ha!Ha!

Den drew this on 21 April 2010. She was 5 years old and 4 months old.

This is one of her favorite game to play. She is the shop keeper and I am the customer. She will draw the menu and let me order from it. I loves this game too because I get to check my mail, update blog or skpe while playing...since she does all the work. I just order, eat and pay. ^^

This is the front cover of her menu.

This is the inside of the menu.

On the Left, there is a set of Sandwich, drink and hot dog for $4.11; another set is sandwich, drink, hot dog, ice cream and a free bag for $11.13.

On the right, a set of sandwich, drink, ice cream and free bag for $8.00; another is a set of hot dog and drink for $2.08.

At the right hand corner is the drinks menu-$5.12 each.

21 April 2010, half way working on her math worksheet, she decided she need to color it. She also added captions on the pictures - this is the first time I see her did that.

On the top, the little girl said, "Mmmm! Mom!"

On the bottom, the little girl said, "Mmmm! I love you!"
Mom said, "I love you!"

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