Thursday, April 22, 2010

The LORD is my rock

Not having my DH at my side was not as difficult as I first thought.

Thanks to SKPE, we get to talk every night and some time for one hour or more. I teased him that this is even better than having him at least now he concentrate on me when I talk!

Taking care of my 5 years old dd, Den 24/7 also not as bad as I first thought. When I cant take it any more, I will tell her I need some Mommy time and she will leave me alone for awhile....I will drink my coffee or lay down for awhile, regain my sanity and go back to the business of taking care of her.

The biggest problem of not having DH around is now I will have to take care of the stuffs that he used to handle. Some of those are really challenging to driving to unfamiliar places, engaging contractor to fix our leaking problem, might not seems like a big thing to others but there are big challenges to me. So much so that I feel like hiding in Singapore forever and not coming back to Malaysia. ^^

I was stressed up the night before I came back to Malaysia, just the thought of having to drive down to KL for Den's eye therapy sessions filled me with fears. The road at that place is really narrow and with those big trucks at the road side make it impossible to cross.. ok, impossible for me to cross...but others seems to be fine. It is very difficult to get a parking there too.

Then during my devotion, I read 2 Samuel chapter 22. The familiar verse spoken right into my heart - The LORD is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer! For the past few days, this is what I depend on, when I drove down to KL, when I cant find a legal parking and have to park illegally, when I was caught in a big tropical storm and even with my wiper at full speed, I still cant see the road...I kept reminding my self, the LORD, who loves me, who always provides, is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer.

HE was.

HE is.

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