Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We have decided to make this week our holiday (Den said, "but we have to go some where!" hahah!)....reason....

the official reason: we have been working real hard since we came back from Langkawi in April, so we deserve a break.

the unofficial reasons: we get bored, a break is good for both of u!! hahah!

So no school = no blog.

Shall resume next week....unless we enjoy holiday too much...hahah....

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Material I used when Den was 2-3 years old

This is for those of you who has been asking about the material I used with Den when I first started to homeschool her. JL, this is for you. :)

Some background first:
  1. We started when Den was 2 years and 3 months old and stop right before she turned 4.
  2. We = 2 moms (MA & me), 4 kids (Den + EE + WE, 2 girls 1 boy all same age with Den and also a little girl, WH who is a year younger. She joined us when she was almost 2.)
  3. We meet twice a week. MA and I taken turn to teach.
  4. Sometime we break for a week or two here and there due to sickness, vocations, visitors, busy schedules etc.

This was our usual time table:

10:30am -11am Outdoor activities which include chores like washing the turtles, watering plants and also exercises.

11am-1130am Bible story, Bible verse, Bible application, Bible song, Prayer (Mostly from Gospel Light, will explain below)

1130am-Noon Games, craft, Science, dramatic play that are usually related to the Bible story (Mostly from Gospel Light too)

Noon-1230pm Rest and their favorite- 15 min of Fun Song Factory! (VCD, British program with lots of songs and nursery rhymes)

1230pm-2:30pm Lunch, free play

2:30pm-3pm Extra learning that covered Science, Language (English, Malay, Chinese), Social Study, Math, etc.

We need more time because they are 4 of them. Taking turn to go to toilet also taken up quite a bit of time. :) Lunch was super major event!

We used Gospel Light's Bright Beginnings series called "Exploring God's World". It is actually written for Christian preschool. However it was not hard to make it work for homeschool.

I got the set from Cannanland (the nearest and best one is in NZX) for RM450. It came with : Teacher guide, Devotional Bible, Bible stories Postal (one per story = total 48 postal), Bible Verse Postal (one per month = total postal), Activity Postal (one per month = total 12 Postal), CD (2-3 songs per month = around 30 songs).

The curriculum has 12 units (One unit per month). In each units, it has:

  1. four Bible Stories (share a same theme) with four Bible Postal
  2. one Bible verse with one Bible verse Postal
  3. one activity postal
  4. 3 songs - One Bible Verse song, One activity song and One Bible Concept or Application Song
  5. Prayer idea, games idea and activities -Art, Block, Dramatic Play, Game & Science

For us, we only told one story per week. So let said if we tell story A on Tuesday then we would review the same story on Thursday. All the activities for Tues and Thurs were about the same stories. We did not start it off this way. At the biginning, we would teach story A on Tues and story B on Thurs. But then later on, we realized it was very hard for the kids to understand and remember the whole story for one telling. Repetition works for kids this age. They have never complain it was the same story, in fact, they get very excited because it was a story that they were familiar with!

Works for moms too! Less work!

The good things about the curriculum:

  1. The CD. Kids learn better tru songs at this age and I really like the CD especially the concept song that apply the verse in their life.
  2. Postal - colorful and bigger than A3 size postal are very good visual aids for kids.

The not so good things about the curriculum:

  1. Lots of planning. Since the activities are for the whole month, most of them are not story specific. So we need to pick and choose and also modify them. For some of the story I cant find any activities that is really related to it, so I depend a lot on other resources. Like the Play and Pray Bible for younger Children.
  2. Some of the activity are for school setting so it is almost impossible to play at home due to the limitation of space and also the number of kids.
  3. Gospel light's has stop producing this, so if you are interested, then you have to search the book store for the old stocks.

In conclusion, it served its purpose for us during that time. It might not be the best out there though. I was very new at homeschooling at that time and that's the best that I can find at the local bookstores. Since we had 4 kids, so it kind of work for a small school setting.

For those of you who is only going to homeschool one kid at home, I suggest you look into . I have never used it but it come highly recommended. I check out the website and like what I see. It has curriculum for 2-5 years old (I think it is more suitable for 2-3 years old) that come with daily simple activity. If you purchase the curriculum please remember to buy the books and the CD that you need too from them too. Because some of those are hard to find in MLY.

If you have any more question, feel free to write to me or post your questions here or call me up. :)

MA, you are free to post your input here too!

Friday, May 22, 2009

21 May 2009 ice skating

We went ice skating in Sunway Pyramid today. First time for Den.

We skated for close to 3 hours. I'm so proud of Den. She fallen down so many times but she never gave up. This is a huge improvement compared to when she was younger.

When she was younger, she dislike to taking risk, refused to try new things. She would only do things she was sure she won't fail.

She almost never baby talk. When she started to speak, I can understand at least 90% of what she was talking about.

For a long while, she refused to speak in Chinese because she can't pronounce the word properly (She spoke like a foreigner! All in the first intonation!).

We kept encouraging her and told her she can't learn unless she is willing to take risk and fail. We all learned from our failures.

She is getting better and better and today she make me proud.

At first, she cant even stand in her skating shoes. Yet she was willing to let me hold on to her and we skated for quite some time before we were told there was something wrong with her shoes.

We changed shoes and this time she can stand (not stable). But only 2 hours later, she can kind of walk without keep falling down. Too bad that ST forget to take any photo/video. :(

She was tired and starving by 330pm. So we decided to call it a day. We are definitely going back there again. I was thinking may be we can make it a monthly event. Even my mom is interested.

I was exhausted! I did not even realize that until we came home. I fallen asleep taking bath! I think I was too tense making sure she won't hurt her self plus trying to balance my self.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

20 May 2009

For review & info of most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to (updated today)

I didn’t sleep after I finished writing 3 blogs last night.

I think I desperately need to do something for my self. Not for Den, not for the family, not for church, just for my self, something to please my self. Something useless yet made me happy.

Usually a novel will do that job but I’m out of that and my ebook site is not working properly. I ended up watching 2 hours of HK series on the net. :)

At 5am, Den woke up and got me to sleep.

It was a totally wasted 2 hours, nothing was done but it made me happy.

We slept until 11am this morning! :)

MA was here with EE and I just woke up! Den was awakening by the doorbell.

Since the house was a bit messy, I decided to let them played while I vacuumed.

After that we studied together.

Today I told Jonathan & David’s story. Theme: Friendship which was very appropriated. They fight like hundred times for that one-hour that I vacuumed. I use Pray & Play Bible for Young Children. One of my favorite picture Bible. I used that a lot when they were younger. I think it is one of the best resources available locally.

After that we pray for each other. I wanted each of them to come up with ways to help their friend when their friend is angry. They both thought the best way was humor. They both agreed when one of them was angry then the other should say or do something silly to make the angry person forget her anger. Not a bad idea, I shall see if it works.

I also practiced something I learned recently from one of the homeschool blog - Retelling story.

I used to do something like that when they were younger and we have 4 kids homeschooling together. MA and I make them sit on their destined places and placed their bowl in front of them. Then we taught the lesson. When we finished, we asked them questions about the story we just told, if they can answer then we put cereals in their bowl. It was a good way to keep them concentrate.

Now since I homeschool Den alone, I seldom do that. The blog reminded me it is very important for her to repeat to me what she learned so that I will be able to know how much she absorbed and what are the things she get confused with. It will help her to remember the lesson better too. When she is older then she can write down in her scrapbook.

This will help her build up paraphrasing and summarizing skills too.

Both of them can repeat the stories to me while looking at the pictures on the book - Pray & Play Bible for younger chidlren. Den was a bit more articulate than EE.

After that we sing a funny song and play hide and seek. One of them choose to be David and the other as Jonathan:

(Tune: Where is tumbkins?)

Jonathan: Where is David? Where is David?
David: Here I am! Here I am!
Jonathan: Do you need my help, friend?
David: Yes, I need your help friend!
Jonathan: Run and hide!
David: Run and hide!

Then “David” hided while “Jonathan” counted to 20. They took turn playing the roles and did not want to stop.

After that we make a heart shape using inkpad and the sides of Den’s right hand and EE’s left hand (curled up fingers a little bit) to remind them LOVE require two parties.

Their take home project is to write a love letter to each other.

Then I let them worked on 2 worksheet about animals – differentiate the animals who live on the land and animals who live in the sea; match animals with their food – while I cooked. We have fried noodles today.

They ate for one hour! I purposely left them alone after I finished my lunch. I wanted to let them practice self-control plus I need to make a few important phone calls.

Finally, I still had to be in the kitchen with them.

We had good discussion about “teasing” though. I told them teaser only teas if they respond to it (get angry, get mad, etc), the best way to due with it is treating it like a jokes and laugh with them and very soon the teaser will forget about teasing. I had this discussion with Den last week when she was teased by her friends. She listened to my advise and have been working really hard not to response to teases. But then it is always easier to say then done.

We also talked about words that we should only used in private. EE has a habit of shouting out and making jokes of private body parts in the public. So we talked a little bit about we should only whisper if we need to talk about private parts in public and should never use them as jokes.

After lunch, they only have 30 minutes to play before EE had to leave.

Den was quite dejected after that. She did not want to study. She said she already study and now she only wanted to read book. I let her be. She took a whole stack of Berenstain Bear books and sat down and read.

She did not cried but I can tell she was really sad that her friend leave. Finally, she told me she wanted a sibling because she was lonely. That’s the first time she actually asked for a sibling! We talked more about it and I told her she might feel mommy and daddy love her less when the baby is born even though it is not true. I also told her I might not have time to homeschool at the first few months. She said it is ok as long as it is temporary. She also said she is willing to share everything.

Hmmm…..interesting! God’s sign? :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19 May 2009

For review & info of most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to

Den woke up early today. 9am. Plus no ballet today so we have lots of time to study and do craft.

We started off with the verse. I just need to supply the first word "Honor" (it is not phonetically correct!) and she know the rest.

The we read another interesting story from Stories From Africa. Today story is a true story about a little girl called Titi who lived in Nigeria. She was a believer (going to school run by missionary) but her parents were not. Her dad asked her to steal a chicken from their neighbour one day. She refused because she didn't think Jesus will like that. Her dad beat her and confined her in a goat house. Everyday she only had a little bit of food to eat and yet she knew she was not alone. She sang about the love of Jesus everyday. Finally, her dad given up and let her come back to the house. Later on, her mom and sister accepted Christ as well.
Wonderful story to go with our verse of the week. We discuss about how Titi disobey her father and yet at the same time honoring him.

After that we read Mother Goose, Animals Animal and Children Book of Virtue. There is no Art this week. So I decided to let her looks at clothes in First Word Bank. We also make a scrapbook of different patterns. I draw the clothes and Den color them.

We also work on Math today. Nothing new, I let her work on 13 addition questions. But this time questions are like these:

At first she used the counters but after awhile she got smarter and realize she just had to add 1 to the answers. :) That's the objective of today lesson, I'm glad she get it.

Since she worked so hard on the math, I rewarded her with Dr. Seuss' ABC while I cooked lunch. We had fried spaghetti again because I want to finished off the sauce.

After lunch we did sand art. It is a present for my mom. Her 60th birthday this Thursday.

Before today, I always have to help her taking out the sticker (using toothpick, part by part, very tedious.) But today, surprised! she did it all by her self. So I left her be while I happily preparing dinner. My mom & aunt coming for dinner, I need to prepare more. I was so thankful that I have such an independent daughter. We worked separately for like an hour.

I should have known better.

While I was not looking, she decided to mixed all the colored sand together. So now instead of having 8 different colors in 8 different containers, we have 8 same color in 8 different containers! I was so angry when I saw that! I tried to calm my self down and telling my self she had to suffer the consequences any way (now she only have one color to use).

Despite trying, I still scolded her. :(

Wish I could act cool.

Her final product did not look too bad but just the thought of how we had been saving up all the colors from previous sand art projects make me mad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God is the gardener for my garden

Today in my devotion of Deuteronomy Chapter 11, God gave me a promise that make me cried.

He promised if I diligently keep all His commandment -- love Him, do what He tells me, stick close to Him -- then He will
  • personally tends to my garden (Sweden). He is the gardener, He alone keeps His eyes on her all year long;
  • He will drive out all these nations (world, temptations, evil) much bigger and stronger than me that stand in my way.

Sometime when I see how the world is going- when I watch the Youtube Video about how the Muslim's numbers is going to be more than Christians soon, when I heard about the water issues, environmental issues, when I see the political situation in MLY -I felt helpless and regret I brought Den to such an imperfect world. It is like I know the world is going to a very bad end and yet I bring her here to suffer.

God's promise warmed my heart. It gave me hope. It matter not if I homeschool her or not because God is going to protect her from the world even if I send her to school. What I need to consider now is only which way is the best way to raise a Christ center young lady. An effective Christian.

Monday, May 18, 2009

18 May 2009

For review & info of most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to

Den slept 12 hours again! :) Woke up at 11am. We hug hug for one hour then breakfast. Only start school at 1pm!

We have a new verse today. We reviewed last week verse and Den can said the whole verse without prompting.

This week new verse is very easy to remember but hard to do:

Honor your father and mother. Ephesians 6:2

I explained "Honor" as make your parents proud. Not sure if there is any better explanation?

Then we read 3 Bible stories. Den was so happy! All 3 are about Elisha -
  • helping widow (2King 4);

  • healed Naaman (2King 5): Den still remembered this story. Mary and I told this story last year during one of our homeschool lesson. I put lots of dots on her big plastic doll then wash away the dots to show that God heal Naaman. Until today she still call the doll "Naaman";

  • Elisha prayed for his servant so that he can see God's army surrounding them (2 King 6)

After that we practice phonic. She is getting more and more comfortable in reading, even normal books (words that she read in Teaching your child to read in 100 lesson is written with special symbols, she will only learn to read normal word in the later part of the program). However it still required a very great effort on her part and she can only do it for a short period of time before she gets too tire.

After that she we read SPY's email. We asked her some question about fish and she finally replied. She also included some very good internet link. I went to those links and downloaded some pictures and put them into Den's scrapbook.

We also replied a long long email to our friend in Germany. We met this catholic family in Langkawi, they have 2 daughters - 3 & 6 years old. Den became good friends with them even though they don't speak English and Den don't speak German!:)

After that we read What's Under The Sea. We studied about animals in the North & South Poles as well as the divers! These are some of the interesting things we learned:

  • Penguins has waterproof feathers (I explain waterproof - Den had fun playing with my waterproof watch!)

  • Most of the penguins live in the southern polar seas!! (I thought most of them live in the North Pole!)

  • Seal is also a mammals that live mostly underwater. (I thought only whale!)

  • Polar bears live near the North Pole and are strong swimmers (I didn't know they can swim!)

  • Deep sea diver wear hard suits that protect them from the water pressure. They breathe oxygen form tanks inside. There is also a pump that supply hot water around the suit to keep the diver warm!

We also learned about the underwater archaeologists who explore shipwrecks and looking for relics including jewels and stuff. Den's eyes lighted up when she heard jewels! She is now seriously consider become one of the underwater archaeologist. Sometime I wonder if she is really my daughter, how can she loves Jewels so much when I dislike them so much.

After that we practice Chinese Flash cards. Still have problem with last week words but I decided to go ahead with the new words any way. Just continue to flash those she don't get. The new words are - 过,到,得,了.

She did a lot of worksheets today. Some she did it in the afternoon and some she did it at night. She did 1 math worksheet (addition to 20), 5 from sonlight Developing The Early Learner Book 2. We are a bit behind so I am trying to catch up.

17 May 2009

For review & info of all the books I mention here, please goes to (updated today)

We SKIPPED church today!!

Out of the blue, we were sick. I got flu and Den has low fever since yesterday. We could have make it to church today but...

1. Since the H1N1, some parents might be a bit cautious and would not like to see a sick teacher (me!) near their kids;

2. Prefer to keep Den indoor and not out under the extremly hot sun. Since ST taught in Secondary School Ministry today, I need to stay home with Den.

That gave us a bit of time to catch up on school.

We were a bit behind on Sonlight workbook - Developing The Early Learner. We are supposed to have finished Book two by next week but we are only half way through. So we did 6 worksheets today.

I especially like the listening exercises. I have never seen anything like that in any other local publication. It started off with 2 instructions in Book 1 to 3 instructions in Book 2. This is how it usually goes in Book 2:

Three pictures in the worksheet - for example a cow, a rope, a tree.

Then I will say something like "draw a blue line circle around the rope, a red line under the tree and a green x on the cow." Then Den have to wait for 1 minute before she does it.

This is by far the hardest exercise for her. So I taught her to imagine and see the pictures in her mind as well as repeating what I said. Today she has no problem in completing all the exercises.

I also let her worked on 6 math questions -- adding to 20 using counter. She was still slow. I will continue to give her more drill through out the week.

I was tired after one hour of worksheets, she seemed alright. So we watched Toy Story together. Usually on sick day, we watch cartoon. :)

ST came back just when we finished the show. We ate, rested.

Then we practiced piano. She is learning to play with 2 hands.

She seemed quite alert, so I decided to teach her some language art that we usually don't have time to cover - forming sentences with Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.

I got this from the Internet (I love Internet!) a few months ago. Quite interesting. It comes with
helpers words like: "The", "the", "a", "and", "was" and ".";
nouns with pictures - "boy", "girl", "dog", "ball", "monster", "dinosaur", and "apple";
verbs with pictures - "kisses/kissed" "kicks/kicked" "eat/ate" "hugs/hugged" "hurts/hurt" "tickles/tickled";
Color with pictures - "Red" "Yellow" "Black" "Blue" "Green" "Brown"
Emotion with pictures -"Sad" "Happy" "Surprised" "Angry"

With the cards, we took turn to make sentences like:
The yellow monster ate a dinosaur.
The angry dog kicked the sad cat.

We had fun!

After that I asked Den to work on a Learn to Read magnetic word board (so that I can rest). I brought this last year, it seemed like a very good idea at that time but Den was not too interested in it because it is quite tedious to find all those words. She played for awhile then gave up.

She wanted me to play Bingo game with her instead. This is one of those game we brought from the cheap make-in-china store.
I don't even know why is it called a bingo game when it doesn't look like bingo and doesn't play like bingo. It is a good game though.
Taking turns to drop counter into the slots, whoever gets 4 in a row (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) wins!
Den likes to play but she only plays defensive moves. Whenever she wins, she did it accidentally. :)
After that we went out for a simple dinner with my mom. I was exhausted when we came back home. So ST played UNO with Den until bed time. I read a chapter of Milly Molly Mandy to her before she sleep.
I hope we are up to schooling tomorrow since I intend to catch on lots of stuff this week...if we are too sick to study...more cartoon....Den would love that.
Last week, 2nd week of May, we did 5 days of Sonlight, 2 phonic, 2 Chinese, 1 math & 2 piano.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Numeral Rhymes

I found out why was I in such a bad mood a few days ago. I was getting sick. I am sick now. Running nose :(

Any way, that's is not why I'm writing the blog today.

I chat with a friend who used to teach Kumon Math last night and he was surprised that Den learn her subtraction in one short lesson and has not problem with the concept. He said most kids have problem with subtraction at the beginning.

When I think about it, may be it got to do with all the numerate rhymes that we did since she was 1 year plus. These are some of our favorite:

A). This is first and favorite, we learned it from playgroup and it is a finger play too:

3 little monkeys hanging on the tree
teasing Mr. alligator,
"You cannot catch me! You cannot catch me!"
Along came Mr. Alligator hungry as can be and ....."SNAP"

2 little monkey hanging on the tree....(repeat)

1 little monkey hanging on the tree...(repeat)

(end) No more monkey hanging on the tree.

B). Another favorite, it can be sang:

5 little ducks went out one day,
Over the hill and far away.
mother duck called "Quack! Quack! Quack!"
only 4 little duck came back.

4 little ducks went out one day.....only 3 little duck came back.

3 little ducks went out one day.....only 2 little duck came back.

2 little ducks went out one day.....only 1 little duck came back.

1 little ducks went out one little duck came back.

Mother duck went out one day,
over the hill and far away.
Mother duck called "Quack! Quack! Quack!"
5 little ducks came back.

C). This can be sang too:

5 current buns in the baker's shop
round and round with the cherries on the top.
Along came _____(a child's name) with a penny one day,
buy a current bun and took it away.

4 current buns in the baker's shop (repeat)

3 current buns in the baker's shop (repeat)

2 current buns in the baker's shop (repeat)

1 current buns in the baker's shop (repeat)

D). This can be sang but we are not sure how, so we only said it:

3 little monkey jumping on the bed
one fell down and bump his head
Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said, "no more little monkey jumping on the bed!"

2 little monkey jumping on the bed (repeat)

1 little monkey jumping on the bed (repeat)

Singing all these rhymes has helped Den to understand the concept of subtraction. In fact, at the beginning she don't understand what is 5-2 but when I told her "if you had 5 candies and you gave 2 to your friend then how many you have now?" she can answer without any problem.

I started off saying or singing all these rhymes to her my self again and again because we both loved them. Later on, I would ask her how many monkey (buns, ducks) left? She would answer me. She started singing the songs her self when she was about 2 1/2.

15 May 2009

For review & info of all the books I mention here, please goes to

I'm in a much better mood today even though not enough sleep.

I went to sleep around 5am on Friday morning, Den woke me up at around 6am. She fallen asleep the night before at about 8pm. So she was wide awake at 6am. She told me she need water, so I took water for her, then she told me she was hungry. I gave up and woke ST up to take care of her since it was about time for him to wake up and go to work.

I continued to sleep until 9am! ST went to work around 7am, so Den had been playing by herself for like 2 whole hours. Later on, I realized she called my mom because she was lonely!

We started teaching her our telephone numbers when we were in Langkawi. For emergency and that kind of things. She memorized mine, ST & my mom's hp numbers. That's when the trouble started. She would pick up the phone and call us anytime she feel like it.

I told her today, I am going to make her pay for the calls that she made. She told me she would make calls when I'm not around so that I would not be able to deduct her money! I told her I can tract it on the phone bill. She was like, really?!! OH, NO! Hopefully that will stop her from making unnecessary calls.

We practiced Bible verse and she almost getting the whole verse now. Then we read a Bible story - Elijah taken to heaven. She was amazed. This is the first time she realized people can go to heaven without dying first.

Then we read 2 poem from Animals Animals, and a short story from the Little Golden Books. With that we actually finished all our Sonlight program for this week.

After that we read a Chinese book together. It is part of the Odonata first 100 word program (红蜻蜓幼儿100字亲子互动故事系列)It is kind of interesting series. I read part of the stories (background, etc) and she read what the characters say. Too bad there is only 5 books in the first 100 words series. Wish they will come out with more.

After that we practiced Chinese flash cards. She had a very hard time in learning these few words - 很,就,这. We learned these since last week and until today she still don't get it. I make her rewrite 这again since I don't see any other way. That's the bad thing about Chinese. You just have to memorize the word.

After that I let her play in the bath tub for like more than an hour. We have been so so so busy for the past few weeks, she had not been playing in the tub for a long long time. She was very happy about it.

We have bread and fried egg for lunch. As well as Milo+milk.

I wanted to get her to nap after lunch but the renovation at the apartment under mine still very noisy, so we decided to make an Oreo Cookie Pie for CG tonight.

It is very easy, pretty straight forward from the box. No baking. Make and put into the freezer.

After that she did one worksheet on Clock, 2 from handwriting without tears before we nap.

Just now, after CG before she go to sleep, she actually read a whole Chinese book all by her self. This is a very good series called Basic Chinese 500. It consisted of 5 books (at least 5 books for now). It introduce one word in one chapter and the next chapter will build from that previous chapter word.

Lets say, in chapter one it introduce the word mountain. Then chapter two it will introduce "Tall" and put the two words together - "High Mountain".

Every book has 20 new words.

It come with Ping Ying and English translation too. Very convenient for those are not so well verse in Chinese.

Den read the whole Book 1 all by her self before she sleep. That make me very happy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

14 May 2009

I woke up feeling depressed.

I had enough sleep. Den was not around to disturb me. She spent the night with my parents so that I can get some work done today.

Yet I was depressed. May it got to do with the fact that I need to clean the house today. I don't know.

Or may be because I had not have any day off since we came back from Langkawi in April. I felt sad because finally a day off but have to spend it doing clean up and Sunday School planing. May be.

Or may be because I have not been drinking coffee?

I finally forced my self to function by around 1pm. Cleaned the house. It was time for the monthly cleaning so took me quite a bit of the time.

When I was cleaning Den's room, I was thinking may be I should not have scheduled my monthly cleaning when she is not around, that way she never learned how much time I need to spend in cleaning up...but then if she were around, I need even more time.

Another thought came to me, if I can teach Den to read successfully, may be next time I can trade with others - I teach her son/daughter to read while she clean my house....I can always dream....:)

Why do I hate doing house work so much? I don't know. I just not wired in my gene some how. I can spent hours preparing for one short lesson but hate to even spend 1 hour taking care of the house.

Then I cooked dinner. Took bath. Read an old book. I hope it would help pick up my mood. It didn't.

Den fallen asleep in my arm at 8pm while we were still out with my parents entertaining a guess from oversea. She seldom fallen asleep this way nowadays. Must have been really tired. We took her home, changed her and she never woke up.

To prepared for CG lesson tomorrow, I read a chapter about motherhood from Dennis & Barbara Rainey's Staying Close. Barbara homeschool her 6 kids. She advocate for the mothers to stay home and see motherhood as their career. I agreed with her but a bit worry when I share it in CG tomorrow, some might take it as personal attact.

I like what formal USA President Teddy Roosevelt once said,

When all is said, it is the mother, and the mother only, who is a better citizen than the soldier who fights for his country. The successful mother, the mother who does her part in rearing and training aright the boys and girls who are to be the men and women of the next generation, is of greater use to the community and occupies, if she only would realize it, a more honorable as well as more important position than any man in it. The mother is the one supreme asset of the national life. She is more important, by far, than the successful statesman, or businessman, or artist or scientist.

Wow! that is a really high praise and yet a lot of mothers willing to sacrifice their jobs as a mother to be the successful stateswomen, businesswomen, etc.

Barbara remind us that as a mother we have to give up a lot of things. Things that we like to do, we love to do, we are good at, etc. Times with friends, reading, painting, movie, etc. May be also time to be left alone? haha, I don't know.

I think one of the hardest thing being married and a mother is I no longer have the time for solitude. I carve solitude. I need that time to be alone. To hear my own thought. May be that's why I need to stay up so late. So that I can be alone. I have not been doing that the whole week...been sleeping really well...may be, I don't know.

No matter what is the cause, I am feeling much better after writing the blog. Writing is truly a good therapy. May be you should try it sometime.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May 2009

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Since I have been sleeping very well every night, I have been waking up a bit early (for me!) around 8-9am. So Den also wake up at about the same time....which mean she has not been having 12 hours of sleep! Around 10 hours only. She is still functioning well though. I think I need to let her to sleep early if she is going to wake up early.

Today, W&W were coming over, so at first I thought we wouldn't be able to do much. However, Den woke up early so we actually have time to homeschool.

We practice the new verse. She still cant really get it yet.

Then we read two Bible stories - both about Elijah - no rain for 3 years and contest with the false prophets.

After that we practice phonic. Short lesson today. Finished quite fast.

Then we studied math. I skipped through Book 4 because I think she already grab the concept of 11-20 (11 is 10+1; 12 is 10+2, and so on). We started on adding to 20 (Book 5) using counter. She has no problem with that either just a bit slow. I will give her more practice this week and next week.

W&W came at around 1pm. We had fried spaghetti for lunch. I cooked.

Then they play a creative wooden block game called "brainstorm" for about an hour. Kids need to use all the weird looking blocks to build 2 or 3 dimensional pattern. My uncle brought this for her 1 years old birthday!! I kept them and brought it out when she was 3 years old, it was too difficult for her still, so I kept it again and got it out again today. Working together they can build some of the easier puzzle. Good! (Give me time to updating my blog too!)

I signed for this homeschooling group in USA a few weeks back. Every day I have to read tru like 60 mails but the good news is I get to know about a lot of the free information out there. It is pretty amazing! Today, I found out that there is actually a forum with the come with activities for my sonlight!!! I'm at week 18...hmm...late but at least I know it now!! Very happy still...haha! cup half full. :)

We read the Mother Goose books, children book of virtues and Golden book together after they watched the Chinese cartoon.

12 May 2009

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Very short lesson today since it is a Tuesday. A day I cant go without coffee. Dr. House, I'm an addict too!

We started off with new verse this week. Very short but kind of hard because of all the new words:

Only fools insist on quarreling. Proverb 20:3

I've to explain "fool", "insist" and "quarreling". Kind of come in handy though since recently her favorite game is playing "fighting".

Then we read the What's Under The Sea. She really like the book, actually asked me to read it. We studied about Whales and Corals. We learned:

1. Some whales (like the humpback whale) have no teeth, only baleen. They eat Krill (small shrimps).

2. The Blue Whale is the largest animal in the world

3. Some whales (like sperm whales) make clicking noises out and if it bounce off any animal and send back echoes, the whale will know where the animal is.

4. Dolphin is the smallest whale!!!! (That's why I always confused these two animals)

5. Coral is actually build up form the stony skeletons of tiny animals called coral polyps.

Then we read a Chinese book. 公主王子系列-我从哪里来 (Where do i come from?). A little princess want to find out where is she from.

Dandelion told her they were air bound and landed on the ground;
frog toll her he was a tadpole,
chick came from egg,
one of her friends told her she came from the rubbish can and the other one said he came from hospital (why, oh why all Chinese parents tell their kids they are from the rubbish can?)
and finally her mommy told her about sperm and eggs.

Den was not too interested in the question of where she is from since she always know she is from my tummy!! haha!

After that we only have time for Chinese flash cards and she finished 3 worksheets while I cooked.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

11 May 2009

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I have been sleeping very well at night...thus no blog update! Hahaha! :)

Ok this is what happen for 11 May 2009:

We had a replacement ballet class again (teacher going to Beijing next week...thanks to Airasia, everyone can fly!).

I did not finished last week target so we carry forward the things that need to be done last week to 11 May (Monday).

Last week we finished 5 day of sonlight, 2 phonic, 1 Chinese, 1 math, 2 piano and 1 craft. Not bad for a busy week. Den have 3 play days. :)

Anyway, last week we learned the "Happy are those whose hearts are pure for they shall see God" and I found a song/dance in one of the Praise Dance DVD (赞美操) my mom gave me that is about the similar theme - pure heart. Psalm 51:10-12.
I wanted to let Den learn this but could not find time. So finally we did it on Monday. It was a bit too slow and the steps a bit complicated. She followed and dance twice but not too interested.

We also did phonic and practice piano. We learned a new sound, "V".

After that we had lunch (Fried Rice) and went to ballet in MA's car. EE & Den were sooooooo noisy in the car.

Den is quite good in listen and following music. She can remember the steps quite well.

After we came home, we had some bread and cold milk. I had a very very bad headache. Had to have a cup of coffee. I am trying to cut down my caffeine in take and was not planed to take any on Mon. :(

Then she did 2 math worksheets while I cooked. She mixed up "+" and "-" again!!! hmm...other than that she did well.

After dinner, she played UNO with ST. Won again!

Since she looks quite alert and not sleepy, I decided to let her studied a bit more.

We read "What's Under the Sea". We studied about Fish. Interesting to find out that:

1. Fish can stay afloat because they have a balloon (called Swim Bladder) in them;

2. Most fish have a line along each side called "lateral line". Its their 6th sense to sense movement.

3. Gill take in the oxygen from the water and let the water out.

Hm...I must not have paying any attention in Bio....since all these seems new to me!! I love homeschooling.

But then we had questions:

1. Since Sharks and Rays have no swim bladders and must keep swimming or they will sink, then how do sleep?

2. How do fishes swim down to the deeper part of the sea since they have swim bladder?

I cant answer this questions, so I sent an email to my friend SPY. She studied Bio in Uni, hopefully she will have answer for me!

I drew a fish outline in her scrap book and she added in the eye, gill, scale, fins and label them accordingly. I spelled out the words and she wrote down in mixture of capitals & small letters! I was thinking to my self: should I correct her? Decided to let her be. Build up her confident first then will correct her.
She was having so much fun studying that I decided to read another book for her. We read a new book this week - Stories from Africa. It is under social study but it is written by missionaries. Six stories of God 's faithfulness to His people in Africa.
We read the first story about a little boy who like to grumble. Like us, he grumbled about all kind of things especially about "if Adam didnt sins we now dont have to pay for the consequences". His dad, a preacher decided to challenge him on it. His dad showed him a red box and told him, he didn't have to help out or work for anything as long as he didn't open the box. Of cause, he opened up the box at the end. He learned his lesson and asked God for forgiveness.
Den has always been sensitive to mood since she is little. She refused to listen to any stories that involved anyone got hurt or got scold, etc. I had to tone down stories, told them in ways that are more casual and not so intense. We could never finished any feature film with her around.
Recently she was getting better. She can handle most of the stories and cartoon. Even though she cried after watching SHRIEK. She was sad because princess Fiona choose shriek and now the bad prince is going to be sad.!!! At least she finished the movie! So I have not been toning down story so much. Pretty much read them out and dramatised them any way I see fit. Until I read stories from Africa.
She ran away when I get to the part where the dad shown his son the red box and told him not to open it. Den realized the boy will open it and will get into big trouble! So she ran away. It took me quite some time to get her back to listen to the story and I had to promised not to make it scary! After the story, she wanted to color the pictures from the book. So I made copy of the picture and let her color.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Why do I choose to homeschool?

In a Dec 22, 2008 report, <> Singapore's Minister of Education said that 19 out of 26 homeschoolers in the country met the ministry's PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) benchmark.

A Malaysian Christian homeschooling group that I belongs to started a discussion about this and asked everyone opinion on are we measuring up to the standard? Do we need to measure up?Etc.

My question is why should it be a BIG surprise that some of the homeschooler failed to measure up? Are we operating on the presumption that homeschooler is academically better than those attend national school? Is that why we homeschool our kids?

May be that is the reason some of the people start homeschooling, but not me.

I have never thought I am a better teacher than those who are academically trained. I did not choose to homeschool Den because I think I can teach her better than a kindergarten.

I choose to homeschool because I want her to build a strong foundation in God. For knowing God is the beginning of wisdom. I want her to be wise instead of knowledgeable.

I choose to homeschool because I want to help her build up good attitudes and habits that can last her for life:
  • Love for books
  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Self motivate
  • Perseverance

There is always pressure from those around you, everyone seems to think since you choose to homeschool it must be because homeschool is better than normal school, so your kid must be better than other, that kind of crab.

I have to admit from time to time, I will compare too. Is she doing better (academic wise) than those who go to school. But very quickly, I will give my self a mental shack. That's not why I choose to homeschool. Come on, if I choose to send her to school, she would have learned to read by now. Instead, we are struggling together with phonic (but loving it!).

If I fallen into the trap of trying to keep up academically, I will start to worry about may be I need to teach her this, may be I need to teach her that and slowly and slowly, homeschool will just be another smaller scale school.

Please don't get me wrong, I have no problem if she can keep up academically, but never at the expand of loosing focus on the important things.

When you focus on faith and character building, then you would not mind so much about not meeting academic target, missed lessons, etc. A day out with friends is a good day in learning too. At the same time, you got to withstand the heat too. Your kid might be slower academically.

It is easier say than done. If not with the support of ST, I will never begin this journey. I have to tell my self again and again, what I am doing now is planting a huge tree. The root need to be buried really really deep and one day one day, it will be come a big tree that last for a long long time. My hope and my prayer.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

07 May 2009

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Den spent the night with my parents. We went over to my parents house to pick up some stuff last night, she refused to come home with us after that because my brother (works in China) & 3rd Aunt (lives in Seremban) were both there.

This morning all of us went out for brunch.

We started school at 230pm...this 2 weeks our schedules are really really unstable....

First, we practice the verse. Her phonic is getting better and she can kind of guess the word by looking at the verse I wrote on our white board.

Then, we read a good story from "The Children's Book of Virtues". Today story is about the little boy from Holland, who put his finger in the dikes to stop the sea water from flooding the country. Even though he had to spend a night in cold (no one realize he was there) and his hand was numb, he was willing to hold on as long a as it takes to get the job done. His bravery and perseverance saved Holland.

A good lesson for today children. Everything come so easy nowadays. So even when a tiny bit of hardship came along, they will just give up. A good lesson to remind Den whenever she think something is too hard for her.

In fact, I always like to make it a bit hard for her. At least from time to time. We went to Langkawi 2 months ago. I purposely packed a small bag for her to carry. It is kind of heavy and I could have put everything in my bag pack, but I want to toughen her a bit. Don't want her to take things for granted. She carried it without complain.

I assigned house chores for her too. Since she is still quite young, she mainly has to learn to take care of her self and her things - change her self (I lay out the outfits), dispose her own diaper, put dirty clothes into basket, put back her shoes, clean up anything she play/studied, etc.

Besides that I also let her clean the balcony and main grill and door. Today, she help me snap french beans for dinner. I want to increase the things that she do at home. I am thinking of putting her in charge of collecting all the rubbish from every dustbin in the house. May be is time to teach her how to do dishes and wipe the dinning table too?

After story, we prayed.

Then we read another story from "A family treasury of Little Golden Book". We almost finished all the 46 stories...kind of sad. We started off hating this book then love it and very soon we have to leave the book...(read the review in Squidoo).

Today it is a short story about different kind of houses that people live in. That get us interested in looking for the pictures of different houses. We found interesting pictures of igloos, tree house, cave house, mud house, trailer, traditional Japanese house (with paper wall), castle, tent (I love internet, I told Shu Teng I can homeschool without Sonlight as long as you give me internet!), and of cause when I asked Den what house she want to live in -- CANDY HOUSE! We printed out the pictures and pasted into her scrapbook. May be later she can draw a house in there too.

Then we have to break for tea (hmm..more like coffee & milk) before we continue our phonic.

Phonic was better today. Either the tea help or she finally getting used to "H" sound. Either way, I am grateful. Today paragraph is much shorter too.

Since we finished phonic early, we have time for math. I started her on Book 5 (Q-dees mathematics foundation program). We learn the concept of 11-20. As in 11 is 10+1, 12 is 10+2, etc. I like this program because it emphasize on the concept part. I think it is very important. Every kids can recite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.....100 but do they know exactly what does each number stands for? Q-dees is very slow at the beginning but I think is very good for long run.

Btw, this is an very very old program. I'm not sure if the Q-dees nowadays still use the same program. It past down from my Pastor's daughter (who is going to do her master in Aug 2009) to a sister in Christ and then she past it to me when she moved to Singapore! I like it very much and decided to use it on Den even though 1 of the books is missing (Book 7, I intend to improvised!).

After that, she helped snapping bean and then work on 2 math worksheet while I cooked. I didn't get to check her work until 8pm, after dinner. I realized she didn't finished one of the page and the other was all wrong because she did addition on a subtraction sheet!! That's the first time this happened!

I think she was too eager to go play UNO with her daddy (he came back early today) and just tried to get everything done as fast as possible. I make her redo and finished before she go for a night swim with ST.

This is part of her reward. She used to refuse to pass motion in the toilet (she usually don't wear any diaper, she would then ask me to put a diaper on her before she want to pass motion. It is really quite ridicules, putting clean diaper on so that she can pass motion there!). So I put a poster up, every time she past motion in the toilet she get one star. For every 3 stars she get a reward. We discussed and let her come up with reasonable rewards like playing in IKEA, ice cream (if she is not sick), going to bookstores, swimming at night (when the weather permitted), etc.

Now she only gets a reward for every 5 stars. She is no longer passing motion in her diaper but she refused to let me take down the poster and insist in continue the reward system...hmm...I need to think of some way out of this.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

06 May 2009

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OK, things don't always work out the way I plan. Hmm...come to think of it, it usually didn't turn up the way I plan. :)

Today I had four kids in my house.

I babysit Wes (same age as Den) & Whit (one year younger) once in awhile while their dad has photo shot in the afternoon.

EE is Den best friend (their are same age) and we usually meet up at least once a week for them to play (either in my house or hers). On top of that, they are in the same ballet, Yamaha class, cg, Sunday school!!

MA(EE's mom) & I homeschooled all four of them together in 2008. We used Gospel Light Bright Beginnings "Exploring God's World". If any of you interested in knowing more about the program, let me know, I will try to write more about it when I have the time.

This year, W&W start going to kindergarten. I started Den on Sonlight PreK and it is a bit difficult to homeschool EE & Den together with this. So now MA and I pretty much doing separate things and meet up once a week to let them play.

Anyway, today all of them were here with me. EE came at 1030am. I planed to let two of them played for awhile, then read books, sing song, etc. Theme: Mother's day. All should be done before W&W come (since they went to school in the morning, I think they should do more activities in the afternoon and not sitting around for lesson).

But then Den & EE played so well together (no fight! what a surprise!) and beg me to let them continue to I did. They played for 2 hour!

W&W came around 1pm and brought along yummy lunch. We ate lunch.

Then we baked cake. I always like to bake with more kids around. More fun! Of cause, it is messier but when I see the way their eyes lighted up, it is all worth it!

After that we make mother's day card. I got the idea and pattern from Internet. There is a tea bag in every cup and the words say:

"Here is a gift for mother's day

I'll try my best in every way

But when you get upset with me

Relax and have a cup of tea!"

You can tell their different personality through they way they color. :) From Top Left - Wes; Top Right - Den; Bottom Right - EE; Bottom Left -Whit

MA came right after we finished the cards. We had a great tea time - drinking milo, eating cake that we baked. EE have to go after that and of cause Den cried.

After that, 3 of them take a quick bath at the bath tub together. Usually I let them play for awhile in there. But today we were a bit short on time, so they just took a very quick bath. Followed by Chinese Cartoon (goodtv).

After cartoon, I decided to see if they are interested in listening to story. They were!

At first they were a bit reluctant to follow me to the study. But when I start reading, they were hooked. We read "What Mommies Do Best" and 4 pages of mother goose rhymes from "A treasury of mother goose". I didn't read the other book that I prepared because I think it would be too difficult for Whit.

After that we learn a new song:

(tune: Are you sleeping or Frere Jacques)(I took me a long long time to figure out Frere Jacques is Are you sleeping...)

"I love mommy, I love mommy

Yes I do Yes I do

and my mommy loves me

Yes my mommy loves me

She loves me, I love her"

They got it after we sing it for like 3-4 times and W&W promised to sing it to their mommy, I wonder did they do it?

After that they played for a few minutes before W&W have to go home. That's is the end of a very fun day. I did not finished all the things I planned to do with Den today but I think she had a fabulous time with her Friends. That's good enough for me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

05 May 2009

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I continue the "taking it slowly" mood. We woke up by the renovation noise at around 930am. Today is actually not too bad, hopefully all the heavy metal major stuffs already done and now is just all the light weight drilling, etc....I can always hope....

I prepared lunch while Den ate breakfast and played. Then I have to fix a table lamp that she accidentally broke. By the time we started school, it was Noon.

We recite the verse and prayed. We finished all the Bible stories for the is ONLY Tuesday!

Then I read 2 Chinese stories book for her:

1. 公主王子成长绘本系列 "我要我的牙齿" (I want my teeth).

It talks about a little prince who was very sad because one of his teeth fall off. He went around looking for his fallen teeth. While he was at it, he realised everything in the nature lose some of their 'old thing' in order to gain some thing new -- Leaves fall off in Fall and New leaves in Spring; Swam lose her feather then grow new father; Fruit drops from the tree and then new fruit grow, etc.

Finally, he accept this and looking forward to his new teeth.

2.红蜻蜓幼儿首100字第5册 "小鱼". This is part of Odanata publication first 100 word series. I am using them like story books. Den can read 40-60% of the words in there. I think very soon I need to purchase the first 200 word series.

I tried using this to teach Chinese word but find it very dry and boring. Reading as story book make it much more fun.

After that we practice Chinese flesh cards. We learn 4 new words today - 家,头,就,这. She already know 家.

Then she work one 1 page Chinese worksheet, 2 lines of writing (write 这) and 2 pages of subtraction and addition.

4 May 2009

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I cant remember much about what I did last Friday. So, sorry, no blog about it. All that I can remember is I was sick and Den was obsessed with UNO. For the past few days, I think she played close to 100 hands of UNO.

She is actually getting quite good at it. What is even more amazing, she win most of the time!! We never try to let her win, in fact, we are having a hard time winning!! When she first brought the card, I was thinking to my self, oh no, we are going to play really slow and boring UNO for a long long time. What a surprise!

Back to today:
Today I woke up with an headache. Not as bad as last week but definitely not my self yet. I decided to take it a bit slowly as in no cooking and study less than what I have planned.

Den woke up at 1130! (No renovation today, yahoo!) I let her played for awhile while I chat with brother in Australia (yahoo chat).

Then we went down to eat the unhealthy brunch -- Roti Teloh for her and Fried kueh Tiao for me. :)

We finally started our school at 2pm.

A new verse today: Matthew 5:8:
Happy are those whose heart are pure, for they shall see God.
Of cause, we read 2 Bible stories - King Solomon asking for wisdom and building temple.

I asked her, "If God ask you what do you want, what will you say?"

She answer,"I will say, I want mommy to live forever and ever."

I was surprised!

We talked about death, heaven, etc since she was 2 years old or younger. I brought her to quite a few funerals plus my father in law past away last year. Despite all my explanation and everything, she used to have this fear that I will die one day and left her. She has always said she want to die with me.

I thought she is kind of over it already, as in not so worry about it any more. May be I am wrong. I really need to read the "如何与你的孩子谈死亡" (Helping your child understand death) that has been sitting in my book shelves.

May be it is because recently ST and I talked about writing a will. We asked last Saturday, who would she rather have as her guardians if anything happened to us. hmmm...

After that, we spent closed to an hour on phonic. She kind of mixed up "h" and "th". Plus, there was a very long paragraph for her to read today:

He said, "Can I eat cake?"
She said, "Go sit with the cow."
He said, "No. I will not go."
She said, "Go sit with the cat."
He said, "The cat has cake."
She said, "Go sit with the cat and eat cake."
So he ate cake. He said, "this is fun."

Ok, it is a lot of repetitive words but still, long. at least for her.

Then we read 2 new books:
1. Stories From Around the world, replaced "things that people do". Today story is Puss in Boot. I didn't know it is from France. The language is very simple and interesting. A good book for read aloud.

2. Usborne starting Point Science "What's under the sea?" replaced "The year at maple hill farm". Very thin book but not easy to read. A lot of new concept for her. Equator, water bed, food chain, current, etc.

I am starting her on scrapbook. While we read the book, we looked in the Internet for extra pictures. When we find any interesting picture, we printed it out and pasted it in her scrapbook. Today we pasted 5 pictures -

2 from red sea - salties sea in the world, people can float without any float; Den was really fast, she said right away , "that's the sea Moses opened!" haha!

1 from Hawaii - the tallest mountain on earth is Mauna Kea which forms the island of Hawaii (I didn't know that!! I thought it is Everest!!)

1 from the Great Barrier Reef.

After we pasted the pictures, she decided we should add some panting on it. Haha! I like it. Hopefully we can keep this up.
After the lesson, she watched "Shriek". I had been wanting her to watch this for awhile but could not find my DVD, so finally let her watch online. I think she is too obsessed with all the Disney princesses. Shriek would be a good change.
Princess Fiona is super cool, she can fight, can cook and she don't mind being ugly and she sing for her food (hahah! my favorite part!!!)
After the movie, Den asked me, "mommy, so it is ok to be ugly?" I was like :) Im expecting more conversation about the movie for the next few days.
At nite, Den played rounds of UNO with ST and won again!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

30 April 2009

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Reason of not updating my blog: SICK! SICK! SICK! No worries, not H1N1. Any way, this back dated to last Thursday:

We had very short lesson today but still doing much better than my expectation.

We were supposed to go out with my friend SY at around 12:15pm.

We were ready at 11:45am, that gave us sometime to study. We did not do any Phonic, my sour throat plus the noise from the unit downstairs have pretty much make it an impossible.

We read 3 Mother Goose rhymes, 2 pages of Eric Carle's "Animals Animals" and finished one of our favorite " Things that people do". We were kind of sad because we finished the book. But quite looking forward to the new book next week. I think it is the "Stories from around the world". Will tell you more about it when we read it next week.

Right after we finished, my friend arrived with her very cute 1 year old boy.

We went to the curve because the noise in my place make it impossible for any quality conversation. Any way, we have a good time chatting. Will tell you more when I have the time.

After my friend left, Den and I went to the Borders. Den "read" at the children corner while I looking for books near by. I overheard her making a conversation with a jie jie. The jie jie is around 8-9 years old.

She said "Hi" to the jie jie and draw the jie jie into conversation. What was even more amazing, she get the jie jie into reading for her!! hahah! Who said homeschooling kids have problem in socializing?