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15 May 2009

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I'm in a much better mood today even though not enough sleep.

I went to sleep around 5am on Friday morning, Den woke me up at around 6am. She fallen asleep the night before at about 8pm. So she was wide awake at 6am. She told me she need water, so I took water for her, then she told me she was hungry. I gave up and woke ST up to take care of her since it was about time for him to wake up and go to work.

I continued to sleep until 9am! ST went to work around 7am, so Den had been playing by herself for like 2 whole hours. Later on, I realized she called my mom because she was lonely!

We started teaching her our telephone numbers when we were in Langkawi. For emergency and that kind of things. She memorized mine, ST & my mom's hp numbers. That's when the trouble started. She would pick up the phone and call us anytime she feel like it.

I told her today, I am going to make her pay for the calls that she made. She told me she would make calls when I'm not around so that I would not be able to deduct her money! I told her I can tract it on the phone bill. She was like, really?!! OH, NO! Hopefully that will stop her from making unnecessary calls.

We practiced Bible verse and she almost getting the whole verse now. Then we read a Bible story - Elijah taken to heaven. She was amazed. This is the first time she realized people can go to heaven without dying first.

Then we read 2 poem from Animals Animals, and a short story from the Little Golden Books. With that we actually finished all our Sonlight program for this week.

After that we read a Chinese book together. It is part of the Odonata first 100 word program (红蜻蜓幼儿100字亲子互动故事系列)It is kind of interesting series. I read part of the stories (background, etc) and she read what the characters say. Too bad there is only 5 books in the first 100 words series. Wish they will come out with more.

After that we practiced Chinese flash cards. She had a very hard time in learning these few words - 很,就,这. We learned these since last week and until today she still don't get it. I make her rewrite 这again since I don't see any other way. That's the bad thing about Chinese. You just have to memorize the word.

After that I let her play in the bath tub for like more than an hour. We have been so so so busy for the past few weeks, she had not been playing in the tub for a long long time. She was very happy about it.

We have bread and fried egg for lunch. As well as Milo+milk.

I wanted to get her to nap after lunch but the renovation at the apartment under mine still very noisy, so we decided to make an Oreo Cookie Pie for CG tonight.

It is very easy, pretty straight forward from the box. No baking. Make and put into the freezer.

After that she did one worksheet on Clock, 2 from handwriting without tears before we nap.

Just now, after CG before she go to sleep, she actually read a whole Chinese book all by her self. This is a very good series called Basic Chinese 500. It consisted of 5 books (at least 5 books for now). It introduce one word in one chapter and the next chapter will build from that previous chapter word.

Lets say, in chapter one it introduce the word mountain. Then chapter two it will introduce "Tall" and put the two words together - "High Mountain".

Every book has 20 new words.

It come with Ping Ying and English translation too. Very convenient for those are not so well verse in Chinese.

Den read the whole Book 1 all by her self before she sleep. That make me very happy.

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