Tuesday, May 5, 2009

05 May 2009

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I continue the "taking it slowly" mood. We woke up by the renovation noise at around 930am. Today is actually not too bad, hopefully all the heavy metal major stuffs already done and now is just all the light weight drilling, etc....I can always hope....

I prepared lunch while Den ate breakfast and played. Then I have to fix a table lamp that she accidentally broke. By the time we started school, it was Noon.

We recite the verse and prayed. We finished all the Bible stories for the week....it is ONLY Tuesday!

Then I read 2 Chinese stories book for her:

1. 公主王子成长绘本系列 "我要我的牙齿" (I want my teeth).

It talks about a little prince who was very sad because one of his teeth fall off. He went around looking for his fallen teeth. While he was at it, he realised everything in the nature lose some of their 'old thing' in order to gain some thing new -- Leaves fall off in Fall and New leaves in Spring; Swam lose her feather then grow new father; Fruit drops from the tree and then new fruit grow, etc.

Finally, he accept this and looking forward to his new teeth.

2.红蜻蜓幼儿首100字第5册 "小鱼". This is part of Odanata publication first 100 word series. I am using them like story books. Den can read 40-60% of the words in there. I think very soon I need to purchase the first 200 word series.

I tried using this to teach Chinese word but find it very dry and boring. Reading as story book make it much more fun.

After that we practice Chinese flesh cards. We learn 4 new words today - 家,头,就,这. She already know 家.

Then she work one 1 page Chinese worksheet, 2 lines of writing (write 这) and 2 pages of subtraction and addition.

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