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12 May 2009

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Very short lesson today since it is a Tuesday. A day I cant go without coffee. Dr. House, I'm an addict too!

We started off with new verse this week. Very short but kind of hard because of all the new words:

Only fools insist on quarreling. Proverb 20:3

I've to explain "fool", "insist" and "quarreling". Kind of come in handy though since recently her favorite game is playing "fighting".

Then we read the What's Under The Sea. She really like the book, actually asked me to read it. We studied about Whales and Corals. We learned:

1. Some whales (like the humpback whale) have no teeth, only baleen. They eat Krill (small shrimps).

2. The Blue Whale is the largest animal in the world

3. Some whales (like sperm whales) make clicking noises out and if it bounce off any animal and send back echoes, the whale will know where the animal is.

4. Dolphin is the smallest whale!!!! (That's why I always confused these two animals)

5. Coral is actually build up form the stony skeletons of tiny animals called coral polyps.

Then we read a Chinese book. 公主王子系列-我从哪里来 (Where do i come from?). A little princess want to find out where is she from.

Dandelion told her they were air bound and landed on the ground;
frog toll her he was a tadpole,
chick came from egg,
one of her friends told her she came from the rubbish can and the other one said he came from hospital (why, oh why all Chinese parents tell their kids they are from the rubbish can?)
and finally her mommy told her about sperm and eggs.

Den was not too interested in the question of where she is from since she always know she is from my tummy!! haha!

After that we only have time for Chinese flash cards and she finished 3 worksheets while I cooked.

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