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17 May 2009

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We SKIPPED church today!!

Out of the blue, we were sick. I got flu and Den has low fever since yesterday. We could have make it to church today but...

1. Since the H1N1, some parents might be a bit cautious and would not like to see a sick teacher (me!) near their kids;

2. Prefer to keep Den indoor and not out under the extremly hot sun. Since ST taught in Secondary School Ministry today, I need to stay home with Den.

That gave us a bit of time to catch up on school.

We were a bit behind on Sonlight workbook - Developing The Early Learner. We are supposed to have finished Book two by next week but we are only half way through. So we did 6 worksheets today.

I especially like the listening exercises. I have never seen anything like that in any other local publication. It started off with 2 instructions in Book 1 to 3 instructions in Book 2. This is how it usually goes in Book 2:

Three pictures in the worksheet - for example a cow, a rope, a tree.

Then I will say something like "draw a blue line circle around the rope, a red line under the tree and a green x on the cow." Then Den have to wait for 1 minute before she does it.

This is by far the hardest exercise for her. So I taught her to imagine and see the pictures in her mind as well as repeating what I said. Today she has no problem in completing all the exercises.

I also let her worked on 6 math questions -- adding to 20 using counter. She was still slow. I will continue to give her more drill through out the week.

I was tired after one hour of worksheets, she seemed alright. So we watched Toy Story together. Usually on sick day, we watch cartoon. :)

ST came back just when we finished the show. We ate, rested.

Then we practiced piano. She is learning to play with 2 hands.

She seemed quite alert, so I decided to teach her some language art that we usually don't have time to cover - forming sentences with Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.

I got this from the Internet (I love Internet!) a few months ago. Quite interesting. It comes with
helpers words like: "The", "the", "a", "and", "was" and ".";
nouns with pictures - "boy", "girl", "dog", "ball", "monster", "dinosaur", and "apple";
verbs with pictures - "kisses/kissed" "kicks/kicked" "eat/ate" "hugs/hugged" "hurts/hurt" "tickles/tickled";
Color with pictures - "Red" "Yellow" "Black" "Blue" "Green" "Brown"
Emotion with pictures -"Sad" "Happy" "Surprised" "Angry"

With the cards, we took turn to make sentences like:
The yellow monster ate a dinosaur.
The angry dog kicked the sad cat.

We had fun!

After that I asked Den to work on a Learn to Read magnetic word board (so that I can rest). I brought this last year, it seemed like a very good idea at that time but Den was not too interested in it because it is quite tedious to find all those words. She played for awhile then gave up.

She wanted me to play Bingo game with her instead. This is one of those game we brought from the cheap make-in-china store.
I don't even know why is it called a bingo game when it doesn't look like bingo and doesn't play like bingo. It is a good game though.
Taking turns to drop counter into the slots, whoever gets 4 in a row (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) wins!
Den likes to play but she only plays defensive moves. Whenever she wins, she did it accidentally. :)
After that we went out for a simple dinner with my mom. I was exhausted when we came back home. So ST played UNO with Den until bed time. I read a chapter of Milly Molly Mandy to her before she sleep.
I hope we are up to schooling tomorrow since I intend to catch on lots of stuff this week...if we are too sick to study...more cartoon....Den would love that.
Last week, 2nd week of May, we did 5 days of Sonlight, 2 phonic, 2 Chinese, 1 math & 2 piano.

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