Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God is the gardener for my garden

Today in my devotion of Deuteronomy Chapter 11, God gave me a promise that make me cried.

He promised if I diligently keep all His commandment -- love Him, do what He tells me, stick close to Him -- then He will
  • personally tends to my garden (Sweden). He is the gardener, He alone keeps His eyes on her all year long;
  • He will drive out all these nations (world, temptations, evil) much bigger and stronger than me that stand in my way.

Sometime when I see how the world is going- when I watch the Youtube Video about how the Muslim's numbers is going to be more than Christians soon, when I heard about the water issues, environmental issues, when I see the political situation in MLY -I felt helpless and regret I brought Den to such an imperfect world. It is like I know the world is going to a very bad end and yet I bring her here to suffer.

God's promise warmed my heart. It gave me hope. It matter not if I homeschool her or not because God is going to protect her from the world even if I send her to school. What I need to consider now is only which way is the best way to raise a Christ center young lady. An effective Christian.

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