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06 May 2009

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OK, things don't always work out the way I plan. Hmm...come to think of it, it usually didn't turn up the way I plan. :)

Today I had four kids in my house.

I babysit Wes (same age as Den) & Whit (one year younger) once in awhile while their dad has photo shot in the afternoon.

EE is Den best friend (their are same age) and we usually meet up at least once a week for them to play (either in my house or hers). On top of that, they are in the same ballet, Yamaha class, cg, Sunday school!!

MA(EE's mom) & I homeschooled all four of them together in 2008. We used Gospel Light Bright Beginnings "Exploring God's World". If any of you interested in knowing more about the program, let me know, I will try to write more about it when I have the time.

This year, W&W start going to kindergarten. I started Den on Sonlight PreK and it is a bit difficult to homeschool EE & Den together with this. So now MA and I pretty much doing separate things and meet up once a week to let them play.

Anyway, today all of them were here with me. EE came at 1030am. I planed to let two of them played for awhile, then read books, sing song, etc. Theme: Mother's day. All should be done before W&W come (since they went to school in the morning, I think they should do more activities in the afternoon and not sitting around for lesson).

But then Den & EE played so well together (no fight! what a surprise!) and beg me to let them continue to I did. They played for 2 hour!

W&W came around 1pm and brought along yummy lunch. We ate lunch.

Then we baked cake. I always like to bake with more kids around. More fun! Of cause, it is messier but when I see the way their eyes lighted up, it is all worth it!

After that we make mother's day card. I got the idea and pattern from Internet. There is a tea bag in every cup and the words say:

"Here is a gift for mother's day

I'll try my best in every way

But when you get upset with me

Relax and have a cup of tea!"

You can tell their different personality through they way they color. :) From Top Left - Wes; Top Right - Den; Bottom Right - EE; Bottom Left -Whit

MA came right after we finished the cards. We had a great tea time - drinking milo, eating cake that we baked. EE have to go after that and of cause Den cried.

After that, 3 of them take a quick bath at the bath tub together. Usually I let them play for awhile in there. But today we were a bit short on time, so they just took a very quick bath. Followed by Chinese Cartoon (goodtv).

After cartoon, I decided to see if they are interested in listening to story. They were!

At first they were a bit reluctant to follow me to the study. But when I start reading, they were hooked. We read "What Mommies Do Best" and 4 pages of mother goose rhymes from "A treasury of mother goose". I didn't read the other book that I prepared because I think it would be too difficult for Whit.

After that we learn a new song:

(tune: Are you sleeping or Frere Jacques)(I took me a long long time to figure out Frere Jacques is Are you sleeping...)

"I love mommy, I love mommy

Yes I do Yes I do

and my mommy loves me

Yes my mommy loves me

She loves me, I love her"

They got it after we sing it for like 3-4 times and W&W promised to sing it to their mommy, I wonder did they do it?

After that they played for a few minutes before W&W have to go home. That's is the end of a very fun day. I did not finished all the things I planned to do with Den today but I think she had a fabulous time with her Friends. That's good enough for me.

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