Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13 May 2009

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Since I have been sleeping very well every night, I have been waking up a bit early (for me!) around 8-9am. So Den also wake up at about the same time....which mean she has not been having 12 hours of sleep! Around 10 hours only. She is still functioning well though. I think I need to let her to sleep early if she is going to wake up early.

Today, W&W were coming over, so at first I thought we wouldn't be able to do much. However, Den woke up early so we actually have time to homeschool.

We practice the new verse. She still cant really get it yet.

Then we read two Bible stories - both about Elijah - no rain for 3 years and contest with the false prophets.

After that we practice phonic. Short lesson today. Finished quite fast.

Then we studied math. I skipped through Book 4 because I think she already grab the concept of 11-20 (11 is 10+1; 12 is 10+2, and so on). We started on adding to 20 (Book 5) using counter. She has no problem with that either just a bit slow. I will give her more practice this week and next week.

W&W came at around 1pm. We had fried spaghetti for lunch. I cooked.

Then they play a creative wooden block game called "brainstorm" for about an hour. Kids need to use all the weird looking blocks to build 2 or 3 dimensional pattern. My uncle brought this for her 1 years old birthday!! I kept them and brought it out when she was 3 years old, it was too difficult for her still, so I kept it again and got it out again today. Working together they can build some of the easier puzzle. Good! (Give me time to updating my blog too!)

I signed for this homeschooling group in USA a few weeks back. Every day I have to read tru like 60 mails but the good news is I get to know about a lot of the free information out there. It is pretty amazing! Today, I found out that there is actually a forum with the come with activities for my sonlight!!! I'm at week 18...hmm...late but at least I know it now!! Very happy still...haha! cup half full. :)

We read the Mother Goose books, children book of virtues and Golden book together after they watched the Chinese cartoon.

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