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4 May 2009

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I cant remember much about what I did last Friday. So, sorry, no blog about it. All that I can remember is I was sick and Den was obsessed with UNO. For the past few days, I think she played close to 100 hands of UNO.

She is actually getting quite good at it. What is even more amazing, she win most of the time!! We never try to let her win, in fact, we are having a hard time winning!! When she first brought the card, I was thinking to my self, oh no, we are going to play really slow and boring UNO for a long long time. What a surprise!

Back to today:
Today I woke up with an headache. Not as bad as last week but definitely not my self yet. I decided to take it a bit slowly as in no cooking and study less than what I have planned.

Den woke up at 1130! (No renovation today, yahoo!) I let her played for awhile while I chat with brother in Australia (yahoo chat).

Then we went down to eat the unhealthy brunch -- Roti Teloh for her and Fried kueh Tiao for me. :)

We finally started our school at 2pm.

A new verse today: Matthew 5:8:
Happy are those whose heart are pure, for they shall see God.
Of cause, we read 2 Bible stories - King Solomon asking for wisdom and building temple.

I asked her, "If God ask you what do you want, what will you say?"

She answer,"I will say, I want mommy to live forever and ever."

I was surprised!

We talked about death, heaven, etc since she was 2 years old or younger. I brought her to quite a few funerals plus my father in law past away last year. Despite all my explanation and everything, she used to have this fear that I will die one day and left her. She has always said she want to die with me.

I thought she is kind of over it already, as in not so worry about it any more. May be I am wrong. I really need to read the "如何与你的孩子谈死亡" (Helping your child understand death) that has been sitting in my book shelves.

May be it is because recently ST and I talked about writing a will. We asked last Saturday, who would she rather have as her guardians if anything happened to us. hmmm...

After that, we spent closed to an hour on phonic. She kind of mixed up "h" and "th". Plus, there was a very long paragraph for her to read today:

He said, "Can I eat cake?"
She said, "Go sit with the cow."
He said, "No. I will not go."
She said, "Go sit with the cat."
He said, "The cat has cake."
She said, "Go sit with the cat and eat cake."
So he ate cake. He said, "this is fun."

Ok, it is a lot of repetitive words but still, long. at least for her.

Then we read 2 new books:
1. Stories From Around the world, replaced "things that people do". Today story is Puss in Boot. I didn't know it is from France. The language is very simple and interesting. A good book for read aloud.

2. Usborne starting Point Science "What's under the sea?" replaced "The year at maple hill farm". Very thin book but not easy to read. A lot of new concept for her. Equator, water bed, food chain, current, etc.

I am starting her on scrapbook. While we read the book, we looked in the Internet for extra pictures. When we find any interesting picture, we printed it out and pasted it in her scrapbook. Today we pasted 5 pictures -

2 from red sea - salties sea in the world, people can float without any float; Den was really fast, she said right away , "that's the sea Moses opened!" haha!

1 from Hawaii - the tallest mountain on earth is Mauna Kea which forms the island of Hawaii (I didn't know that!! I thought it is Everest!!)

1 from the Great Barrier Reef.

After we pasted the pictures, she decided we should add some panting on it. Haha! I like it. Hopefully we can keep this up.
After the lesson, she watched "Shriek". I had been wanting her to watch this for awhile but could not find my DVD, so finally let her watch online. I think she is too obsessed with all the Disney princesses. Shriek would be a good change.
Princess Fiona is super cool, she can fight, can cook and she don't mind being ugly and she sing for her food (hahah! my favorite part!!!)
After the movie, Den asked me, "mommy, so it is ok to be ugly?" I was like :) Im expecting more conversation about the movie for the next few days.
At nite, Den played rounds of UNO with ST and won again!!!

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