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07 May 2009

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Den spent the night with my parents. We went over to my parents house to pick up some stuff last night, she refused to come home with us after that because my brother (works in China) & 3rd Aunt (lives in Seremban) were both there.

This morning all of us went out for brunch.

We started school at 230pm...this 2 weeks our schedules are really really unstable....

First, we practice the verse. Her phonic is getting better and she can kind of guess the word by looking at the verse I wrote on our white board.

Then, we read a good story from "The Children's Book of Virtues". Today story is about the little boy from Holland, who put his finger in the dikes to stop the sea water from flooding the country. Even though he had to spend a night in cold (no one realize he was there) and his hand was numb, he was willing to hold on as long a as it takes to get the job done. His bravery and perseverance saved Holland.

A good lesson for today children. Everything come so easy nowadays. So even when a tiny bit of hardship came along, they will just give up. A good lesson to remind Den whenever she think something is too hard for her.

In fact, I always like to make it a bit hard for her. At least from time to time. We went to Langkawi 2 months ago. I purposely packed a small bag for her to carry. It is kind of heavy and I could have put everything in my bag pack, but I want to toughen her a bit. Don't want her to take things for granted. She carried it without complain.

I assigned house chores for her too. Since she is still quite young, she mainly has to learn to take care of her self and her things - change her self (I lay out the outfits), dispose her own diaper, put dirty clothes into basket, put back her shoes, clean up anything she play/studied, etc.

Besides that I also let her clean the balcony and main grill and door. Today, she help me snap french beans for dinner. I want to increase the things that she do at home. I am thinking of putting her in charge of collecting all the rubbish from every dustbin in the house. May be is time to teach her how to do dishes and wipe the dinning table too?

After story, we prayed.

Then we read another story from "A family treasury of Little Golden Book". We almost finished all the 46 stories...kind of sad. We started off hating this book then love it and very soon we have to leave the book...(read the review in Squidoo).

Today it is a short story about different kind of houses that people live in. That get us interested in looking for the pictures of different houses. We found interesting pictures of igloos, tree house, cave house, mud house, trailer, traditional Japanese house (with paper wall), castle, tent (I love internet, I told Shu Teng I can homeschool without Sonlight as long as you give me internet!), and of cause when I asked Den what house she want to live in -- CANDY HOUSE! We printed out the pictures and pasted into her scrapbook. May be later she can draw a house in there too.

Then we have to break for tea (hmm..more like coffee & milk) before we continue our phonic.

Phonic was better today. Either the tea help or she finally getting used to "H" sound. Either way, I am grateful. Today paragraph is much shorter too.

Since we finished phonic early, we have time for math. I started her on Book 5 (Q-dees mathematics foundation program). We learn the concept of 11-20. As in 11 is 10+1, 12 is 10+2, etc. I like this program because it emphasize on the concept part. I think it is very important. Every kids can recite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.....100 but do they know exactly what does each number stands for? Q-dees is very slow at the beginning but I think is very good for long run.

Btw, this is an very very old program. I'm not sure if the Q-dees nowadays still use the same program. It past down from my Pastor's daughter (who is going to do her master in Aug 2009) to a sister in Christ and then she past it to me when she moved to Singapore! I like it very much and decided to use it on Den even though 1 of the books is missing (Book 7, I intend to improvised!).

After that, she helped snapping bean and then work on 2 math worksheet while I cooked. I didn't get to check her work until 8pm, after dinner. I realized she didn't finished one of the page and the other was all wrong because she did addition on a subtraction sheet!! That's the first time this happened!

I think she was too eager to go play UNO with her daddy (he came back early today) and just tried to get everything done as fast as possible. I make her redo and finished before she go for a night swim with ST.

This is part of her reward. She used to refuse to pass motion in the toilet (she usually don't wear any diaper, she would then ask me to put a diaper on her before she want to pass motion. It is really quite ridicules, putting clean diaper on so that she can pass motion there!). So I put a poster up, every time she past motion in the toilet she get one star. For every 3 stars she get a reward. We discussed and let her come up with reasonable rewards like playing in IKEA, ice cream (if she is not sick), going to bookstores, swimming at night (when the weather permitted), etc.

Now she only gets a reward for every 5 stars. She is no longer passing motion in her diaper but she refused to let me take down the poster and insist in continue the reward system...hmm...I need to think of some way out of this.

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