Monday, May 18, 2009

18 May 2009

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Den slept 12 hours again! :) Woke up at 11am. We hug hug for one hour then breakfast. Only start school at 1pm!

We have a new verse today. We reviewed last week verse and Den can said the whole verse without prompting.

This week new verse is very easy to remember but hard to do:

Honor your father and mother. Ephesians 6:2

I explained "Honor" as make your parents proud. Not sure if there is any better explanation?

Then we read 3 Bible stories. Den was so happy! All 3 are about Elisha -
  • helping widow (2King 4);

  • healed Naaman (2King 5): Den still remembered this story. Mary and I told this story last year during one of our homeschool lesson. I put lots of dots on her big plastic doll then wash away the dots to show that God heal Naaman. Until today she still call the doll "Naaman";

  • Elisha prayed for his servant so that he can see God's army surrounding them (2 King 6)

After that we practice phonic. She is getting more and more comfortable in reading, even normal books (words that she read in Teaching your child to read in 100 lesson is written with special symbols, she will only learn to read normal word in the later part of the program). However it still required a very great effort on her part and she can only do it for a short period of time before she gets too tire.

After that she we read SPY's email. We asked her some question about fish and she finally replied. She also included some very good internet link. I went to those links and downloaded some pictures and put them into Den's scrapbook.

We also replied a long long email to our friend in Germany. We met this catholic family in Langkawi, they have 2 daughters - 3 & 6 years old. Den became good friends with them even though they don't speak English and Den don't speak German!:)

After that we read What's Under The Sea. We studied about animals in the North & South Poles as well as the divers! These are some of the interesting things we learned:

  • Penguins has waterproof feathers (I explain waterproof - Den had fun playing with my waterproof watch!)

  • Most of the penguins live in the southern polar seas!! (I thought most of them live in the North Pole!)

  • Seal is also a mammals that live mostly underwater. (I thought only whale!)

  • Polar bears live near the North Pole and are strong swimmers (I didn't know they can swim!)

  • Deep sea diver wear hard suits that protect them from the water pressure. They breathe oxygen form tanks inside. There is also a pump that supply hot water around the suit to keep the diver warm!

We also learned about the underwater archaeologists who explore shipwrecks and looking for relics including jewels and stuff. Den's eyes lighted up when she heard jewels! She is now seriously consider become one of the underwater archaeologist. Sometime I wonder if she is really my daughter, how can she loves Jewels so much when I dislike them so much.

After that we practice Chinese Flash cards. Still have problem with last week words but I decided to go ahead with the new words any way. Just continue to flash those she don't get. The new words are - 过,到,得,了.

She did a lot of worksheets today. Some she did it in the afternoon and some she did it at night. She did 1 math worksheet (addition to 20), 5 from sonlight Developing The Early Learner Book 2. We are a bit behind so I am trying to catch up.

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