Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our little house keeper

Den has decided she is a much better house keeper...compared to her mom, ME!

The first thing she did yesterday evening when we reached our house in SG was to "redecorate" our stuffs -she repositioned the clock, letters stacks, baskets, etc(we did not have much stuff yet!) and she was running with a 103F fever. After putting everything in their places, she declared it was much better now.

This morning, after getting an inspiration from one of homeschooling mom, I decided to let her vacuum with me. Yes, it did took me much longer to complete the job but the homeschooling mom had reminded me once again, all this are part of her important schooling. So in every room, I let her vacuum first before I vacuum it again. She did a decent job.

After that, she spent half a days in her room, reading books we brought from MLY and coloring. We got a cool free gift from Ribena - with every purchase of Ribena, they gave out 1 recycle bag with 3 color pans. You can color the bags with the pans. She was happily color away...dreaming of using her DIY bag to carry books to library tomorrow.

She also reorganized her closet, took out all the folded clothes and refold them. According to her, I did not fold well. She refolded everything and left 2 items - 2 pants out. Then she called me to her room, she showed me how to fold a pant properly and the other pant is for me to practice folding under her supervision!

Sad to said, her closet now does look more organized than mine! May be God know how much I hate house work and decided to give me a daughter who just love to do house work and very soon will just take over all the house work?!! Please God, please! Please don't let this be a temporary interest!! :)

She was really into her coloring, so I did not want to spoil her fun. Finally at 430pm, I decided she colored for too long and we started school.

We sang praise songs and prayed. After that we read a story about Love from 圣灵水果屋 (House of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit). Thats our last chapter on Love.

After that we read about Incas people in Sonlight Week 8 history. Sonlight books espcially the Children Encyclopedia are just too heavy for me to carry back and forth MLY and SG, so I scanned all the pages we needed for week 8. We read the books in my laptop.

For a video on Machu Picchu, click

For science we study about coast and coastal erosion. We also learned about Headland, Cave, Arch, Stacks and Stump. I showed her some of the photo we took in Great Ocean Road, Australia one and half years ago.
She was there too but at that time I did not know how to explain the great scenery we saw. Now thanks to Sonlight, I can! Seriously, Sonlight don't pay me for advertisement, I just really in love with the program.

These are some of the interesting website for this topic:

1. To look at the different type of sands around the world, check out this site;

2. To look at the video of the amazing coastal erosion, click here;

3.To play a coastal feature jigsaw puzzle, click here.

I left her playing with the jigsaw puzzle while I prepared fruit as snack for her. After that she watch 30 min of cartoon while I cooked. She watched English cartoon...cant find any Chinese cartoon on TV. :(

During dinner, she told me, "next time when I big big already, then you can go out shopping and may be buy me a special present while I take care of all the house work at home!" Lord, that is my dream come true!! :)

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