Friday, March 5, 2010

04 March 2010

Den slept much better last night, praise the Lord! She cough this morning (after more than 10 hours of sleep) and woke her self up at around 1030am. We hug hug for awhile, then she had breakfast, changed and we went down to send our clothes for laundry. We also took the opportunity to check out the small piece of land we secured yesterday.

Our apartment recently prepared some spaces for parents and kids to plant something together. We went and registered for a piece on Tuesday. We have been discussion what we are going plant since then. I prefer some easy to plant vegetables or herbs, she wants beautiful flowers!

Honestly, I am not good at this and has zero interest in it but Den loves the here we go, we are going to plant something...hopefully it will grow....but first I think we need to clear the land first. There are lots of small stones on our space. So I think we need to get some gardening gloves and hats and start clearing the stones first, I think...HELP!!!!

While I type this I suddenly remember we have a book about kids and gardening! (May be we do have books for every topic under the sun in our study!) Ok, we are going to start by reading this book. That's a good start! At least it is away from the sun!

May be tomorrow we will go to the nursery and get some gloves and tools...

We started our study at around Noon. We recited Week 8 Bible verse (as I have predicted, Den has no problem with that, can recite the whole verse without any help already) and then we listen to 2 Bible stories in the Word & Song Bible (under Bible) - one about God gave 10 commandment to Moses, 2nd about the book of Leviticus (5 types of offerings and celebrating passover).

After prayer, Den read 4 pages of I Can Read It! Book 1 (under Sonlight Reader 1) while I checked my emails. As always, I will let her read by her self first. When she is done, I will ask her to tell me the story in her own words (sometime she can do it and sometime she will tell me she don't understand the story) before I ask her to read for me.

After that, we looked some of the internet link for week 7 science. This are some of the interesting link:

1. About wave - honestly I think week 7 science was boring and I don't really get the wave thing. The Children Encyclopedia (under Science) says

"wave are a kind of energy, moving through the water. Although the wave move through the water, the water actually stays in the same place."

I was like ???? Until I checked out the internet link last night, then I finally understand. The water actually move in circular path and goes back to its original position after the wave. If you goes ??? like me, check out the following link, with its animation, it really make a lot of least to me.

(a) animation that explain how the water move ;

(b) you can make some wave here;

(c) this explain how Tsunami different from wave.

(2)Tide lines - - this is a good site to check out some of the interesting things that are left behind from the sea at the tide lines. I saw a lot of these stuff at the beach but never realize what they are until today.

(3)Antarctic - our favorite:

(a) interesting site with lots of short video and pictures about antarctic;

(b) step into the shoes of a Leopard Seal and see the antarctic from its view. Cool!

(c) Den's favorite - play a silly penguins game. Guide the daddy penguin so that the egg is balance on his feet. Den played for 20 min until I have to stop her and asked her to eat lunch. We have vegetable porridge today, still trying to keep it less oily for Den sake.

After lunch, Den work on a math worksheet. She was going very slow at the beginning, low concentration level...may be we should not do math right after meal..but later on when she concentrated, she did it really fast.

She also did 2 pages of Handwriting Without Tears (under workbook)

After that we took out the Dorlch Sight Word list that we have not been using for a long long time. I'm not sure if I wrote about this before but Dorlch Sight Word is 220 high frequency words identified by Edward William Dolch. I downlaoded the list, flash cards and game from this site a few months ago.

Den and I only went tru List one a few months ago. Today when I took it out again, she has not problem with all the 20 words in list 1. I think we can go for List 2.

We played go fish with list 1. After that we reviewed what we learned from last night Between The Lions (under CD/DVD).

That's all we did before we went out for dinner with my parents again...:)

At night I read a chapter of The Hundred Dresses (under Sonlight ReadAloud) for her. A bitter sweet story about teasing in school and peer pressure. The Between The Lions story last night dueling with good sad story came in real handy (read about it in my previous blog here).

The book is beautifully written but with lots of descriptive words that a bit hard to explain to a 5 years old.

For review & info --For K books - (updated 04 March 2010)
Pre K books-

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