Friday, March 5, 2010

05 March 2010

I'm going to bring Den for eye check tomorrow. Honestly I have been worry. If she is still not using both eyes, then we need to start her on therapy...which mean travel down to KL a few times a week...I also worry about driving to KL. Driving has never been one of my strong point, esp to unfamiliar places.

Please uphold us in your prayer. Pray especially for us to be able to give thanks even if the result is unfavourable. I'm trying to give thanks for my worries too...well give thanks in ALL circumstances, right?

We did not study today.

Den spent the night with my parents and she throw up in the middle of night again. This morning over breakfast, my dad insisted I make an appointment with the doc (not just any doc, he actually managed to find the telephone number of one of the best doc dealing with lung!!!). To me, throwing up is just her body trying to get ride of all the phlegm in her lung (caused by flu). I'm going to wait and see if she improved.

After breakfast, I bought her to register for Primary 1. In Malaysia, if you want to get a spot in a Chinese School, you need to register your child 2 years before she enter. Even with that, there is no guarantee you will be able to get in. Since we have not decide if we are going to continue to homeschool during the primary years, we decided to go ahead and register her first.

Choosing this particular school because:

a. One of the nearest to our house;

b. it has excellent extra curriculum - gymnastic, spots, etc. One of the main consideration for us to send her to school.

We visited the canteen on our way out and Den was very excited to see they sell ice cream there. She also like the idea of buying her own food. My mom and I teased her, this is a Chinese school and if she cant order in Mandarin then the auntie in the canteen wont be able to understand her. Right away she speak in Mandarin, "我要吃米粉!" (I want to eat Bee Hun, a type of noodle) I was so surprised! I did not even know she know the word Bee Hun! May be our next Chinese lesson will be on this!

After that, we went to the bookstore in Amcop Mall. Recently I realize I have not been read for fun. I spend most of the time reading kids books or parenting books, so I bought 2 novels for my self (...and 2 parenting books...).

After lunch, I came back and vacuum the house while Den played in my parents house. I took her home after dinner (she has Oat with milk again, since we are trying to get her less oily food) and get her to bed really early at 9pm since she has not slept well last night. Pray that she is not going to throw up again.

Before bed, we read a few chapters of Kids Gardening (under Any Other Topics). We have some idea of how to start planting...only problem is we have not decide what to plant.

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