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09 June 2009

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We started late again. Den woke up at 1130am. I cant complain since it gave me some precious time to do my church work.

We started school at 1pm. We repeated the Bible verse and read Jonah story.

Then we read a ridiculously difficult chapter about Seabed in "What's under the sea?". It talks about Plates, Mantle, Magma, Volcano, hot spring and how to measure the depth of a sea!!!! It was hard! Even for me! I hope I explained it right. I'm not sure. You look at this and tell me it is too much for a 4 years old or what? I think it is too much for a 37 years old as well!! Tomorrow we are going into Drilling for Oil and I'm not looking forward to that!

After that I was supposed to read a story from The children's Book of Virtues. It is about how Genghis Khan killed his bird in anger. His favorite pet hawk kept knocking down his silver cup whenever Khan raised it to drink the water he gather from the droping of a brook. Finally, he was so angry that he killed the hawk. Only later he found out there was a hug poisonous snake laying dead at the pool (where the water came from), then he realized that his hawk was trying to save him. But it was too late.

I hate to tell any story with dead animal or people. Den will definitely cry. Last week, during holiday, I read a story about a farmer saved a bird and the bird took the form of a pretty woman and married the farmer. Later on the farmer realized his wife is actually the bird and so she left him. Den cried and cried after that story. So you can imagine how much I dread today's story. Remember? This is the girl who cried after watching Shriek 1 because the evil prince did not get the girl. She wants happy ending for every one.

Blessedly I don't have to finish the story. Half way through the story, Den told me to stop. She asked me, "is it about the dead snake?" I said, "yes and how do u know?" She told me her popo already told her this story and she would not want to listen to it again. She usually love to listen to the same story again and again but today she refused. I'm glad too!

I am a bit worry because Sonlight K program (the next step, we will start may be next year) has books about WWII and people & animals ended up dead, how are we going to get tru?

Next, we did our favorite books - "A child's book of Art" & "A first Word Bank". Today we look at Meals. We loved one of the picture from A child's book of Art. I promised her I will scan and print out and put it in our kitchen.

After that I want to teach her to differentiate Glass, Cup & Mug. So I draw in her scrapbook and she colored them.

When I cooked lunch, I let her cut out our craft work today - Dolphin (you can download the template here). Jonah was swallowed by a big fish, I would like to believe it was a whale and dolphin was the smallest type of whale! So there, the connection! hahah! :)

It took her 2 hour to eat her lunch and that really drove me crazy! I clean up the kitchen, hand washed some of the clothes, checked and replied my mail and yet she was not done.

We finally started school again at 4pm! As punishment, she did not get to watch her Chinese cartoon today.

We assembled the dolphin. Then we used play doh to make letter. We made A, B, E, F, H, L, M, N, T. Btw, Den took the photo too!

Then I bath Den and gave her 3 worksheets on LA (language art), 1 handwritting without tears, 1 on shapes and coloring and 1 on maze while I cooked dinner.

She could not finished her LA worksheets because she did the wrong chapter! I had to help her out after dinner. I wanted to read Chinese book to her today but did not have the time. Will do it tomorrow.

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