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03 June 2009 - all about Ruth

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EE came over today, so we had our own VBS (Vacation Bible School!) just kidding! haha! But it is a school day during vacation and it was all about Ruth!

I decided to do Ruth because Den & EE are both very much into Disney's Princesses. I'm a bit worry that might some how twisted their view on marriage and love. Ruth is a down to earth love story.

I used the Pray & Prayer Bible to tell the story. I paraphrased a lot since I want to emphasize on the LOVE STORY. I pointed out neither Ruth nor Boaz are pretty on the outside but kind and gentle and loving in the inside. Den caught on pretty quickly since we had been discussing this in length. She quickly pointed out just like Shriek! Hmmm...not sure Ruth & Boaz are as ugly as Shriek but ...that's the general idea!

After the story telling, I asked them to retell it back to me. They cant do it as well as the David & Jonathan's story. I have to ask some prompting question to keep it going. Both of them still don't quite get the mother in law, daughter in law relationship despite my explanation. :(

Then we sing songs and play games. Most of them taken from the Play & Pray Bible.

The first song (tune: my bonnie lie over the ocean)

Wherever you go, I will follow
Wherever you stay, I will too
Your people will all be my people
and your God, I'll worship with you.
Fol-low, fol-low
I'll follow wherever you go today
Fol-low, fol-low
I'll follow you and there I'll stay.

I dressed them up with some clothes and we role-played. Naomi asked Ruth to go home but Ruth sing back and say no. Naomi hug Ruth and said, I love you. The lyrics was too long for them, but they had fun playing.

After that, we played "follow the leader". We took turn be the leader and did silly actions, the others had to follow.

2nd song: (Tune: farmer in the dell)
Ruth picks the grain x2
Ruth hopes in God
So Ruth picks the grain.

EE was the planter first. She took a bag of straws (pretend to be grain) and dropped them on the floor. Den was Ruth. She sang and picked up all the straws. Then they switched roles. They played so many time that I lost count. :)

3th song is actually the Bible Verse rhyme with finger play:
A friend loves at all times. (Proverbs 17:17a)

Den & EE faced each other. I said a statement and they have to answer with the Bible verse while touching each other index fingers.

I said, "A friend will love you when you are sad."
They answer: "A friend loves at all time."

I said, "A friend will love you when you are mad."
They answer: "A friend loves at all time."

I said, "A friend will love you when you do something wrong."
They answer: "A friend loves at all time."

I said, "A friend will love you all along."
They answer: "A friend loves at all time."

After that they did some worksheet on Ruth (I downloaded from the net) while I cooked lunch. Today we had bread (from grain we can make bread) with Burger Patti, egg, fried button mushroom with onion. I also let them prepared their own salad. They tear the veggie, mixed in the carrot sticks, tomato, raisin and thousand island sources.

They had fun eating but it took them more than 1 hour to complete their lunch. :(

After that I showed them a short but very cute video clips about Ruth I found from the net before they proceed to watch Veggie Tales.

This was part of Den's passing motion reward! haha! Den has always has problem with passing motion. When she was younger, her bowel movement was not too good. She would go for days without passing motion.

It improved with age (and lots of encouragements, scolding, veggie & fruit intake) and now she is just too lazy to go to pass motion. She seldom feel the urge to go. So she only goes when we ask (or force) her to. She has no problem once she is seated at the toilet bowl.

In order to encourage her to go (and foster the good habit of daily passing motion), we give her stars if she pass motion everyday (before this she used to get stars if she pass motion every other day). Once she collected certain amount of stars she can exchange reward likes going to book store or Ikea, long cartoon, etc.

She had this "long cartoon" award for more than a week ago but she wanted to wait for EE to come over so that they can watch together. I'm rather happy with her choice since I need to watch this particular Veggie Tales for my next Sunday Sunday School lesson. Haha! One stone killed 2 birds.

Den loves Veggie Tales but I find it too difficult for her. It is more suitable for primary kids. So I have to sit around and do some explanation.

MA came to pick up EE right after they finished their cartoon. As usual, lots of drama and tears when they said good bye.

Den asked to go swimming in the evening. I said ok since the weather was so hot (and no haze). She had fun swimming while I read news paper and preparing her next week lesson at the sides. She was learning to go under the water. A great improvement. She usually doesn't like water to touch her face.

I think may be one of the reason she is trying out is because when she took bath with W&W, she saw how W&W didn't mind the water touch their faces. Great!

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