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15 June 2009

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Last week we only have like 2.5 days of school and we took it really slowly and we ended up not doing too badly. We did:

4 day of Sonlight, 1 phonic, 3 crafts, 3 math worksheets, 1 writting worksheets, 8 language art worksheets, 3 Chinese stories, 4 piano practices and 2 swimming. On top of that Den spent 3 whole days playing with EE when I run the kids camp in church. Over all, I have to say, GOOD! :)

We continue at the slower pace this week. On Monday I was still very tired from last week camp, so we were on very very relax pace. We continued last week sonlight, so we practiced last week Bible verse and I told her 2 Bible stories - King Josiah (2Chronicles 34) & the end of Israel & Judah ( 2King 24-25; Isaiah 53; Micah 5).

Den was a bit shocked when she heard about what happen to Israel and Judah. She knew God punishes those who were disobedient but she never thought the punishment would be so severe. It was a hard lesson to teach but at least it came with a promise - Messiah -if God's people turn back to Him. There is hope. I starting to like this Family Time Bible more and more.

After that we read Stories from Africa chapter 3. This time it is about a missionary pilot helped saved a little boy's life.

A missionary couple's youngest son Billy was very sick. Their two way radio hasn't worked for the past two months, but in desperation, they decided to try it one more time. It reached the pilot!
The pilot made it to their house before the storm and darkness took over. They prayed that God would look after Billy that night since they cant fly out until morning. They also prayed for a miracle because the fog usually covered the sky from morning til afternoon. It was a clear day when the pilot woke up in the very early morning. He managed to get Billy to the hospital asap. After 2 days of struggling, finally Billy was getting better.

It is a wonderful story. I am contemplating on sharing in Sunday School.

After that we had lunch. Porridge. Den's request.

Then Den help me to snap lady's fingers for dinner. She is getting really good at that.

We have free time after that. At least free time for her while I checked my email (I have not check my mail since last Thurs -- over 100 new mails....) and also plan this week lesson.
We went swimming 5-6pm. There were lots of kids swimming in the pool. A clear day without haze must be the reason. Den choose to play with youngest - a 1 plus baby girl. A cutie. She can really spent time talking to her, carried her around, played with her. I think the little girl's mom wished Den is her daughter. :)

While I cook dinner, she did a few worksheets - 1 on subtraction, 1 on writing and 1 on Language art.

After dinner, I decided to start this week lesson (since she cant play UNO, punishment for destroying her water bottle). We read from What's under the sea? This time it is about Drilling Oil from the sea. She is going to bring the book to Sunday School this Sunday and ask Uncle Job exactly what did he do. Hopefully she will see Uncle Job.

Then we read a Chinese book. One of the thing I'm going to change is to learn less Chinese word card but read more Chinese book to her. I think it is still the best way to improve her Chinese.
Recently I found this set of books that I absolutely love. Unfortunately it is a translated book (English Author). I hate to buy translated book. Prefer the original text. But it is really cheap compared to if I get it from what to the Chinese version loh. :(

I love this series because it is about a little girl called Katie and she has a special power to go into all the famous pictures in the Art museum and interact with the people inside the pictures!!
There are 7 books in the series ( I think more in English) and we read the first one last week, it is called 凯蒂的画中历险(Katie's Picture Show). In this book, she went into The Hay Wain by John Constable, met Madam Moitessier by Ingres, played with the little girl in Les Parapluies by Renoir, saw the tiger in Tropical Storm by Rosseau and almost drown in Dynamic Superematism by Kaimir Malevich.
It was soooooooooo fun to read! Only problem - the Chinese is kind of diffcult for Den, so I pretty much paraphrased everything. Besides that I also spend almost a whole night last tuesday trying to find out all the painters and paintings name in English. Still not done yet. :(

On Monday, we read the 2nd book - 凯蒂和蒙娜丽莎(Katie and the Mona Lisa). In this book she met the really lonely and unhappy Mona Lisa. In order to cheer her up, she brought Mona Lisa out of her painting and in search of friends. First, they were attracted by the handsome knight, St. George in St. George & the dragon by Raphel. Then they danced with the goddesses in Primavera by Botticelli. After that the lion from The Lion of St. Mark by Carpaccio flew them to Venice and have a nice tour in gondola while eating spaghetti and galati.

After the book, we looked at some of the photo ST & I took when we visited Venice. Den and I want to go to Italy now. We want to eat galati. Not the yucky one you can find here in the shopping complex but the really good one in Rome!!! I also want cappuccino!

Dream on. :)

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