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23 June 2009

For review & info of most of the books I mentioned here, please goes to (updated 23 June 2009)

It was a big day for Den. Her Yamaha class concert. It is the first time she perform solo. She had a concert last year at the end of Yamaha music kids but it was a group performance. This one is different because she had to introduce her self and the music that she was going to play and then played them on teacher piano. I was very excited to see how would she respond to pressure.

When teacher first announced about the concert a month ago, Den cried. She thought the concert was on the following week and she didn't think she was ready for that. But when I explained to her it was 4 weeks later, she relaxed. I thought she would be nervous again when the time got near, but she never did. In fact, she was rather excited about it and wanted to be the first one to perform.

To prepare her mentally, I went tru with her the whole process and what she was going to say in the concert. She even added in her own idea of welcoming the guess to the concert at the beginning (that's why she wanted to be the first to perform so that she can welcome the guess).

I make her said her introduction to me again and again, then to her daddy and then to her grandparents and finally to her uncle too. At first she was really reluctant and spoken in a mousy voice that nobody can hear. But slowly and slowly, she gained confident and started to speak up.

I also prepared her for things that might go wrong. What if you cant be the first one to perform (she ended up be the second person to perform)? What if you play it wrong? etc.

It paid off during the concert. She was really confident. She spoke up in a loud and clear voice to welcomed the guess, introduced her self and the songs that she was going to play. Then she proceeded in playing 2 songs without any mistake. It was a long way from the girl who cringed to us and refused let go and shy away from any new experience. Thank God for that.

Most of her classmates spoke so soft that no one can hear them. One little boy even cried and refused to play.

I think there is pro and con in making kids so young to give a solo performance. If it was not handle properly, it might be a frightening experience for the child.

That was the highlight of the day. :)

As for study, hmm.. we had about an hour this morning. We finished reading What's under the sea? (Thank God for that too!) today and it was about how we use the sea - fishing, mining minerals etc.

It also talks about i"n some hot countries, seawater is collected in flat pans near shore. It dries up in the sun, leaving salt behind." So we did an experiment. We dissolved salt in hot water, then put it under the sun. A few hour later, all the water was evaporated and only the salt were left. Den thought it was so amazing. :)

We also read one 2 poems from Animal Animal and 4 poems from A treasury of Mother Goose. To enhance her learning, I spent a whole night researching and downloading origins, pictures and music and even video that goes with the mother goose poems. (all the works only for this week and next week lesson...Im not sure I will be able to continue this way....). These are some of the good site that you can check it out if you interested in knowing more about Mother Goose:

1. Teaching phonic using mother goose: 30 downloadable well plan lessons with Rhymes cards and more. I tried this with Den when she was only 2+ and failed. But I think she is ready now. I will do this with her again at the end of the year.

2. It comes with different pictures that goes with the poem and also some music. However some of the music do not work.

3. This is a very interesting site. You will find out the origins of most nursery rhymes reflect events in history. Some of them are too difficult for the kids to understand but some are interesting for them to know.

For example, we read "Girls & Boys come out to play" today. At first I thought the kids were very naughty because they went out to play at night and did not want to sleep but after I read in this site, then I realize that it was because at that time kids had to work like 16 hours a day and had no time to play at all!!

4. a very good site for all the popular kids music. You just have to type in the title of the rhymes and it will give u the music. But it is not downloadable and it is without singing.

Another good source will be Youtube. Just type in the rhymes title and you wont believe some of the stuffs that people put in there! Btw, all the things that I got for this week and next week lesson can be found in (for follower only).

We read twinkle twinkle today, so I let Den worked on one of her favorite book of all time My first nursery rhyme activity book. After each rhymes there are like 7 pages of activities for her to do. That's how I got time to cook. :)

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