Saturday, June 20, 2009

19 June 2009 & more

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We only study in the morning because we go kai kai with SD yiyi in the afternoon! :)

Still, that gave us about 2 hours of study time. Not bad.

Den woke up at around 1030am. We started with the Bible verse then we read a missionary story from "Stories from Africa". This true story is about how a missionary and his African friend have a narrow escape from the fierce lions.

After that, we read a poem from The Children's Book of Virtues and I wanted her to use the poem as base and make a poem of her own. She did it last week with a silly mother goose poem but she cant do it this time. I think she don't quite get this week poem. (read detail in previous post 08June2009) The metaphor is much harder in today poem. It talks about how God make my life like a little light so that it will glow in darkness or little flower so that I can give joy to others or a little staff so that the weak can rest on me....

I didn't push her after a few try. So we continue our study in A children's Book of Art instead. This week topic is boating - we looked at 1 Japanese painting, 1 Ethiopian painting and 2 European paintings. I tried to point out the differences in styles...not sure if she get me....but she is getting quite good in discussing the paintings. She would asked me, "mommy, which one do you like?" Then she would tell me which one she like and the reasons. Sometime we also take turn in guessing which one she/me like.

Then we read about ways to travel in A First Word Bank. New words we learned - Spokes, mudguard (bicycle parts), skim and hurtle. Hmm..not sure we would be able to use this words in our are supposed to use the new word 10 time in your normal conversation in order to "own" the word...

After that we finished book 6 of the cosmotot math. Today we learned to do addition in a different way. Instead of the normal 1+2=? today we learned 1+?=3. Den had no problem in understanding the concept but need more practice.

While having lunch (with SD) and dinner (with ST) in the curve, Den did 3 pages of math worksheets.

I brought a few new math workbooks in Popular for her. 2 from a Malaysia publication (easier, just for practice because it was on sales - KB Mathematics Book 1&2) and 2 from Singapore publication (harder - Creative Math, preparing for primary 1). I especially like the Singapore workbooks because it covered basic concept of graph. Since I'm following USA assessment (download from if you are my followers) , I need to teach graph concept in K.

I don't think we study graph/chart when we were in primary? I think they still don't teach that in MLY primary. Any way, Singapore do. So I'm going to introduce the concept to Den soon. I found one in the Internet that is quite interesting, it tie with Goldilocks story. If you are interested, you can download a free copy here (for follower only).

On Sat, 20 June 2009 Den did another 4 math worksheets while visiting ST mom. One is to arranged number from the smallest to Biggest, one from biggest to smallest. The other 2 introduce the concept of < & >. Besides that I continued reading stories for her every night before she sleep. That covered part of Sonlight program as well as Chinese stories.

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