Monday, June 8, 2009


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I decide to go slower with Den and that's what we did. After a long break, we were reluctant to start school today. It was hard to start at the beginning but once we get the ball rolling we had fun.
Den woke up at noon and we only start at around 130pm. Our new verse today is
"It is wonderful to say the right thing at the right time. ~Proverbs 15:23"
She has no problem in understanding the verse and memorizing it. We read 1 bible story about King Joash (2king 11). Then I asked her to retold the story. She did it with my helps.

Then we did "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lesson" chp 48. We learned new sound today "P". It took us closed to 1 hour to finish the lesson. She has no problem to recall most of the phonic sound (just took her longer to read) but almost forgotten all the sight word (words that are not phonically correct are taught as sight word like for example - was, said, etc.)

Then we had lunch. ST off this morning, so he brought back food for us. Ya! No need to cook. :)

After lunch, we read books. We read a peom about peacock from Eric Carle's "Animals, Animals" and we decided to paint a peacock on Den's scrapbook and that's what we did!
I drew the bird, then we color it together. It took us quite some time but it turned out rather pretty, if I may said so my self!
After that we read 4 poems from mother goose and wrote a poem for ST.
The original poem said,
"If I had a donkey that wouldn't go,
would I beat him? Oh no, no.
I'd put him in the barn and give him some corn.
The best little donkey that ever was born."
Then we changed it to "If I had a doggy that wouldn't bark", "I I had a baby that wouldn't sleep", etc but our favorite is this:
"If I had a daddy that wouldn't go to work,
would I beat him? Oh no, no.
I'd put him in Den's room and give him some UNO cards.
The best little daddy that ever was born."
After that we read a chapter about underwater machines like submersibles, submarines, bathyscaphe's and ROVs from "What's under the sea?". I'm impressed with my self. :)
Then I remembered a song about submarines from Fun Song Factory (VCD), I wanted to search for it. We ended up watching and dancing to 2 episode of FSF (less than 15 min for each episode), but still could not find the song! We had fun dancing though. We used to watch this when we homeschool Den, EE, W&W together. They loved it and still do.
After the dancing, it was time for her Chinese cartoon on Goodtv. I worked on sunday school camp (this weekend) while she watched. Then when she finished, she ate a cake that her dotting grandpa brought last night while I prepare dinner. She did 2 worksheets - one simple addition worksheet (less than 10) and one clock worksheet and practiced piano while I cooked.
We finished at the same time. Then we took bath and play UNO while waiting for ST to come home. He was really late today because of the traffic jam.
ST came home, we ate dinner together and after that Den and I continue playing UNO. We also played brainstorm. A very interesting block game my uncle brought her when she was 2 years old! She finally can play now. :)

I think I love playing it more than she does. haha!

Then we dance some more. Practice dance steps for my camp.

We did like half of what we usually do during a school day but instead we go deeper into the lesson like drawing peacock and making poem and had fun. So far I like it and she enjoyed it. Let see how it goes.

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