Wednesday, June 3, 2009

activities during holiday weeks

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We had too much fun in holiday! haha!

I decided to give us some break time these two weeks for 2 reasons:

1. give Den some breathing room. I think I might have pushed her a bit too hard, she need some time off to play and just be a silly 4 years old;

2. I want to take time to rectify and catch up on some of the things that we usually don't have time to do: like practice piano, etc.

One of the thing that I want to take time off to do is writing. I have never teach her how to write. She did a lot of coloring on her own (some time a few pages a day) since she turn 3+ because she loved it. I also let her write some Chinese words but that is all. I have never really teach her how to write ABC or 123.

Recently she has make a lot of mirror image mistake when she write, I know it is a command mistakes among kids her age, but I still decided to take some time to teach her how to write, starting basic.

I brought "Writing without tears" from Sonlight but I never seriously looking into it until this week.
I realized that I should have done it earlier!

This is the way that Den hold her pencil:

and I always thought she hold it wrong and I wanted her to hold it this way:

Handwriting without Tears ensured me that both way are correct way of holding pencil. What is even more surprisingly, when I told my dear hubby ST about it, he said he has always hold the pencil the same way Den hold hers!!!!! Hmmm...and we were celebrating our 10th anniversary this year!!!

Any way, I also start with the basic -using wooden blocks and mat man like what the book suggested. I did not want to spend money buying the wooden blocks, so I use the template in the books and use cardboard paper to make the blocks. Ok, it took me the whole night but saved a lot of money and they looks pretty good to me!
The idea is before a kid learn to write, let her form the letter with the block first. This will help kid to form each letter correctly, systematically and without reversals.

Besides that we can use the block to make mat man which will help kids to develop body awareness, drawing and counting skill.

So far we had fun with this and the best thing is Den did not realize we were studying!haha! She thought we were playing game! :)
The other thing the book suggested is to use the play doh to form letter, we have not try it yet, that's our activity for tmrw.
Besides that we also did some reading at a very slow pace like one story per day. That's very enjoyable.

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