Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lessons with a 3.5 years old Part 2

I like to repeat my lessons espcially for the younger kids, So Lesson 2 is closely related with Lesson 1. For Lesson I please click here.

Lesson 2: 27 Aug 2010 
1. Review Bible Lesson
 – The Lord is My Shepherd: Psalm 23 Part II *check coloring homework

a. Review memory verse

b. Dramatized

c. P&W- Den lead including“One Little Two Little Three Little Sheep”

d. Prayer & Listening

e. Craft: using Bread & round biscuit to make sheep shape

f. Drawing a sheep game (rolling dice)- roll one draw the head, roll two draw ears, etc etc and see who can finish drawing the whole sheep first! Fun to play, see game instruction here:

2. Review Three Billy Goat

a. Den using Puppet retelling the story

b. Retelling the story in Mandarin 

c. Learn Chinese word –大,中,小,羊,桥, 角 - I used 字形画 (Chinese words come from pictures, so I tried to draw out the picture and show Den and XE how the word came about. I find this help them to remember the Chinese words better).

3. Review – the sound of "G" (for XE) & "OA"(for Den)

4. Companion Rhyme: Jack and Jill -a nursery rhyme in which the characters, like the goats, are attempting to make it up the hillside and have difficulties;

a. Read the familiar rhyme

b. Introduce word family "ill" - Read a small book on "ill" - you can download this for free here.

5. Lunch break

6. Craft: make Sheep - pasted Cotton on sheep's picture and make a very pretty sheep!

7. Review –

a. Bible Verse The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

b. Bible Concept – God is our good shepherd, He take care of us.

c. 大,中,小,羊,桥, 角

d. Sound of G &  ill

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