Thursday, October 14, 2010

14 Oct 2010

I am sick. We were supposed to have school with the 3.5 years old XE today but I got throat infection and cant really talked. So we had to cancel school last minute.

Instead, Den and I had a quite day at home.

She practiced her piano (45 min) and did 3 homeworks (about 1.5 hours)  -

1. Reading Comprehension - Using Disney Princess Reading Comprehension. I bought this last year but it was too difficult for her then. Now is just nice. She read the story her self and answer the written questions her self.

She has no problem in understanding stories but this is a very good practice in learning to answer question in a proper manner.

2. Grammar -Continued using Enchanted English Key Stage 1 (you can read more about this here). Today is a review on what we had learned for the past few lessons - alphabet order, plurals, present tense, ck ending, magic e (or silence E) and past tense.

3. Sudoku- I recently found a good sudoku for kids in Book Xcess (Amcop Mall, PJ). I cant remember the name of the book now. It cost RM12.90, a bit expensive for a sudoku book...since the one I'm using only cost me RM1!

But I like it that it came in 3 levels - starting with 2x2 boxes, then 3x2 boxes finally normal 3x3 boxes. In each level, the difficulties increased with each puzzles.

Den just started doing the 3x2 boxes. She is not very good at it yet. She understands what need to be done and how to do it but she keep making mistakes, so most of the time I need to work with her.

After that we make a craft (1 hour) - using colorful crystals and make a wind chime. I bought it from a homeschooling garage sales in SG.  It only cost SGD1!! This is the 2nd time we worked with these colorful crystal beads, I think we did a good job.

We only had time for the activities above. I planed to let her work on Chinese and Reading but we never make it there....tomorrow is another day! Any way, we had fun staying home. When I asked her can we have another quite day at home tomorrow, just like today. She agreed eagerly. ^^

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