Friday, October 15, 2010

15 Oct 2010

I'm still sick today. It did not seem to get better...

My throat is better though (even though headache and flu are getting worst),  so after piano practice (45 min), I read 3 Chinese books for Den, including 我把哪个部分弄丢了?(What Is My Missing Part?).

This is part of the bilingual books I bought a few months back. I read the Chinese printed text for her, after that she pasted the English text stickers into the corresponding pages. You can check out my previous write up for the other two books from the same series -纸飞机飞到哪里去了? (Where Is The Paper Airplane?) and 凯文在大海中旅行 (Kevin travels in the sea).

Today's book is about Shapes -圆形(circle), 三角形(triangle),椭圆形(oval),六角形(hexagon),正方形(square),长方形(rectangle) and 菱形(Diamond).

She knew all the name of the shapes in English, except for hexagon but she only know 圆形(circle), 三角形(triangle),正方形(square)and 长方形(rectangle) in Chinese. Still need lots of revision after this. I'm still think on how to keep track of all the things that I need to drill her with.

After that she read a lesson from Disney Princess' Reading Comprehension (see the write up here) and answered the questions. She still made mistakes. Looking for answer in the story by her self is still a new thing for her.

After that she did a lesson on Capital Letters (when to put capital letter) in Enchanted English Key Stage 1(read more about that here) and a 3x2 Sudoku. She was much faster in the sudoku today but I still have to sit with her. She spent about 2 hours working on school works today.

I did not ask her to read her reader today because she had been reading a book I bought from garage sales called Magical Stories For 6 Year Old. She read 63 pages already. I think that's enough for a day's reading! ^^ She is obsessed with reading recently, basically will read everything and anything (too bad only in English! When she sees a Chinese book, she will just turn and walk away!!!)

Last night, my DH showed her my blog (she did not know I have been keeping a blog about her schooling), her first reaction was "DELETE ALL OF THEM NOW!!!" After my DH told her it cant be deleted and we did not put her real name in the blog, she was OK with that. Then she started to read my blog! DH said, from now on I got to be even more careful of what I write!^^

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