Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 June 2010

Den was having fever yesterday, so we did not do much. I read all the books we lend from SG library and we did a bit of the math cube activity book (read about this here) and we learned the new Chinese song about Mercy Watson (read about this here). She get tired very fast, so I did not want stressed her up.

Today she woke up without fever, praise the Lord!

We started school with her eye exercise first. She seems to be improving. Seems to me she have better control of her eyes now than when we first started 3 months ago but we can be sure until we send her for June check up.

After exercise, we redid all the Level One exercise from the math cube activity book. Den requested it. I wanted to go to the Level Two but she want to make sure she get it all correct for Level One (she missed a few the last time round). She got it all correct this time and she was satisfied. I joined some of the cubes together so that we are ready for Level two tomorrow.

Last night she found out I brought along I Can Read! Book 3 (under Sonlight Reader 1) and was very excited to read them. Today I found out she actually read 5 lessons last night by her self. I let her read aloud 3 lessons for me. She wanted to continue but I can tell she was tired, so I asked her to stop.

After that, it was time for our Chinese lesson. We practiced the whole Mercy Watson song. I sang first and she copy what I sang.

After that we look at one of the book I bought from SG book fair- 纸飞机飞到哪里去了?(Where Is The Paper Airplane?) It is part of a set of 6 bilingual books. It is actually designed to teach toddler about simple vocabs and concept - they cover topic like direction, color, shape, body parts, numbers, comparison and transportation. 

If it is in English it will be way too easy for Den but her Chinese is really...... So any way, I decided to start from the basic with her.

The book we did today is about direction - Up, Down, Under, Between, Over, In, Behind, In Front of, On. Oh my, I was glad I choose to do this with her because sad to say even though she understand all the terms when I said them in Mandarin, she actually cant said them her self. 

The book is interesting because after we read it in Chinese, it came with stickers in English (the whole text). So I cut out the stickers and let her read the English words her self and stick them at the correct pages. 

Ok, I'm starting a new Chinese word list to keep track of all the Chinese words we learned this week so that I can keep using them with Den in our daily lives.

After that we play games with Dolch list 3 and we also played UNO. She practiced piano while I cleaned the house in the evening. She actually said no to playground, so I think she was still not totally herself yet.

DH worked late today, so after dinner, I let Den play with a Chinese website I found today. It has a few songs and games suitable for beginners. I hope to find more website like this in the future. I also checked out the GoodTV web broadcast. I am considering letting Den watch the GoodTV Chinese cartoon through the web. My only concern is the screen is kind of small.

After that, we reviewed the history of Christopher Columbus and the pilgrims. Den requested to play with the Christopher Columbus game she saw when we learned about Henry VIII. I let her played for awhile.

After the game, we read about Art using First Look at Art -Family. I bought this last years at a very reasonable price. It was a bit difficult for Den then, so I waited until now to use it. To read more about it, please check out my review at Pre K Book (under Art).

Today we looked at 3 family portrait and we learned about how to decode the portrait from the way the artists positioned the people in the portrait.

After we finished reading, I let Den work on one of the exercise suggested in the book. Making a family portrait. That's what she is doing now. Will scan it when I have access to a scanner. I missed my scanner!

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