Tuesday, June 22, 2010

21 June 2010

We have a very busy June - friends stayed with us in SG, holiday camp, etc etc. Even after we came back to MLY, there were friends from oversea visiting us here.

Finally yesterday, we had nothing on! We have not had a day like this for a long long time. So Den and I declared it is a doing nothing day (ordoing anything you want day).

Den started off with practicing her piano. Class concert is next week.

After that she colored and she read book and then she decided she want to do craft. We haven't done that for quite awhile. So we set up at the kitchen table and took out the My Giant Press Out Activity Book I bought from Book Xcess (Amcop Mall) for only RM17.90.

All together there are 5 themed activities in the book. We did the first one -Lets Decorate Horse & Pony. We make the background, including the podiums ourselves, the rest are all pressed out. Looks quite good, isnt it?

We spent about 2 hour doing these and by the time we finished we were starving. So we ate the porridge I cooked earlier. We had been eating too much outside food and we need to let our stomach rest too.

After the meal and clean up, Den colored and draw in her room while I checked emails and doing some research on Chinese words. That is my latest obsession, will go into that next time.

We decided we need some exercises after that. So we took out a dance DVD we bought from Jusco long long time ago but never had the time to use it. We had fun dancing for about 30 mins (actually we were just did the rather hard warm up dance steps and have not even go into the actual dance! ^^). I took a bath after that while Den watched her GoodTV Chinese cartoon.

We went out with my parents for dinner in the evening. We were stuck in the traffic jam for like an hour ( I told my dad we should have go out after 730pm-after the 1st world cup match started). Any way, Den got so bored that she decided to read the I Can Read! Book 2 (under Sonlight Reader 1). She finished the whole book. ^^

After dinner, we spent some time in the mall, I ended up buying a book from 商务 Borders - 肚子里有个火车站 (direct translation -"I got a translation inside my tummy" - I'm not exactly sure what is the English name since it is actually translated from German book). It is a interesting book that talk about what happen inside our tummy when we eat.

It also talks about why it is important to chew all the food well, not overeating and drink warm drinks instead of cold drinks. Den and I enjoyed reading that. I have not make up my mind if I want to make this into a song too.

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