Friday, June 18, 2010

18 June 2010

We came back to MLY yesterday, so now I can use my Scanner! Yes!

These are the two pages I scanned from the Cube Math book we have been using, read about my write up about this here.

Exercise 19 - Look at the cubes on the right (B, C, F) which one go into which box on the left (some of them can go into more than one boxes)

Exercise 20- If you stick the single cube into the 3 cubes formation, which formation it will make now?

Look at the 3 cubes formation G. If you turn the formation around, which are the possible formations?

A few days ago, Den and I looked at an Art book called First Look At Art - Families. After that she draw a portrait of our family and where we stay. Read about the write up here.

From the Top Left - Me, Den, DH, 3 of us holding hands together and the bottom is our wedding (one of her favorite thing to draw).

On the Right is our condo, she draw three of us at our floor. Besides it are the adult & kid swimming pools at our condo. It has pool side recliners and big umbrella with table and chairs under it.

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