Sunday, June 13, 2010

Math activity book

For the past two months, I have not been teaching Den any new lesson in Math. Every day she did a page or two on addition or subtraction. She is getting faster in adding and subtracting. Recently I also added in easy workbook to introduce the concept of times table.

On top of that, we have been reading math books we borrowed from SG library. We read about time, measurement, prediction, etc.

Last week I went to SG book fair with the intention of getting Chinese books. I did managed to get some very interesting Chinese books (I will blog about them in the future) as well as a very interesting math book.

It is a book using cubes to learn about the concept of space, logic and visualization.

It took me two hours to make all those cubes and after that I had fun playing with them.

We had not have so much fun with math since we first started sudoku. Den was like, this is math?????

Den has no problem with Lever one - using the least cubes to make certain formations, guessing which formation is possible with the combination of cubes, etc. I'm excited to get into the next level next week...but I have to carry those paper cubes back to MLY first! I wished the book could have provide more sturdy cubes!

I dont have access to scanner here in SG. I will scan some of the pages to show you once Im back in MLY.

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