Friday, June 25, 2010

Mercy Watson: Princess In Disguise Chinese Lesson Part II

I wrote about how I made the Chinese translation of this book into a Chinese lesson last week (Read here). This is the add on activities that goes with lessons. If you want a copy of any of the this activity in word format, please email me.

This is the song sheet that I printed for Den to sing. Tune is Skip To My Lou. All the pictures are scanned from the book.




I choose 8 sight phrase from this book I want her to remember (another two is from another book 肚子里有个火车站). After I read to the words for her a few time, I let her worked on this. I printed out the pictures on a piece of paper and the words on another piece of paper. I let her cut out the words and pasted them beside the correct pictures. As you can see, she only make one mistake -肚子&裙子。

To help her remember the words, we play 2 games.

Game 1 BINGO

Materials: A set of flash cards (without picture) & two bingo cards (word arrangement on cards are different).


To Play -
  1. Every player get different Bingo card.
  2. Shuffle the green flash cards. Then put them face down on the center.
  3. Take turn turning over the green flash card and read out loud the word.
  4. Put a counter on the words being read out.
  5. The first person to get a line - horizontally or vertically -win

Game 2- Fishing

Material: 2 set of the same Green Flash Cards (see game 1)- you should have a total of 20 cards.

To Play -
  1. Shuffle two set of cards together. Give each player 4 cards. Put the rest of the card face down in a pile.
  2. If a player has two same cards, she may take them out and put them in front of her.
  3. The objective of this game is to get as many pairs as possible. In order to do so, at her turn, the player has to first ask her opponent if he has the particular card she is interested in.
  4. If the opponent has it, he need to surrender to her. If he does not has it, then she can draw one from the pile and see if she will have a pair. This is the end of one turn.
  5. If a player manage to get a pair during her turn, then she may continue or else it is the other player's turn.
  6. If a player finish all the card in her hand during her turn, she may draw a new one from the pile and start from step 3 again. 
The 2 set of Green Flash Cards also can be used to play memory game - Shuffle the cards and lay them out one by one on the table face down. Player take turn to turn over two cards. If the cards that the player turn over matched, then she may keep the cards or else turn them back and it is another player's turn. 

Another thing I intend to do with Den but have not get around doing it is to ask her to fill in the missing strok. I will let her use the flash card as her guide.  

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