Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tally marks, pictogram and charts Part I

When I did research on the things that Den need to learn before Grade 1, I realized nowadays kids actually learn Tally Marks, Pictogram and Bar Graphs in least according to US and SG syllabus they do, not sure about MLY.

I think that is so fun to do. So right away, I taught Den about Tally Marks (...I only learned this in Secondary Drama club...when we counted votes...). After that I let her counted the color of cars on the road on our way to SG immigration. This is the result:

After that I ask her to count it to the nearest tens (the number in ( )). Then I help her drew up a bar graph:

I should have taught her pictogram before bar graph but I totally forgotten. I intend to continue to let her work on a few assignment on these few areas. While researching online, I found this supper cool site for making Bar Graphs, Check it out: -


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