Saturday, August 7, 2010

6 & 7 Aug 2010

This two days we finished Sonlight Week 11 Science.

We learned about Birds and checked out some of the interesting website for bird if you are interested:

1. Different type of feathers - I have to admit that I did not realize there are different types of bird feathers - Down, Body and Flight feather until I study with Den.

2. Short movies on bird migration.

3. Game about bird migration.

4. Coloring page about birds.

We also read from The Usborne Book of Science Activities and watched the DVD (both under science) about moving through air. Coincidentally, last week in SG, we went to a Science show and in the show it also demonstrate about moving through air, so Den was very interested in this week experiments.

We did three experiments -

1. I took out two same size A4 paper and I screw one up into a ball. Then I asked Den when I drop this ball and this paper at the same height, which one will reach the floor first? Den remember last week in the Science show she learned that all object heavy or light will drop at the same time, so right away, she answered: " at the same time!"....but she forgot about we are not in space! So need to take the air into consideration. More air push against the bigger object (flat paper) than the smaller object (ball), so the ball will fall faster than the paper.

2. I used an A4 paper make a pyramid, drop the pyramid in different way and see which side will land first. The pointed end will always land first because the pointed end can move faster through air.

3. We make a parachute using plastic bag (cut into circle), thread, tape, a light/heavy toys. Den had fun playing with that.

For Bible, we continue to read about King David. Den asked me later on, did David sin? I told her about his adultery and his repentance.

She continue to do her daily devotion. She make this picture as one the activities suggested from her Bible. The man and woman are Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden (don't ask me why they are wearing clothes), the serpent is on the tree on the left. The tree of knowledge is the one full of cereals.   

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