Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28 April 2009

Den woke up at NOON!! hahah!! 13+i straight hours of sleep!!! :)

That did not leave us a lot of time to study since it was Tuesday. A busy day for us.

We practiced the Bible verse of the week (She can almost memorize the whole verse now) and read 2 Bible stories --

1. The Ark going back to Jerusalem
2. David fights with his son Absalom

Very interesting to find out this Bible that we use, Taylor Family-Time Bible in picture (for review & info:, choose to omit the story of how David sin against God and thus bare the consequences of his sin.

Hmm...I was debating with my self, should I or shouldn't I tell the story of David's sin. I supposed the reason of not putting that particular story in is because David is like a hero that young kids can look up to, right? Like a role model.

On the other hand, shouldn't we educate them that even the saints are not perfect? Only Jesus is perfect. Or it is too much for a four years old to grasp?

What do you think?

After Bible reading and prayer, we continue our book on "The Year At Maple Hill Farm" (for review & info: ) and we covered May-Aug, the hottest months. That's sounds like here right now!!! Oh, Lord, please rain!

I started teaching her Subtraction today. At least formally. Using the counter and everything. Before this, sometime we taught her verbally, saying things like "if you had 4 candies and you ate 1, how many do you have now?"

She did very well with subtraction. Finished 15 question in less than 20 min. I'm impressed. I intend to let her do more questions for the next few days, if she can handle it, then I'm going to teacher her double digit addition next week.

After that, I let her play with her favorite "Dr. Seuss ABC" CD Rom (for review & info: while I cooked lunch. She was supposed to read until "G" this week but since she always starts from "A", it takes her a long long time before she reach "G". She did not even make it to "G" today. Stuck at "C", she just love to make the baby "C"ry at "C". Tomorrow she can continue while I clean house.

We have porridge today. She finished it in record time (as in 30 min). So we were actually early for the ballet class at 3:30. So I trimmed her hair. She refused to cut her hair because she want to have hair as long as Rapunzel (!), so that she can let down her hair and let the prince climb up. hmmm, so am I the wicked witch that keeping her in the ivory tower?

This is the first time I trim her hair, just a tinny bit in front, so that it wont touch her eyes and a little bit at the back. Not bad, if I may say so. :)

Today her ballet teacher, Ms Ng was not in a very good mood, blessedly Den was very well behave. Didn't chit chat, didn't push, didn't run! Well done (hahah! my standard is quite low!)

On our way home, Den told me she didn't want to learn ballet any more (I was shocked! She was the one begging for ballet since 1.5 years old and we only started the class since Feb). Off cause, I didn't show any reactions (if i react, she might insist she want to quit).

I casually asked her what make her wanting to quit. She told me some of the exercises was getting too hard for her. So we get into a discussion of doing the hard thing and why it is worth it.

Come to think of it, Ms Ng corrected one of her posing today, I wonder does it got to do with that. I'm going to ask her about it tomorrow. We have a replacement class tomorrow at the same hour.

After that is the mad rush-- bathing her, perparing dinner, getting her to finish dinner and out of the house again for her piano lesson at Yamaha.

We didn't intentionally putting 2 activities at the same days, it just happened.

We signed up for Yamaha first, then found this perfect Ballet class really near our house, great location with lots of car park, weekday, non rush hour, cheaper than others centers, experience teacher...except it is on Tuesday too!! We tried it out for a couple of weeks and think she can handle it so we decided to sign her up for both on the SAME DAY!

Every Tuesday, I have to get by with at least one coffee, sometime even two.

After piano, she came home and play more UNO. Ended up crying again when we ended the game. She has problem with transition. Haven't come up with any idea to solve that yet. Any idea?


  1. One way to help with transitions (common issue for children) is to have a signal that transition is coming: clapping game (you clap, she repeats), soft music, etc. Start by saying "We have 5 more minutes to play UNO." Then tell her when there are 2 minutes left. It might help to have an egg timer or alarm clock so she can see that the end of UNO is coming. When the time is up, use the clapping game, music, song, etc. to segue to the next activity.

    Hope this helps! We have a mutual friend (Ann Kohler Van Meter, from SEMO) who told me about your blog. I'm a PhD student and doing some research on homeschooling. Best wishes with your homeschooling!

  2. Hi! Ann mentioned you. Are you studying in SEMO? Thanks for the advice. We tried all those thing with her and before but....

    I think it is more like her charactor. She is very attach to things and people. Everyone she met become her best friends. She love everyone the most. She can never choose who or what is the one she love above all. For her, everything and everyone are important and best.

    That make it very hard for her to let go of anything - peoples, games, things. When she goes to my parents house (very near my house, she goes there a few time a week), she doesnt want to come home. Once she is home, she doesnt want to go there. etc.