Monday, April 27, 2009

27 April 2009

Den woke up at 1130. Still not enough sleep since she slept at 3am!

We start off today with a new verse:

"A father punish a son he delights in, to make him better. Proverbs 3:12"

It is very appropriate since I have to hit her butt last night. I know there is an on going argument about physical punishment. I am pro-physical punishment but agree that you should only punish when you are in control of your anger and not in rage. I also strongly believe that if you cant control your anger then you are better off staying away from physical punishment.

I always hit with my hand. I know some says hand is only for loving, so you should never hit with hand. I say, let her learn that hand can love and punish. Since I punish out of love.

Having said all that, I don't usually punish her physically. I save it for the really BIG thing. :) Or for things that I repeatedly told her not to do and yet she purposely disobey.

Today verse come in handy and we talked about why do we need to discipline the one that we delights in - to make him/her better. She agreed that sometime kids need to be punished physically.

After that we read 2 bible stories (she never satisfied with just one) - Saul consulted the witch and the death of Saul.

Followed by Phonic practice. She learned "H" sound last lesson but she was having a hard time to use it today in combination with other sound to form words like Him, Hug, Hit, etc. She keep saying "Hat" for everything. We practiced and practiced and I think she get it at the end. Part of the lesson, she has to read a short paragraph each time. She is getting really good at it.

Then our lesson was interrupted, a friend came by to deliver something for me. Noco ACT. Den has been taking it since she was 1 years old. She used to get flu and phlegm build up all the time. For awhile Doc was worry she might get bronchitis. So she start taking Noco ACT. She is getting much better nowadays, not sure is because of the supplements or age. :) I cut down the no of time she take them but recently the weather has been really bad, so I'm back to the normal dosage again. The Noco ACT are getting really costly. Hope she wont need it soon.

Den practised her piano while I talked to my friend.

After my friend left, we ate lunch. Today we have fried eggs with bread, carrot sticks and cold milk. No long conversation.

After that we read a new book called "The Year At Maple Hill Farm". It is a book about farm animals and what happens during one year on a farm. It is a very lovely book and very short. We will finished it this week. Today we read the month of Jan-April and now we really really wish we stay in a place that SNOW!!! Since we cant, we want to go ice skating in Pyramid when Dad is not working.

To see a picture of the book and Amazon link please click here:

After that we practice Chine flesh cards. I did not give her new words today since she still have problems with the previous one.

We read two Chinese books - "公主王子成长绘本"系列 "我不要睡觉" (I don't want to sleep alone). Talk about how a little boy get over his fear of sleeping alone. Den claimed she is not ready to get over her fear yet!!

2nd book is "每一刻都美丽" (Every moment is beautiful), it talks about how in God's timing He make all things beautiful. The bads, the goods are all part of His plan.

After that we did 2 pages of Phonic First Book 2 together. Then I gave her 3 homework today -
1. one worksheet on reading time (we learned how to read time on clock a few weeks ago);
2. Chinese worksheet (fill in the blank);
3. 10 multiple choice (I came out of the questions my self, using words that she learned for the past few weeks.)

She finished her homework in about 40min and is now watching Chinese cartoon.

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  1. We learned a very interesting new thing from the "the year from the maple hill farm" - Cuckoo bird lay its eggs in the nest of small bird and let the small bird hatch and feed its babies!! Thats why I love homeschooling, I learned together with Den!