Thursday, April 23, 2009

23 April 2009

It has been such a busy week.

We did not study on Monday because ST and I went and renewed our passport. Blessedly the machine didn't break down this time and we get our new passport at the same day. The last time when we apply for Sweden's passport, it took us more than a week with numerous trips.

We only have time to read Bible and practice phonic on Tuesday. The verse for this week is :Proverbs 15:8:

The Lord delights in the prayer of His people. "Delights" is a new word for Den. We covered David and king Saul's stories this week -- how David not willing to harm King Saul even though he has been trying to kill him.

For phonic we use "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons". It is a wonderful book and I will write a review later.

I worked on Sunday School things on Wednesday. Den went to Mary house and learned the following:
1. Practice piano
2. Bible story - King Josiah Reads God's words
3. Science - Machines & gadgets at home - washing machine, vacuum, food processor, can opener.

Plus lots of play time with Eleanor. :)

Today, we spend almost 3 hours studying and doing project.

We started off with Bible verse, Bible reading and prayer. Den can memorized the whole verse.
Except for the book.

Then we read about family from "A child's book of Art" and "A first word Bank". The first book are all the classic painting (mainly) and the 2nd one is more cartoonish.

Then we make a family tree.

It took me almost the whole night (I slept at 530am) to edited and printout the photo. Plus planning on the layout. I think it turn up well. We talked about our family members and Den paste the photo on the tree.
When we were doing the project, I realize Den actually don't know which children go to which parents. Interesting. Any way, she is more impressed with the coloring (we do it together) than all the pictures. :)

While I prepared lunch, she write Chines word "几" and work on 10 math questions (addition, using counter). She also help me to make coslaw for dinner (she stired and poured them into container).

During lunch, we talked about 4 seasons, important of saving, scholaship. Dont ask me how did we ended talking about all these. It is a very long lunch. The topics just pop ups.
After that, We read stories from:

1. The Lion storyteller Bedtime book

2.Eric Carles's Animals Animals

3.Things people do (I love this book!)

All of them are part of the Sonlight program that I use.

Then, we practice Chines flesh card. I'm now using "High Frequency Chinese Words" (最常用的华文字). I like it because it come with flesh card and work sheet that are quite interesting. It cover the most frequently use 128 words.

We also read 2 Chinese book. Just brought this series of picture book from popular. I like it because it is colorful and the stories are interesting - 童悦坊 "公主王子成长绘本"系列. Plus the stories are about the little princess and little prince (in the eyes of their parents), so Den like it too. It is kind of expensive though. RM9.90 for each book (minus 10% discount.)

Then we do something new today. Since I joint a US based homeschooling group a few weeks ago, I have found a lot of good and free website tru it. Today we try on one of the reading website at Den enjoy playing it.

Tomorrow we are going to do a science project.

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